Da Lat pink grass season

LAM DONG – At the end of the year, the grass in the Golden valley, the lonely Dankia tree area, the Masara hill… in Da Lat city are glowing pink.

Pink grass is blooming everywhere in Da Lat, in the hills under the canopy of the pine forest or in the premises of tourist attractions such as the Golden Valley, the bare hill area, the lonely tree of Dankia or beyond the suburbs is Masara hill.

On the photo is La An pink grass hill, near Cu Lan village, 9 km from the center of Da Lat city. This weed usually blooms until Christmas, so it is also known by the name “Christmas grass”.

Photographer Can Van Phu (31 years old) had a trip to photograph the
characteristic pink grass season of the mountain town of Da Lat, at the end of November. Van Phu is a native of Hanoi, living in Da Lat for more than 10 years. From 2015 until now, Van Phu has kept many beautiful moments about the landscape and the rhythm of people’s life in Da Lat.

Phu said, often when the rainy season is over, the old grass dies and the young grass gradually emerges from the ground, the leaves and tiny flowers are pink. Overall, the weed pink color makes the scene different from other seasons of the year.

This year, the fourth Lang Biang pink grass festival will be held near the lonely pine tree area, Dan Kia lake – Suoi Vang (pictured), as one of three programs of Lac Duong district in response to the Da Lat Flower Festival (photo). from November 1 to the end of December).

Dewdrops on pink grass in the morning.

Couple Phuc – Le from Ho Chi Minh City chose the pink grass hill near the lonely tree area
, Lac Duong district to save commemorative photos.

Nhi Vong, from Dong Nai, also took advantage of this opportunity to go to Da Lat to relax among the pink grass in the cold weather at the end of the year.

For the best photos, if you have time, Phu advises tourists to go further to the suburbs at Masara cultural village, Ta Nang commune, Duc Trong, 80 km from the mountain town. Masara Hill is probably one of the most beautiful sunrise spots in Da Lat. The hill has each patch of grass stretching, continuing in a large space.

“If you’re lucky, visitors will encounter fog and sunlight at the beginning of the day through pine trees,” Van Phu added.

Visitors can also experience camping at sunset, sleeping overnight in the forest to catch the sunrise among the pink grass hills. Note that in the middle of the night, the outdoor temperature is very cold, so visitors must use specialized tents capable of keeping warm.