100-year-old old house in the middle of the island


BINH DUONG – The old houses are kept by the people of Bach Dang island, Tan Uyen town to this day, becoming the traditional beauty of the Thu land.

Do Cao Thua ancient house with an area of ​​​​about 500 m2 in Bach Dang islet, Tan Uyen town was built in the late 19th century. This is one of two houses recognized by the People’s Committee of Binh Duong province as a historical and cultural relic. provincial level.

The old house was built in the architectural style of Dinh, with yin and yang tiled roofs bearing the appearance of an old Southern garden house.

The main room of the old house is cleaned and prepared to display flowers and fruits… to welcome Tet.

Inside the house are 36 large wooden columns made of precious wood such as ironwood, red oak… The wooden columns are designed to be firmer and more solid thanks to the two ends being reduced, the middle section enlarged, creating a surface appearance. substitute for the house.

The envelopes, the diaphragm, the lotus, the great letters, the altar decorated with stylized patterns have created unique artistic lines.

The front roof has a low pitch, 1.8 m from the floor. The porch is 1.2 m wide, solidly built with 11 large columns forming a row, each column is 1.8 m high, resting on a round chiseled rock 30 cm high.

Floor tiles are more than 100 years old with the age of the house. Ms. Hoa, the old homeowner, said that although this brick has been around for many years, it is still very good. “I’ve been here for nearly 60 years, everything hasn’t changed much, the house has never been repaired, so I still keep the old soul of my father,” she said.

About 2 km from Do Cao Thua ancient house is Duong Van Ho ancient house, built and put into use in 1914.

Mr. Duong Hong Diep, 57 years old (grandson of Mr. Duong Van Ho, owner of the house) said that after 6 generations, this place has been preserved in its original form, not having to be repaired or restored. In 2020, the house was recognized by the People’s Committee of Binh Duong province as a provincial historical and cultural relic.

Duong Van Ho ancient house was also built in the old traditional style with 5 compartments, of which there are three worshiping rooms, two outer compartments used as bedrooms.

Mr. Duong Tan Hoa (grandson of Mr. Duong Van Ho) is introducing the house to people when they come to inquire.

On the wooden truss bar is engraved the year of completion of the house 1914. According to Mr. Hoa, to complete the house, Mr. Tran Huu Nham (father-in-law of Duong Van Ho) had to hire many good craftsmen from Hue, Quang Nam to work since the year. 1911, after three years to complete.

The house has many carvings of 4 spring, summer, autumn and winter, many animals associated with people’s lives such as peacocks, crickets, dragonflies, chickens… at that time.

The set of oil lamps lighting up the main room of the ancient house remains to this day.

Through many ups and downs of history, the house is still preserved by generations of the Duong family, relatively well preserved, becoming one of the ancient house relics with unique and rare wooden architecture still preserved. relatively intact.

Duong Van Ho ancient house is located on the poetic Dong Nai river, attracting foreign tourists to learn and explore.

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