Close-up of the unique “longevity noodles” making process of the Tieu people in Saigon.

Noodles or “longevity noodles” are a very typical dish of the Tieu Chinese people in the provinces of Bac Lieu, and Tra Vinh, … which only appear on birthdays and longevity celebrations. In recent years, instant noodles appeared in Ho Chi Minh City, which are loved by many people because of their unique taste, along with delicious soy noodles, light on the stomach, and made fresh on the spot.

Noodles are made at home by Tan Huong Nam restaurant at 382, Ba Hat Street, District 10, making all the steps at home, making many people excited. The large, round, sweet, soy-flavored noodles are the result of a manual process that is personally processed by the owner and his wife.

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