Come to Moc Chau Eco Garden to enjoy a truly chill vacation with your loved ones

Moc Chau Eco Garden is a beautiful resort located in the middle of a picture of pure nature, every corner is impressive.

    Find the coordinates of the beautiful Moc Chau Eco Garden

    Nowadays when coming to Moc Chau, tourists have many options for accommodation. From homestays, hotels to resorts. And Moc Chau Eco Garden is a popular address recently, located in Bai Say village, Muong Sang commune. With a prime location, fresh space and many room options, this resort promises to bring many interesting experiences to tourists. 

    Where is Moc Chau Eco Garden?Moc Chau Eco Garden in Muong Sang commune. Photo: Moc Chau Eco Garden Fanpage

    Moc Chau Eco Garden is a resort that embraces the Northwest natural picture in its heart. If you are afraid of hustle and bustle, if you want a peaceful, gentle place with poetic beauty, this is an address worth considering. There is no need to explore famous destinations in Muong Sang , just stay here and you will have many beautiful photos to take home.


    Moc Chau Eco Garden – a romantic resort in the heart of Moc Chau

    Moc Chau Eco Garden is located in the middle of a small valley, surrounded by cool pine trees and green hills, a beautiful and gentle picture of Moc Chau’s beautiful scenery. This place gathers 14 bungalows with beautiful views, bringing relaxing and comfortable moments to visitors. 

    Moc Chau Eco Garden with beautiful view bungalowsMoc Chau Eco Garden gathers bungalows with beautiful designs. Photo: Moc Chau Eco Garden Fanpage

    The bungalows are inspired by the stilt houses of the Northwest people, using raw materials such as wood, rattan, leaves,… to create an impressive accommodation space. Each room has quality amenities, ensuring luxury and modernity, to bring maximum satisfaction to guests. 

    Moc Chau Eco Garden is beautiful in any seasonMoc Chau Eco Garden is warm at night. Photo: Moc Chau Eco Garden Fanpage

    The system of bungalows lies against the hill, facing a large flower garden. Each season, Moc Chau Eco Garden will grow different types of flowers such as bright yellow butterfly wings, colorful roses or the cool green tones of well-maintained grasslands. The estimated area of ​​the resort’s ecological garden is about 5,000 m2, creating an extremely fresh and fresh space. 

    Moc Chau Eco Garden with unique architectureBungalows with bold indigenous architecture. Photo: Moc Chau Eco Garden Fanpage

    At this resort in Moc Chau there is also a 3-storey building, providing a variety of services for tourists. Here, you can comfortably experience the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi room or restaurant, sit on the spacious balcony to admire the scenery, and breathe the clear air. The building has a rotating design and the floors become smaller as they rise, creating a beautiful and special architectural mark for the entire resort. 

    Moc Chau Eco Garden has comfortable roomsCozy rooms, fully equipped. Photo: Moc Chau Eco Garden Fanpage

    Moc Chau Eco Garden is a destination that has just enough amenities for you to have wonderful moments of relaxation, and just enough peace for you to live slowly every moment. Here, you can curl up in a warm blanket and sleep until noon or you can wake up early to welcome the warm sunrise. If you like taking photos and are passionate about virtual check-ins, this coordinates also has many beautiful corners to pose. 

    Moc Chau Eco Garden has a lovely balconyLovely balcony corner of the resort. Photo: Moc Chau Eco Garden Fanpage

    The large garden area in front of the resort is well-planned with lush green lawns and is always clean. Intertwined with it are small landscapes, a resting area, and a passing stream, making the scene more peaceful and fresh. There is no need to explore other destinations in Moc Chau , visitors will have many beautiful memories here. 

    Moc Chau Eco Garden has many good check-in cornersThis place has many beautiful check-in corners for tourists. Photo: Moc Chau Eco Garden Fanpage

    During your stay at the resort, you can also enjoy delicious Northwest specialties and Asian – European cuisine in the restaurant. There’s nothing better than having delicious food, admiring beautiful scenery, and enjoying the cool atmosphere of Moc Chau. That is the reason why this resort is chosen by many tourists when traveling to Moc Chau . 


    Notes when staying at Moc Chau Eco Garden

    Moc Chau Eco Garden is a resort suitable for a variety of visitors’ needs, from couples, groups of friends to whole families, all have corresponding room options for you to rest and relax. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate room type, but you should book in advance to avoid running out of rooms, especially during peak tourist season.

    Notes when staying at Moc Chau Eco GardenYou should book a room before coming here to relax. Photo: Moc Chau Eco Garden Fanpage

    Specifically, there are 4 main room types: Garden View Bungalow Room, Garden View Bungalow Family Room, 02-bedroom Streamside Bungalow Family Room, 03-bedroom Streamside Bungalow Executive Suite and Community Room. Every room type is fully equipped with furniture and amenities for guests to have a complete service experience. 

    Notes when staying at Moc Chau Eco GardenThis residence is beautiful four seasons of the year. Photo: Moc Chau Eco Garden Fanpage

    As a quite luxurious resort, Moc Chau Eco Garden is suitable for stopping in four seasons of the year. Each season, the scenery here has its own beauty, sometimes clear and gentle, sometimes thoughtful and romantic, combined with the typical beauty of Moc Chau to bring visitors many memorable feelings. However, you need to monitor the weather to dress appropriately. 

    Notes when staying at Moc Chau Eco GardenYou will have many beautiful photos when checking in here. Photo: Moc Chau Eco Garden Fanpage

    Moc Chau Eco Garden – a beautiful resort in Muong Sang is becoming a favorite destination for many tourists. Spacious space, diverse room types and many amenities, promising to bring tourists a truly wonderful rest time when exploring the Moc Chau plateau. 

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