‘Building a team’ to travel Minh Dam Mountain Vung Tau is super fun and experience

Vung Tau with its location near Saigon is always been a favorite destination of travel enthusiasts. If you are looking for a place to have fun with your friends and camp in Vung Tau, then Minh Dam Mountain is an ideal destination that you should not miss. Let’s save the detailed experience of traveling to Minh Dam Mountain in the following article.

Locating the coordinates of Mount Minh Dam   

Minh Dam mountain is located in Tam Phuoc commune, Phuoc Hung, Long Dien district, Vung Tau. This mountain owns a charming landscape, with three sides of the blue sea and a romantic wild forest. Minh Dam Mountain is not only a famous tourist destination but also has a meaning about the heroic history of the nation, associated with the resistance war of our army and people in Vung Tau. Minh Dam Mountain Tour in Vung Tau is loved by many young people with its beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. 

The best time to visit Minh Dam Mountain is from November to May next year. At this time, the weather is a sunny, clear sky and little rain is suitable for climbing, sightseeing and taking pictures. Do not go in the rainy season from June to October, because the slippery road is very dangerous.
Minh Dam Mountain Trekking - addressMinh Dam Mountain relic is a tourist attraction in Vung Tau. Photo: ezbook

How to get to Minh Dam Mountain? 

Minh Dam Mountain Vung Tau is about 30km from the city center, about 6km from Long Hai town. Departing from the center of Saigon, you need to travel a distance of 100km, it takes about 2-3 hours to arrive. 

In order to reach this mountain, you can go through the route DT44A -> in the direction of Phuoc Hai -> Dat Do town -> to Long Hai to arrive . You can follow the small path located to the left of Phap Hoa pagoda junction to visit the inside of the mountain. To visit the mountain, visitors can park their cars at the parking lot for cars, buses and motorbikes.

That is the way to go to Minh Dam Mountain, to move to the mountain you can take a motorbike or a bus or a taxi. As follows:  

– Passenger car or taxi: If you are not familiar with the road or are not healthy enough to travel by motorbike, you can take a bus or taxi.

– Motorbike: From Vung Tau, you can rent a motorbike for 100,000 VND – 200,000 VND/day to move to Minh Dam Mountain. Turn to February 3rd -> go in the direction of Long Hai -> pass Nuoc Ngot Pass -> reach Minh Dam Mountain. If you don’t know the way, you can look it up on Google Maps. 
Minh Dam Mountain Trekking - how to get thereMoving to Minh Dam Mountain by motorbike

What does Minh Dam Mountain Tour have to do with play?

Traveling to Minh Dam Mountain, visitors will admire the majestic beauty and natural scenery here and visit historical sites. Let’s explore in detail right here:

Minh Dam historical site

Minh Dam Mountain includes all 300 caves with a system of large and small caves. This used to be the place where Vung Tau’s army and people chose to hide and make a military base. Although there are many caves, the most famous of which are Quan Y Cave, Huyen Commi cave, Level town cave and Doi cave. Besides being a famous scenic spot, Minh Dam Mountain is also a national historical site of Minh Dam attracting tourists to visit. 
Minh Dam Mountain Trekking - historical relicVisit Minh Dam historical site with beautiful natural scenery

To visit the historical site of Minh Dam Mountain , you should first burn incense to the altar of heroes and martyrs who sacrificed to protect national independence. There are 2,642 heroes and martyrs whose names are saved, including Ms. Vo Thi Sau. 
Minh Dam Mountain Trekking - historical relicFirst of all, you should burn incense to visit the relic in memory of the heroes

Minh Dam National Historic Site is divided into 3 main zones including the Da Cha area, Chau Vien area and Gieng Gach pagoda. This is a place to keep memorabilia from the time of the French-American resistance war. Visiting the monument, visitors will learn about the life of our army and people during wartime such as: Cooking rice with bamboo tubes, making fires from rocks, sleeping on rocks… 
Minh Dam Mountain Trekking - historical relicCheck-in memorial stele at Minh Dam relic area. Photo: mia

Trekking to admire the majestic beauty     

What does Minh Dam Mountain Tour have? Minh Dam Mountain possesses beautiful and lyrical natural scenery. To explore the beautiful scenery of Minh Dam Mountain, you can follow a small road that is sometimes flat and sometimes bumpy to see the mountain. Many young people come to Minh Dam Mountain to have fun and organize picnics with many interesting activities. Let’s conquer the top of the mountain and admire the beautiful scenery from above with the blue sea, immense clouds, and fresh cool wind. 
Minh Dam Mountain Trekking - admire the beautiful sceneryMinh Dam mountain attracts a group of friends on the weekend. Photo: vietnamyounglions Minh Dam Mountain Trekking - admire the beautiful sceneryCheck-in virtual living with beautiful scenery at Minh Dam Mountain. Photo: mia

Camping at Minh Dam Mountain, you can also bring tents, grills and food to organize a barbecue. The area around the mountain does not have many services, so you should bring all the necessary items to organize a picnic. In addition, you should also bring a camera and beautiful clothes for virtual check-in. 
Minh Dam Mountain Trekking - admire the beautiful sceneryThe majestic natural scenery seen from Minh Dam Mountain. Photo: dulichvietnamMinh Dam Mountain Trekking - admire the beautiful sceneryLearn about the rich flora and fauna at Minh Dam relic site

Popular tourist attractions near Minh Dam Mountain  

You can combine visiting famous places nearby such as: 

– Dinh Co (4.7km away) : Dinh Co is a famous temple in Vung Tau with ancient and modern architecture, located on the coast of Long Hai. Visiting Dinh Co Temple, besides visiting the temple, you can also admire the romantic sunset on the sea and organize picnic activities with relatives and friends.
Minh Dam Mountain Trekking - Dinh CoCombine to visit Dinh Co. Photo: thanhphovungtau

– Long Hai Beach (5.7km away) : Beautiful unspoiled beach with fresh natural scenery in Vung Tau. Coming to Long Hai beach , visitors can relax swimming, have fun on the beach and participate in many interesting and entertaining activities. 

– Ngoc Xuong Ecotourism Area (350m away) : Ngoc Xuong Ecotourism Area is an attractive weekend entertainment place for tourists in Vung Tau. Coming to Ngoc Xuong ecological area, visitors will be immersed in the fresh natural air of the idyllic countryside. Enjoy playing with many interesting entertainments such as fishing. 
Minh Dam Mountain Trekking - Ngoc Xuong Ecological AreaNgoc Xuong eco-tourism area. Photo: chudu24

Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have the most complete trip to Minh Dam Mountain with friends at the weekend. In addition, you should not miss the very useful Vung Tau travel experiences for your upcoming trip.

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