A destination to experience culture amidst nature in Hoi An

QUANG NAM – Hoi An Memories Island has 3 populations that offer visitors cultural and artistic experiences in the green and green nature of Hoi An.

According to the representative of Hoi An Memories Island, green tourism is one of the most popular forms in recent years, because tourists can not only experience the beauty of nature but can also contribute to the protection and improve the environment. In addition, activities to experience the unique national and cultural identity of the destination are suitable for tourists who are curious and love to explore the local culture and customs.

“After the days of isolation because of Covid-19, tourists are paying more attention to safety factors and experiencing close to the culture instead of normal resort tourism. A type of combination between green tourism and tourism. Cultural tourism is quickly becoming a new trend of the tourism industry,” a representative of Hoi An Memories Island shared.

Destination to experience culture amidst nature in Hoi An - 2
The real scene of Hoi An Memories – where the opening ceremony of the National Heritage year 2022 is held. Photo: Hoi An Memories

To meet the needs of relaxation and experience Faito culture amidst the green nature of domestic and foreign tourists, Hoi An Memories Island has built 3 populations including: Hoi An Memories, Hoi An Impressionist Park An and Hoi An Memories Resort & Spa. These 3 populations are located entirely on Con Hen island in the middle of the Hoai River.

Hoi An Memories Resort & Spa has recreated Hoi An architecture with green carpets, which many visitors commented as very poetic and lyrical. More than 120 rooms of this area all have river views, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy the freshness that nature brings.

A destination to experience culture amidst nature in Hoi An
Panorama of Hoi An Memories Island. Photo: Hoi An Memories

If you want to enjoy the fresh breeze, the F&B area, Chill Bar located at the infinity pool is always ready to serve a convenient snack in an open space. Light parties by the pool with a cloudy sky give visitors unforgettable experiences.

In Hoi An Impressionist Park, visitors can not only enjoy their memories with countless check-in points, but also watch 20 performances about the culture and history of Vietnam, China, and Japan.

Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy many performances in the real scene show Hoi An Memories. This is one of the shows that give visitors unforgettable impressions when exploring the Central region and a unique cultural experience not to be missed.

At the end of the experience journey, on an outdoor stage up to 25,000 m2, 500 professional performers with modern staging techniques in the real scene show Hoi An Memories. All will take visitors to travel back in time 400 years of history, to the bustling land of Fafto trade, cultural interference with the ceramic and silk road on the sea and quintessential cultural stories about the land. , about the people of Pho Hoi.

Destination to experience culture amidst nature in Hoi An - 1
One of the performances at Hoi An Impression Park. Photo: Hoi An Memories

Thanks to the above advantages, recently, the National Tourism Year 2022 with the theme “Quang Nam – Green tourism destination” has chosen Hoi An Memories as the venue for the opening ceremony of the event, which will take place on 26/02. 3. The interesting integration from many cultural and art performances, amidst the airy natural scenery, is expected to bring the most special opening ceremony ever.