Conquering the super chill La Ba suspension bridge in Da Lat, check-in is a beautiful photo right away 

The scenery is super beautiful, but the adventurous road of conquest is what believers whisper to each other when it comes to La Ba Da Lat suspension bridge, but this bridge is always a check-in point that makes many people fall in love. and eager to conquer.

Da Lat has never made people fall in love because, in addition to its poetic, gentle beauty filled with flowers and grass, this country also has countless idyllic but attractive scenes such as the La Ba suspension bridge, a check-in point. Challenging to make the believers move, but extremely excited by the beauty of unspoiled and fresh nature. If you like to immerse yourself in beautiful nature and feel the idyllic but attractive beauty of the great thousand, this suspension bridge will surely be the destination that makes you fall in love.

La Ba Suspension Bridge – a poetic check-in point in the land of fog 

La Ba suspension bridge is not a new check-in point on the tourist map of Da Lat, but it always captivates travel enthusiasts, especially those who love the wild and natural beauty of nature. Nature and love to conquer adventurous roads. Completely different from the usual suspension bridges built for tourism purposes in Da Lat, La Ba suspension bridge is a people’s bridge built with the purpose of serving the travel needs of local people. The surrounding scenery is still kept intact with the wild, luxuriant appearance of trees.

Conquering La Ba suspension bridge

La Ba Suspension Bridge is one of the most beautiful suspension bridges in Da Lat. Photo: @hochauphuongtruc

The bridge is located deep in the forest under the green pine trees spanning the two banks of a relatively wide natural stream. In the dry season, the water flows gently, but in the rainy season, this place turns into a deep, fast-flowing river. This virtual living bridge in Da Lat has a very simple design in the form of wooden slices, people use long wooden panels adjacent to each other to form a long bridge with both ends fixed to two large trees at or on the shore. heating. What makes the scene here more attractive is the space surrounded by four green surfaces of pine forests, wild vines and distant mountains, below is the murmuring water. 

Conquering La Ba suspension bridge

The bridge has a green space between the mountains and forests. Photo: @litivivu

Although when it comes to La Ba suspension bridge, people will always be reminded of the treacherous conquering road, but along with it is the great beauty that is not available everywhere. The peace between the wild mountains and forests with few people, only mountains, trees and gentle clouds make anyone lucky enough to come here to fall in love. 

Conquering La Ba suspension bridge

A simple bridge connecting the two banks of a large stream. Photo: @_vudmt.

 Located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, at La Ba Bridge, you will enjoy a completely quiet space, only the sound of the wind, the pine, the sound of flowing streams and the chirping birds, the scenery makes you happy. One immediately feels like the soul is caressed, soothed after fatigue and especially the perfect virtual live background to bring back million-like photos. 

Virtual life at La Ba suspension bridge

This is a super chill virtual living bridge of Da Lat. Photo: @_jade.lifestories

The Bridge of Courage Challenges 

The beauty of La Ba suspension bridge is something that everyone must recognize, but along with that beauty comes the craziness and challenges that only passionate and brave hearts are willing to conquer. experience. The first is that the road to La Ba suspension bridge is really dangerous with many small and narrow stones, many steep slopes just enough for one car, one side is an abyss. Along with that, many broken roads that are not repaired regularly also make this road even more difficult. 

The scene at La Ba suspension bridge

The bridge is simple and has a small area, looks very craggy and fragile. Photo: @_liti57

The second challenge is in the design and location of the bridge, because crossing the stream at an altitude of 10 to 15 meters, the La Ba suspension bridge looks very craggy, below is a stream with many reefs. The area of ​​the bridge is narrow and it is suspended by thin looking ropes without a pillar in the middle, so it will shake when people pass by, so standing on the bridge you will have a feeling of precariousness and shiver when passing.

The stream beside La Ba suspension bridge

The stream where the bridge crosses is very wide, in the rainy season the water flows rapidly. Photo: @_vudmt

Directions to La Ba suspension bridge 

La Ba suspension bridge is located near the tourist area of ​​Hang Cop waterfall, in Xuan Tho ward, 12km from the center of Da Lat city. If going from the city center, it will take about 15 to 20 minutes to reach this place.

La Ba suspension bridge front view

The road to conquer La Ba suspension bridge is very dangerous. Photo: @haipham135

From Da Lat to La Ba bridge, you move in the direction of National Highway 20 to the Tiger Cave area, then run straight for about 10km until you see the signpost guiding the Tiger Cave waterfall or see a grocery store called Phuc Thanks, then start turning. left. Continue moving until you see the KDL sign of Hang Cop waterfall, then turn your left hand and move straight down, cross the cement bridge across the stream, you will encounter a steep slope and right in front is the fork in front of you. two houses. If you look to the right, you will see a small wooden bridge, run straight across this bridge and then enter the small road in front, then continue along this road to see La Ba bamboo bridge.

The experience of checking-in La Ba suspension bridge should be pocketed 

The images of La Ba Da Lat suspension bridge will surely make you attracted by the wild and peaceful look. However, to conquer this place you need to pocket some experience from the travel followers who have checked-in this place to have a safe journey. 

The first is to choose the right check-in time, do not visit the bridge in the rainy season because the road will be muddy, difficult to go and dangerous. Next is to choose the right vehicle, should be a clutch or a limited number of scooters because the road is quite dangerous. The road to La Ba bridge is very rare, so please pay attention to check the car’s machinery carefully as well as fill the tank with gas to rest assured, each car should only go 1 person, limit two people because of the road. steep slopes and many small rocks.

La Ba suspension bridge means check-in

Should choose a clutch or a car to get to the suspension bridge, limit scooters. Photo: Addicted to Da Lat

The check-in experience for you is to stand at the bridgehead or near the middle of the bridge to take pictures, when moving, take a light step, not running and jumping will be very dangerous. 

La Ba suspension bridge was built to serve the travel needs of people, each pass is only enough for one person, so when you check-in, you should limit standing on the bridge for too long to avoid affecting the travel needs of people. local people. 

La Ba suspension bridge check-in experience

Do not stand on the bridge for too long to affect traffic. Photo:

Although the road to conquer is full of challenges and the bridge looks dangerous at first glance, the beauty of La Ba suspension bridge is still what makes moving hearts flutter. Check-in this suspension bridge and enjoy the feeling of standing on the bridge, looking at the green and green surroundings and feeling adventurous leaning will also be a new experience for your trip to Dalat. 

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