Check out the famous markets in Saigon and experience cheap shopping

Coming to the famous markets in Saigon, visitors will be delighted to buy all kinds of items, souvenirs and enjoy many delicious specialties. Let’s take a look at the most famous markets below when you have the opportunity to travel to Saigon.

Famous markets in Saigon 

Here is a list of famous markets in Saigon with addresses and opening times for your reference: 

1. Ben Thanh Market 

– Address: Le Loi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC 

– Opening hours: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

First of all, Ben Thanh market – the oldest and most famous market in Saigon. This market is impressive with the design from the outside, it is the clock at the south gate of the market like Bigben in England. The whole market has a total area of ​​​​13,000m2, selling all kinds of items from fresh food, handicrafts, fruits, souvenirs… Saigon travel experience, especially when Coming to Ben Thanh market, you can also enjoy a lot of special dishes such as: vermicelli, grilled meat vermicelli, broken rice, vermicelli, all kinds of tea, spring rolls. Visiting Ben Thanh Market, you can not only enjoy shopping but also visit and admire the unique architecture of this famous symbol of Saigon.  
famous market in Saigon - Ben Thanh marketOld Ben Thanh Market

2. Tan Dinh Market 

– Address: 48 Ma Lo, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, HCM 

– Opening hours: 5:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m 

Referring to the famous markets in Saigon, it is impossible to ignore Tan Dinh market, known as the “rich market” of the ancients. Previously, Tan Dinh market only sold items with higher prices than other markets. However, the quality of the food is not appreciated, but always attracts people to shop. Currently, Tan Dinh market has become a familiar shopping place for Saigon people and tourists. The items you can choose at Tan Dinh market such as: Jewelry, clothes, fabrics, fresh food, dry goods… The quality is appreciated, the variety of products and prices are for visitors. shopping.
famous market in Saigon - Tan Dinh marketTan Dinh Market sells all kinds of items

3. Ba Chieu Market

– Address: 40 Dien Hong, Ward 1, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh 

– Opening hours: 5:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m 

Which market should you go to in Saigon ? If you want to choose cheap products or buy in bulk, Ba Chieu market is the ideal address. Coming to Ba Chieu market, you will be able to buy all kinds of clothes, bags, shoes at super cheap prices. That is also the reason why Ba Chieu market is also known as a cheap market. At this market you can also choose mid-range to high-end items and if you buy in bulk, the price is very cheap. Besides shopping, at Ba Chieu market, there are also food stalls serving many attractive Southern specialties. 
famous market in Saigon - Ba Chieu marketBa Chieu Market specializes in cheap wholesale and retail items

4. Hanh Thong Tay Market

– Address: Quang Trung Street, Ward 11, Go Vap District, HCM 

– Opening hours: 5:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m

Hanh Thong Tay is a famous market in Saigon with cheap prices and also known as a “student” market, here you will be able to choose super cheap goods. The market is open all day, but is usually busiest at night and on weekends. The market has a very large space, with stalls located close together, if you come for the first time, it will be easy to get lost. Coming to Hanh Thong Tay Market, you will be able to choose from a variety of fashion products, cosmetics, bags and shoes. This market is very suitable for those who are in need of importing goods in bulk and at affordable prices. The area along the way to Hanh Thong Tay market has a lot of attractive snacks such as sandwiches, toast, grilled rice paper, kumquat tea, fruit shakes… 
famous market in Saigon - Hanh Thong Tay marketFamous Hanh Thong Tay Market

5. Cho Lon (Binh Tay market)

– Address: District 5, HCM 

– Opening hours: 2:00 – 22:00

Cho Lon Saigon is impressive with its bagua-shaped design and includes all 12 market gates. The market has a large area with 25,000m2 and has a history of more than 300 years, is a busy shopping center in Saigon. Cho Lon includes all 2,300 large and small stalls, with all kinds of items for tourists to shop including: electronics, household appliances, clothes, dry goods, confectionery of all kinds. In addition, at Saigon Lon Market, there is also a separate dining area with a spacious space selling all kinds of Chinese specialties and snacks. The plus point of Binh Tay market is that the stall owners are very friendly with customers even when not buying. 
famous market in Saigon - Binh Tay marketCho Lon (Binh Tay market) in Saigon

6. An Dong Market

– Address: An Duong Vuong Street, Ward 9, District 5, HCM 

– Opening hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm

An Dong market is one of the famous markets in Saigon attracting tourists to shop , along with Ben Thanh market and Lon market are the 3 oldest markets in Ho Chi Minh City. An Dong Market specializes in providing the largest retail and wholesale fashion items in Saigon. Currently, An Dong market includes all 2,700 stalls of fashion goods imported from Thailand, Japan and Guangzhou with beautiful and diverse designs. So, if you plan to shop in large quantities and at attractive prices, this market cannot be missed. In particular, the upper floor of An Dong market also has a hotel for visitors to rest. 
famous market in Saigon - An Dong marketAn Dong Market sells all kinds of items

7. Thu Duc Market

– Address: Tam Binh Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC 

– Opening hours: 19:00 – 11:30

If you are choosing for yourself a market in Saigon that specializes in selling cheap agricultural products, then Thu Duc market is the ideal destination that you should not miss. This is the largest wholesale market for fruits and vegetables in Saigon. You can choose from domestic and imported fruits from the US, Australia, and Thailand. In addition, Thu Duc market also sells fresh flowers imported from the West and Da Lat at attractive prices. You can go to Thu Duc market to visit and shop for specialties as gifts for your trip. 
famous market in Saigon - Thu Duc marketThu Duc Market specializes in agricultural products

Experience of cheap shopping at markets in Saigon 

After you have “pocketed” the famous markets in Ho Chi Minh City , you should not miss some of the cheap shopping experiences below:

– Most of the market stall owners in Saigon above are very friendly and open, so feel free to bid. 

– The price of goods can sometimes be said to increase 2-3 times compared to the original price, so you should refer to the price of a market and then decide to buy. 

– If you buy in bulk, you will get attractive discounts and buy wholesale and retail prices.

– When buying a lot of goods, you can ask the stall owner to rent a car to take you to the desired address. 

– On weekends, the market is usually very crowded, because there are both Saigon people and tourists, so you should preserve your personal property carefully.  

– Some stalls at the above markets accept payment by card. 

– Should consider what to buy first to avoid having to travel a lot. For example, when shopping with food, you should go to Ben Thanh market or to buy agricultural products, there is Thu Duc market. 

– For some markets with a large area, you should pay attention to the road or ask the stall owner to avoid getting lost. 

Those are the famous markets in Saigon with cheap shopping tips, hoping to help you easily choose the ideal places to choose the right gift for your trip. 

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