Cloud hunting in October in Da Lat is ecstatic at the beautiful scenery that thousands of people love

Immersing yourself in the romantic sky with a sea of ​​floating clouds, and enjoying the fresh air amidst beautiful nature is a memorable experience for anyone when hunting clouds in October in Da Lat.

    October is also the time when the cloud-hunting season in Da Lat begins. During this season, when visiting the city of flowers, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the clouds spreading across the valleys, hillsides, and that dreamy scene. will surely captivate anyone. Cloud hunting in October in Da Lat is a hobby that many tourists enjoy because the feeling of standing on high hilltops, taking in the poetic scenery of the white cloud season mixed with a bit of sunshine in the autumn days is like being lost. Floating in an extremely impressive fairyland. If you have fallen in love with the sea of ​​clouds floating throughout the foggy mountain town, don’t miss your appointment with Da Lat these October days.

    Cloud hunting in October in Da LatCloud hunting is one of the most interesting experiences in Da Lat. Photo: @ctr1510

    Reasons to go cloud hunting in October in Da Lat 

    There are many reasons why people are passionate about experiencing cloud hunting in October in Da Lat. This season, the foggy land has entered autumn and is also approaching winter days, so the cold weather is very typical. According to local people’s experience, October and November are the most ideal times to hunt clouds in Da Lat. The weather is cold in the early morning, not much rain, and high humidity, so the rate of hunting clouds is very high. It will be very thick and beautiful. Especially because of the high heat and humidity, it will help prolong the period of clouds and dew so you can admire that wonderful scenery longer.

    Cloud hunting in October in Da LatOctober has cold weather with high humidity, so the possibility of successful cloud hunting is higher. Photo:@whoizthanh

    Not only that, October in Da Lat also makes people fascinated by the season of red ripe persimmons on the trees, the season of bright yellow mustard flowers throughout the fields and countless other interesting things that await. 

    The ideal rattan hunting experience should be in your pocket 

    Choose time 

    When hunting clouds in October in Da Lat, you should pay attention to choosing the right time. If you go too late, the clouds will disappear or if you go too early, it will be dark and you won’t be able to see the clouds. The most ideal time to go hunting is from 4:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. because this is the coldest time so it is easy to get cloudy and you can also watch the beautiful sunrise. The types of clouds in Da Lat are quite diverse, every day there will be a different type, it can be low pressure clouds, few clouds, medium clouds, heavy clouds or if you are lucky you will hunt a whole sea of ​​floating clouds, but there are also There are days when there are no clouds but only fog.

    The ideal time to hunt clouds in October in Da LatThe ideal time to go cloud hunting is from 4:30 to 5:30 am. Photo: @emilyly_9

    How do you know if there are clouds or not?

    It is relatively difficult to judge whether there will be little or more clouds on a day. The only way to know exactly is to go there in person. However, there is one experience where you can predict cloudless days and that is looking at the sky and the wind. If the morning is clear, cloudless and windy, there is a high possibility that there will be no clouds.

    Cloud hunting in October in Da LatYou can rely on wind and clouds to determine the likelihood of clouds during the day. Photo: @ngochanaaa_


    Hunting clouds in October in Da Lat, the most ideal vehicle is a motorbike, you can move while admiring the scenery along the way, and can maneuver and move deep into the cloud hunting location. The cost of renting a motorbike in Da Lat is also relatively cheap and there are many options. The experience you should remember is to carefully learn about the terrain where you go to hunt clouds to choose a suitable vehicle. If it is a place with mountainous terrain, many high slopes and bumpy terrain, you should choose a transmission vehicle or a specialized off-road vehicle to move more safely. In addition, you can also rent a taxi or self-driving car to travel more comfortably.

    Means of hunting clouds in October in Da LatMost tourists coming to Da Lat choose motorbikes to hunt clouds. Photo: @santomie


    For those who are hunting clouds for the first time in October in Da Lat, you should consider appropriate clothing to complete the trip and bring back sparkling photos. Usually, rattan hunting locations will have a lot of red soil and steep slopes. and can be slippery, the early morning weather will be very cold so choose good warm clothes, gloves, scarves, wool hats, avoid cumbersome dresses that touch the ground, choose dark colored shoes and good adhesion. If necessary, you can also bring virtual clothes and shoes that suit your preferences and change into them after arriving at the destination. Also, don’t forget to fully charge your recording devices to enjoy capturing beautiful moments. 

    October cloud hunting outfit in Da LatDalat’s weather in October is quite cold, especially in the early morning, so bring warm clothes. Photo: @phthao____

    Suggestions for dreamlike places to hunt clouds in October 

    Hunting clouds in October in Da Lat, you will have many choices of locations because this place is known as one of the most beautiful “cloud meccas” in the country, so there are many beautiful viewing locations for you to admire the sea of ​​clouds. 

