Come to Nha Trang to enjoy the blue sea and explore the great ocean

Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa has long attracted tourists with beautiful beaches and islands. At the same time, this place also has majestic mountains and endless green forests that invite visitors to explore.

Come to Nha Trang to enjoy the blue sea, explore the great thousands - Photo 1.

Yang Bay Waterfall

If you are a travel enthusiast and both want to enjoy “vitamin sea”, and want to experience the green space of thousands, then Nha Trang is the ideal destination for this holiday.

Return to the land of the sea to discover the great Yang Bay

45 km west of Nha Trang City, Yang Bay is like a “jewel” hidden among the mountains, to please those who are looking for a relaxing vacation with unforgettable “specialties”.

The first feeling when coming to Yang Bay is the majesty of nature with immense green forests, and rolling waterfalls flowing all year round. In harmony with the sound of the waterfall are the sound of the rock rock, the zither, and the flute forming the melodious music of the mountains and forests.

A particularly attractive feature when coming to Yang Bay, visitors can experience the same time bathing in a cool waterfall, relaxing in a hot mineral bath and soaking in mineral mud.

The waterfall flows down from above with white foam, cool steam dispels the sweltering heat of a summer day, and drop yourself in the clear water at the foot of the waterfall to fully feel the fresh and cool air of the mountain. Forest.

Not only a cool waterfall, nature also favors Yang Bay with precious hot mineral resources.

The hot mineral springs flowing from the cracks of the rocky mountains combine with the cold springs at Ho-cho waterfall to form hot mineral pools with different temperatures. Hot mineral source carries minerals beneficial to health, helps to relax, cure skin diseases, and joint pain.

In addition, Yang Bay also provides herbal hot mineral bath service, a combination of natural hot mineral and folk herbs of the Raglai people to improve health and help refresh the spirit.

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Herbal hot mineral bath

After a hot mineral bath, visitors can soak in the mineral mud so that the nutrients of the mineral mud penetrate into the skin to help purify toxins, and nourish the skin smooth and full of vitality.

Visitors to Yang Bay also experience unique games such as practicing being a “nanny” to feed the fish with a bottle, the thrill of fishing for crocodiles, the attraction of a pig racing game, or the new feeling of sitting on the back. the biggest bird in the world with an ostrich ride…

Come to Nha Trang to enjoy the blue sea, explore the great thousands - Photo 3.

Riding an ostrich at Yang Bay

Favored by nature, the land on both sides of Yang Bay is fertile alluvium, and abundant water, so the fruit trees are green all year round. Coming here, visitors can manually harvest vegetables, pick wild vegetables, catch stream fish, and enjoy unique dishes with bold mountain flavors such as wild vegetables – stream fish, steamed wild boar, gourd, salad chamois, ostrich cannon…

Come to Nha Trang to enjoy the blue sea, explore the great thousands - Photo 4.

Camping Glamping on Orchid Island

Hoa Lan Island – the “muse” of the coastal city

Hoa Lan Island is a 30-minute train ride from the mainland, an ideal destination for those who are looking for a holiday full of “vitamin sea” to regenerate energy after a busy day.

Dubbed the “muse” of the coastal city, Hoa Lan Island has a rustic, close and unspoiled beauty.

Wake up in the morning in a Glamping tent by the sea to hear the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the scent of wild orchids, with relatives and friends, sipping a cup of coffee while welcoming the dawn on the sea, enjoying the spacious space of nature.

Walking leisurely on An Binh beach one side is the jade blue sea, the other side is the blue poplar row whispering in the wind.

Surrounded by surrounding islands, the sea here is always calm and quiet, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the cool water to relieve the stress and fatigue of daily life.

Kayaking to see the mangroves is a new product at Hoa Lan Island, visitors will be able to try their hand on a small boat and use 2-bladed paddles to move, weave in the forest with a length of more than 2km, spread Experience the diversity of the mangrove ecosystem with dense populations of mangroves, fish sauce trees, and a variety of birds, crabs, and fish.

Visitors can also watch the mangroves from above on the over 175m long bridge spanning the mangroves.

Come to Nha Trang to enjoy the blue sea, explore the great thousands - Photo 5.

Kayaking to see the mangroves

Visitors who love to explore can conquer Toc Tien waterfall on Hon Heo mountain with an altitude of 200, 400, and 500m above sea level, respectively. catch the first sunrise from above if you depart early in the morning.

And many unique check-in points such as the giant guitar, conical tree path, orchid cave, butterfly garden, Koi aquarium… are waiting for you to discover the “muse” of the coastal city.

Coming to Nha Trang, now visitors have many options to suit their preferences. Inhaling the scent of the sea or enjoying the clear space of the mountains are all memorable experiences to preserve youth and re-energize for new journeys.

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