Bean porridge shop for nearly 20 years in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

As a popular dish but has a very strange attraction, even at peak hours, it is easy to see the scene of diners waiting for their turn and having a place to sit.

Oanh is here again today!? Let’s give a bowl of porridge as usual, choose for the old and old head.” 

The question of a regular customer for the owner of the bean porridge shop for more than 20 years in the old town. Maybe you have to be very familiar to talk to each other like that.

The bean porridge shop on Co street currently has two establishments in Dao Duy Tu and Hang Voi, so the regular customer asked the owner a question like that. The owner is Ms. Oanh – a woman in her 60s. Although it is a popular dish, when you come to the restaurant, you must be overwhelmed by the crowded scene, especially chosen by the surrounding office as an ideal lunch spot.

Coffee bean porridge shop for nearly 20 years on Hanoi's old quarter - Photo 1.
A full bowl of eggplant porridge includes beans, eggplant, salted eggs, ca la bid (in the form of dried pickled radish).

SIMPLE Dish but EXTREMELY fussy about how to cook

For many Hanoians, childhood is associated with bean porridge. A bowl of porridge is often cooked by mothers on summer days, both simple and cool. When eating, people cut a few more rimmed bean bags, drop a few salted eggplants, or you can absolutely eat more cauliflower, salted eggs if you like.

Coffee bean porridge shop for nearly 20 years in Hanoi's old quarter - Photo 2.
Ms. Kim Oanh is the owner of the bean porridge shop in Dao Duy Tu and Hang Voi.

Although it is cooked with very simple ingredients, the cooking method is complicated. Ms. Oanh shared:  “The eggplant porridge was passed down by her mother-in-law, she also keeps the recipe until now. The dish is simply beans, rice, eggplant, and beans.  

But for the ingredients for this porridge, you must choose fragrant, flexible rice, with 70% plain rice, 30% glutinous rice. When cooking porridge, it must take time to simmer, when the porridge comes out, it must be thick, smooth and flexible. Particularly for green beans and black beans when cooking porridge, they must be simmered in moderation, soft and not crushed.”

She shared that she normally had to get up at 3 am to prepare porridge for sale in the morning until early evening. A special feature is that the shop is also praised by many people with crispy beans and crispy tomatoes. Ms. Oanh shared:  “These two things are made according to her own secret, the beans are fried with good cooking oil, and the eggplants are compressed to make them crispy. Beans are always fried directly. , and the eggplant is salted before 3 days to eat it.”

The ingredients are carefully prepared.

It looks so simple, but this dish is also quite sophisticated. And especially for gourmets, it is not easy to recover this dish. Therefore, the most difficult thing is to cook to taste, so right from the stage of salting bean, making fish sauce, rimming onions and beans, the cook also needs to measure and make statistics so that when the ingredients combine together, produce a finished product that is not sour, salty and bitter, but must be sweet and bold.

The owner explains the attractiveness of the bean porridge, the highlight of a day selling nearly 300 bowls

The price of each full meal of porridge, tofu with onions and salted eggplant is only 17,000 VND. There are also salted eggs, cala tenderloin only increased by about 5,000 – 10,000 VND. The bowl of porridge is so full that many people have to try to eat it all and stay full until the afternoon.

Ms. Oanh said:  “Both establishments serve different customers. At the establishment in Dao Duy Tu, the customers are mainly locals or tourists who see a strange dish, so they come to try it. As for the establishment. Hang Voi, the customers are mainly office workers.

Not only that, many diners also order food through very crowded technology apps.

It is also not possible to calculate how many bowls because this dish also depends on the weather, hot and hot, it sells very well, it is less rainy and windy. Especially, perhaps the most crowded on the full moon day, the 1st, selling nearly 300 bowls of porridge. In winter, they sell less, but there are still ribs porridge to sell more.”

Ms. Huong (dinner at the restaurant in Hoan Kiem district):  “This is a very Hanoi dish. Porridge here is comparable, eating in summer is cool, very delicious, on average a week you have to eat here about 4- 4 minutes. 5 days. Most of the family loves to eat here. Accompanied by gentle staff.” 

Coffee bean porridge shop for nearly 20 years on Hanoi's old quarter - Photo 3.

To explain the attractiveness of her home-cooked porridge, Ms. Oanh shared:  “Now that people eat too much, people look for light and frugal dishes. With reasonable prices, too. Many people come to eat.”

Coffee bean porridge shop for nearly 20 years on Hanoi's old quarter - Photo 4.
Coffee bean porridge shop for nearly 20 years on Hanoi's old quarter - Photo 5.

In addition, she also shared that she also passed on the profession to all her children and grandchildren in the family and also revealed that she would open more facilities in another district in the near future. So the followers of this dish will not need to go to the “street” to eat it anymore.


Coffee bean porridge shop for nearly 20 years on Hanoi's old quarter - Photo 6.

As mentioned above, this is also a lunch spot for office workers. At around noon, the office people started pouring in, the order screen rang  “Green, beans, cala tender and black, full….” . If you come to the shop around 12 noon, you will immediately hit the scene of office people queuing for a table. Fortunately, this porridge is eaten quite quickly, so when this group ends, the table will be as full as the other group.

Ms. Ngoc (Bank employee) said:  “The porridge here is very delicious. I often invite my colleagues to lunch. Although it is porridge, I am not hungry quickly, I am sure. One day I ate one. The bowl is full and full until the shift is over”.

Coffee bean porridge shop for nearly 20 years on Hanoi's old quarter - Photo 7.
Coffee bean porridge shop for nearly 20 years on Hanoi's old quarter - Photo 8.

From a distance, the bowl of porridge is not too prominent, but people come to eat porridge. Many people are even addicted to this dish when it is not good.

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