Da Lat sunflower gardens are ‘really bright yellow’, beautiful and attractive


Visiting the famous beautiful Dalat sunflower gardens, it will not be difficult for you to immediately own “what and this” photos with a background filled with brilliant flowers and mingle in the enchanting golden sun forest. wreck.

Summer in Da Lat not only has green roads, clear sunny street corners but also the bright yellow color of blooming sunflower fields. Da Lat’s sunflower garden is beautiful , just spend a little time traveling to the suburbs, and you can immediately immerse yourself in the vibrant yellow color full of vitality, the flowers bloom towards the sun to create a dreamy and peaceful scene. If you love Da Lat and love the beautiful sunflowers, you should definitely not miss the flower gardens below. 

Pocketing the sunflower gardens in Da Lat, people are fascinated by virtual life 

1. Dalat Milk Farm Sunflower Garden 

Dalat Milk Farm is located in Tu Tra commune of Don Duong district, where at first it was just an ordinary dairy farm, but gradually, the fairy-tale-like beauty of this place has fascinated visitors and become a tourist attraction. attractive stopover. Coming here, in addition to exploring the fresh milk production line, visitors will be able to check-in and enjoy the European countryside beauty. Dalat Milk Farm has many species of flowers, but the Dalat sunflower garden here is the most famous because of its large scale and beautiful scenery. The scene of flowers blooming brightly in the sun makes visitors fall in love.

Da Lat Milk Dalat Sunflower GardenDalat Milk has a very large sunflower garden. Photo: BKS

 This place is 35km from the center of Da Lat, visitors move from the center via National Highway 20, Prenn Pass to Phi Nom. From this section, go through the market 400m, see on the left hand side there is a welcome gate “Bong Lai Cultural Village”, then run for another 2km, if you look on the left, there will be a signpost to guide you to Dalat Milk.

Da Lat Milk Dalat Sunflower GardenThis sunflower garden was once the backdrop of the famous movie. Photo: palacebandulich.net

2. Mong Mo Hill Tourist Park Sunflower Garden 

This Dalat sunflower garden is located right inside the Mong Mo hill resort, so visitors can comfortably combine check-in. The sunflower garden here is relatively large, the flowers are planted a lot, blooming in batches creating an extremely beautiful and poetic scene. The flowers here bloom very large, beautiful and full wings, racing to bloom on the background of green leaves.

Da Lat sunflower garden dream hillMong Mo Hill Resort also owns a beautiful sunflower garden. Photo: Mia

Mong Mo Hill KDL flower garden is located 5km from the center of Da Lat, visitors going from the center to Bui Thi Xuan street to Phu Dong Thien Vuong street to Mai Anh Dao street will arrive at the resort. Inside, you go a few hundred meters more and you will see a beautiful sunflower garden.

Da Lat sunflower garden dream hillBeautiful flowers shimmering in the middle of a peaceful time. Photo: @tomo_hiko1011

3. Dalat Camp Sunflower Garden

If you both love the fresh nature and love the bright yellow color of sunflowers, Dalat Camp is truly your paradise. Coming here, you will experience a true slow life among fresh nature, forests, streams, mountains, you will feel more attached to nature and at peace. Besides camping, exploring nature, coming to Dalat Camp, you will hardly miss the brilliant sunflower garden. Sunflower garden combined with majestic mountain scenery, in the middle of the garden is a lovely path where visitors can ride bicycles and enjoy moments of magical peace.

Da Lat sunflower garden dream hillDalat Camp fascinates visitors with its beautiful sunflower garden. Photo: @luanquynhtram

The road from the center of Da Lat to Dalat Camp is not too difficult, you follow Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street and then turn to Ankroet street, then continue to run to the junction of the area with Thao Nguyen restaurant. You continue to turn left up the hill, (if you turn right, go to Golden Stream) you continue to follow that road, to the section Ma Rung Lu Quan will see a fork, continue to turn left to go down the valley, from the top The slope can see Dalat Camp very easily.

Da Lat sunflower garden dream hillThe flower garden on the edge of the forest creates a fairy-tale beauty. Photo: @tom__099

4. Cau Dat Farm . Sunflower Garden

Not only the green tea hill has become the classic virtual living place of Da Lat, but Cau Dat Farm also has a beautiful sunflower garden located in Truong Tho village area of ​​Tram Hanh commune. Coming here, you will swoon by the romantic and poetic scenery of the sunflower garden in full bloom. The flowers here are planted in straight beds, so they are easy to move around, the petals are very sturdy, so you can comfortably live and watch.

Da Lat sunflower garden prays for landCau Dat has not only a tea hill but also a very beautiful sunflower garden. Photo: ngoisao.vn

This Dalat sunflower garden is located not far from the city center, visitors can come early in the morning to see the most beautiful flowers. From Lam Vien Square, visitors go in the direction of Quang Trung Street, to Tran Quy Cap Street, continue to turn through Hung Vuong and Tu Phuoc Streets and then go towards Trai Mat along National Highway 20, when coming to Cau Dat market area, go further. 3km, turn left to get there.

Da Lat sunflower garden prays for land

Depending on the time that flowers can bloom or bloom in batches. Photo: dalatcuachin

5. Ta Nung Pass Sunflower Garden

Da Lat Sunflower Garden at Ta Nung Pass is a familiar check-in place for visitors every season. Visitors coming here will immediately be mesmerized by the shimmering scenery of the flower garden blooming in the sun, the flowers blooming evenly, reaching out in the sun. The garden here is very large, so when the flowers bloom, they create an extremely beautiful green and yellow carpet, coming here you will think that you are little Alice who is lost in wonderland.

Da Lat Sunflower Garden Ta TanStopping at Ta Nung in the sunflower season, visitors will be mesmerized by the beautiful flowers. Photo: ngoisao.vn

To go to Ta Nung Pass sunflower garden , visitors move in the direction of Cam Ly waterfall to Nga Ba Suoi Vang when looking to the left hand side will have a sign to go to Ta Nung and continue moving, you can see the garden facing the direction of Ta Nung Pass. vast ocean grows on both sides of the pass. 

Da Lat Sunflower Garden Ta TanMany tourists who like to live virtual have visited this flower garden. Photo: @huongchanel88

When should you check-in the sunflower garden in Da Lat? 

In addition to the checklist of beautiful Da Lat sunflower gardens to visit, surely the time when the flowers bloom will be information that you need to pay attention to if you don’t want to miss an appointment. Usually the sunflower season in Da Lat will have two times of the year. The time to first bloom is summer, from April to June, but the most beautiful bloom is April. Yellow flowers combined with summer sunshine will create a brilliant scene that is extremely eye-catching. If you want to see flowers and have beautiful virtual photos, don’t forget to visit Da Lat this season.

Da Lat sunflower garden when flowers bloomDalat has 2 sunflower seasons in a year. Photo: @huongchanel88

The second sunflower season of the year in Da Lat is winter, around November and December, this is also one of the most beautiful times of the year in Da Lat with a romantic and poetic winter. The bright yellow flowers seem to dispel the melancholy characteristic of the winter days of Dalat. 

The most ideal time to visit and take photos at the sunflower gardens in Da Lat is in the morning from 8-10am or from 3pm to 5pm. Therefore, you should take advantage of check-in at the right time to have the most eye-catching experience.

Da Lat sunflower garden when flowers bloom

The ideal time to see flowers is 8-10am and 15-17pm. Photo: @bichphuong

The coordinates of the sunflower gardens in Da Lat above will be an attractive suggestion for you to hunt for beautiful flower seasons, so do not miss the appointment with the brilliant yellow flower seasons of this highland country. 

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