5 rustic dishes of Nam Pho


THUA THIEN – HUE For only 100,000 VND per person, you can enjoy all 5 authentic Nam Pho specialties.

Nam Pho village is located in Phu Thuong commune, Phu Vang district, nearly 6 km from Hue city. The village has been famous for its cuisine since the 16th century, a place associated with the specialty “Nam Pho noodle soup”. In addition to banh canh, this place is also known for many rustic dishes typical of Hue.

Rice flour soup cake

Nam Pho soup cake.  Photo: Hoai Nhan
Nam Pho soup cake. Photo: Hoai Nhan

Nam Pho noodle soup has been famous for centuries in the country as well as abroad. Noodle soup has a thick sauce, soft and flexible noodles, made with rice flour and tapioca starch. The dough is thick, about 3 fingers long, not sticky, and will float when cooked. The shrimp and meat mixture is also squeezed by hand into balls and put into the pot of boiling broth. Shrimp and meat are both fresh, processed on the day. Banh Canh is eaten while still hot.

Mini package sausage

Nam Pho pork rolls are made from fresh pork, filtered of all fat, then ground. After grinding the meat, first put it in the freezer. While waiting for the meat to freeze, stir in tapioca starch and baking powder. When you see the meat is hard, grind it again, add tapioca starch and baking powder and grind together. When grinding, adding cooking oil helps the patties have a beautiful smooth appearance. The rolls are wrapped in banana leaves, each pair facing each other, and steamed. You can eat spring rolls dipped in salt and pepper. The dish is sold on Thong Nhat trains.

Banh nam with shrimp and lice

Nam cake.  Photo: Tu Le
Nam cake. Photo: Tu Le

Banh nam, also called banh nam, has a delicious flavor and soft, smooth dough. Ingredients are pure rice flour, filled with shrimp and meat. Rice flour is added to the pot, stirred until the flour thickens slightly, shrimp and meat are minced, marinated with spices and stir-fried until cooked. When wrapping, add a small amount of dough, spread it thinly, spread it evenly on the dong leaf, brush the shrimp filling on top and then wrap the cake into a rectangle. Steam for about 15 to 20 minutes until cooked. Cake eaten with fish sauce.

Shrimp patties

Crispy and chewy shrimp patties, made from pork and shrimp, seasoned with spices, onions, pepper, and fish sauce. To have a golden color on the outside, before steaming the patties, brush a layer of egg yolk. After steaming, cut the patties into small pieces. Shrimp rolls combined with banh nam make a meal with rich traditional flavors.

Steamed sticky rice cake

Little ram cake.
Little ram cake. Photo: Tu Le

The cake consists of a pair, a combination of banh ram and banh it, with two parts: yellow and white. The white part is a layer of sticky sticky rice flour wrapped in braised shrimp, underneath is a layer of crispy fried sticky rice flour. The cake is also decorated with the green color of onions and the red color of shrimp. The cake is eaten with a fish sauce mixture that is sweet, crispy and flexible. When eating, diners will feel the uniqueness when two flavors blend together.

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