Bai Sao – a potential beach for Phu Quoc tourism

KIEN GIANG – Phu Quoc’s “glossy once” beach is expected to have a stronger investment with a new look and stature on the international tourist map.

Bai Sao used to be the pride of Phu Quoc tourism, now sending the concerns of those who love the pearl island about a land rich in potential but still not shining right.

Sao Beach – the potential is still open

The people of Phu Quoc in the past told that, in South Phu Quoc, there was a pristine beach. Every night, the sky is full of shining stars, and the ground is a starfish pulled ashore, creating a rare natural picture that can be found anywhere else.

Bai Sao has turquoise water, fine white sand beaches and calm waves, providing a scene like a movie. Many years ago, for many tourists, this beach was a “specialty” not to be missed when coming to pearl island.

Bai Sao is the most famous beach on Ngoc Island. Photo: Sun Group

When Bai Sao was a popular name on the tourist map, not far from Bai Sao, Bai Kem – the beach considered a “twin” with Bai Sao was still little known. On the smooth sandy beach of Bai Kem that day, only trash from poor fishing villages and offshore fishing boats drifted. Occasionally, this place will have a few tourists who love backpacking.

Until 2015, when Bai Sao was one of the 10 most unspoiled beaches in the world voted by CNN Traveler , Bai Kem’s reputation on the tourist map was still blurred.

However, the situation has changed since 2015… In 2016, when arriving at Bai Kem, Christian A. Larpin – owner of 5-star yacht Michelangelo Cruises predicted: “In just 3-5 years Moreover, it will become a world-class tourist destination.” And this billionaire was right.

Today, Kem beach has become a high-class resort beach, home to many famous hotel brands and often a favorite destination of famous billionaires, businessmen, stars and politicians. Even in 2019, Kem beach was also the focus of world media when the Indian billionaire couple chose to hold their wedding at the JW Marriott Emerald Bay Phu Quoc Resort on this beach.

At Bai Kem today, luxury resorts and real estate complexes exist. Photo: Sun Property

Meanwhile, Bai Sao after many years still lacks professional and methodical services, struggling on the journey to escape the shadow of a beautiful beach that stops at 5-star reviews at Tripadvisor.

“The time has come, this ‘star of hope’ needs to ‘get off the shoulder’ to shine and step up to the place where it should belong on the world tourism map,” according to the assessment of Sun Group.

Expecting to change the appearance of Bai Sao

Bai Sao is absent of professional and methodical complexes. Photo Sun Property

CEO Daniel Zhang of Alibaba has a famous saying about the fierceness of the market: “Compete with yourself, if you don’t kill your old one, your opponent will destroy it”. This statement is probably also true in the case of Bai Sao. If Bai Sao does not catch up with the development trend of world tourism, does not improve the service level, it is difficult to change its appearance.

Looking at the development of Bai Kem, according to an economic expert, the most needed thing for Bai Sao is a development strategy in the right direction and a worthy investor. Just like a good ingredient, to become a delicious dish, it needs the hands of talented chefs. This place waits for the hands of businesses that have “changed life” for Bai Kem.

In 2012, looking at the map, Sao beach had the presence of tourism services with a few restaurants, hotels, motels and entertainment spots to meet the needs of swimming, enjoying local cuisine. In the area, Bai Kem only has simple houses of fishermen in the fishing village.

Bai Kem is now a destination for the elite. Sun Group has added here luxury resort complexes and healthcare real estate such as: JW Marriott Emerald Bay, Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort, Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, New World Phu Quoc Resort or soon is a tropical village among three natural floors Sun Tropical Village. Meanwhile, Bai Sao is still not much different from 2012.

In fact, Bai Sao has resources and a rich starting point. This beach has a coastline of more than 7km; Peaceful all year round with the standard beauty of “blue sea – white sand – golden sunshine” and mountain ranges reaching out to the ocean, creating majestic scenery, vast green forests with flowers and leaves, bringing spaciousness. and cool atmosphere.

Bai Sao has enough potential to become a different and more professional festival, commercial and resort beach. Photo: Sun Group

At the same time, Bai Sao is also famous for the influx of young, popular tourists with vibrant energy and vitality. With this series of plus points, this place has the opportunity to transform itself into a festival, commercial and resort beach with a different experience.

At that time, in addition to the current scuba diving, surfing, paragliding or kayaking activities, visitors to Bai Sao can enjoy high-class resort spaces; experience shopping and culinary services in the middle of the green forest; participate in beach events throughout the 12 festive seasons. This model is somewhat similar to the world-famous carnival beaches in Hawaii or Miami.

Those who love pearl island are waiting for the day Bai Sao will change with a new look and new vitality, just like how Bai Kem has been “awakened”.