    Thien Phuc Duc Hill 

    Thien Phuc Duc Hill is located in Ward 7, 8km from the city center and is also one of the easy-to-conquer cloud hunting locations. This place is considered one of the most beautiful cloud sanctuaries in Da Lat. In the morning, from a high hill, you can admire the sea of ​​clouds covering the entire space, clouds weaving between pine forests, creating a dreamy garden scene. mystery. The hill is located at a relatively high altitude, so from here visitors can admire the beautiful and quiet nature, the glass roofs hidden in the clouds bring a very wonderful feeling.

    Cloud hunting in October in Da Lat Thien Phuc Duc HillDreamy scene at Thien Phuc Duc Hill. Photo:@whereizhanhan

    Hon Bo peak 

    Hunting for clouds at the top of Hon Bo , you will admire the scenery that is no different from a real-life paradise. Hon Bo Mountain is located north of Da Lat with an altitude of 1709m so it is always cold. From here you can see the entire panorama of Da Lat at a very wide and beautiful angle with the city, valley and clear sky. To hunt clouds in Hon Bo, you just need to get up early and run to the highest peak to admire the valley covered with floating clouds, especially when the sun rises, the sea of ​​clouds is illuminated, making the scene even more beautiful. it’s magical. In addition to cloud hunting, visiting Hon Bo you can trekking, camping and explore wonderful wild nature.

    Cloud hunting in October in Da Lat at Hon Bo peakThe clouds at Hon Bo peak are very thick in the early morning. Photo: @@iamdanghuy

    Cloud Hill Resort 

    This is one of the places to hunt clouds in October in Da Lat that you must definitely visit. This resort is located on Tuy Son hill in Xuan Tho commune with beautiful landscape and 360-degree view from above. It is the ideal place for you to admire the sea of ​​floating clouds combined with mountains and hills of flowers and grass to create a romantic scene. and irresistibly poetic. In addition to hunting clouds, Hill Cloud Tourist Area is also an attractive check-in mecca with flower gardens, miniature landscapes, cafes, restaurants and even beautiful camping areas.

    Cloud hunting in October in Da Lat at Cloud Hill ResortDoi May Resort is a super HOT new rattan hunting spot in Da Lat. Photo: Bich Phuong

    Cau Dat rattan hunting wooden bridge 

    This is a classic rattan hunting place for tourists in Da Lat. The rattan hunting wooden bridge offers a very impressive view of the valley, the surrounding space is peaceful mountains and hills, the wooden bridge is impressively designed. It brings more wildness and harmony with the surrounding space. Here you will admire the magical sea of ​​clouds amidst the majestic thousands, enjoy the fresh, cool air. After hunting Cau Dat clouds, you can combine visiting tea hills, Linh Phuoc pagoda, hydrangea fields, lavender fields…

    Cloud hunting in October in Da Lat at Cau Dat rattan hunting wooden bridgeCau Dat rattan hunting wooden bridge is a classic check-in place for travel enthusiasts in Da Lat. Photo: @nhimsoc13

    Da Phu Hill 

    Da Phu Hill is located 12km from the center towards the Golden Valley. This is a very beautiful and easy to move place for cloud hunting in October in Da Lat. Early in the morning, standing from the top of Da Phu hill, you can admire the scenery of a sea of ​​clouds embracing the city, weaving through beautiful tall buildings or grasslands covered with a thin layer of extremely poetic mist. In addition to hunting clouds, camping or watching the sunset at Da Phu hill are also very attractive experiences.

    Cloud hunting in October in Da Lat at Da Phu HillDa Phu Hill is a beautiful and easy to conquer cloud hunting location. Photo: @hazen01_

    Cloud hunting cafes in Da Lat 

     Cloud hunting in October in Da Lat, if you don’t like going too far or climbing hills and mountains, you can choose cafes with beautiful cloud hunting views to check-in. Da Lat has many cafes with top cloud hunting views for you to choose from, each shop has its own color so you can freely admire the scenery and indulge in virtual life. Some suggestions you can refer to are Sunset Coffee Shop, Cau Dat Panorama, Muoi Nhien Farm Coffee Shop, I.XORA homestay & coffee, Cabin In The Woods Dalat, Dalat Mountain View, Hai A Coffee, Cheo Veo, Kimochi Coffee, Chim’s Nest cafe, Horizon coffee…

    Cloud hunting in October in Da Lat Cloud hunting cafes in Da LatThere are many beautiful rattan hunting cafes in Da Lat for you to check-in. Photo: @thachbaovu

    Cloud hunting in October in Da Lat is an exciting experience that anyone does not want to miss, the typical cold of the early morning weather, the vast and romantic space with a sea of ​​clouds floating between mountains and valleys. will definitely make you fascinated and want to enjoy it again and again. The most beautiful cloud hunting season of the year in Da Lat is knocking on your door, don’t miss it. 

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