Din Ky tourist area – Green tourism experience on the Saigon River

Din Ky tourist area is an attractive eco-tourism destination in Binh Duong. Only about a 1-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, this place will bring you the gentle relaxing experience of peaceful countryside.

About Din Ky tourist area

Din Ky tourist area was built in 1995 on Highway 13, Vinh Phu Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong. The green tourist area is located right on the Saigon River with a campus of 3 hectares. Since its construction, this place has been oriented to a peaceful space of an airy green countryside, close to nature.The entrance to Din Ky tourist areaThe entrance to Din Ky tourist area

About 18km from Saigon, visitors can move from the city center to Din Ky with just a 1-hour drive. The way is also very easy to find, you just need to go along Highway 13 in the direction from the intersection of Binh Phuoc – Binh Duong. Go straight through Binh Trieu Station, via Hanoi Highway to the Hanoi Highway Roundabout. Continue to move to Binh Duong greeting gate and ask for directions to the banks of the Saigon River, only about 2km more and you will see the entrance to Din Ky tourist area .

Address: 8/15 Vinh Phu 02, Vinh Phu, Thuan An, Binh DuongDin Ky tourist area is located right on the Saigon RiverDin Ky tourist area is located right on the Saigon River and only about 1 hour by car from the city center

Din Ky tourist area – enjoy the peaceful and rustic moments

Experience green tourism by the Saigon River

Din Ky tourist area is designed in an ancient style with a large wooden gate in the style of a three-way gate. Inside is a system of lush green gardens and ponds, rivers, streams combined with a rockery are arranged extremely beautifully.The poetic and lyrical landscape at Din Ky tourist areaThe poetic and lyrical landscape at Din Ky

A special feature is that the details of the decoration here evoke a very familiar image of the southern river region. From the simple thatched roofs, the fishing boats by the lake, the curved coconut bridge, the double poles full of ripe fruit. All create a peaceful rural space.Simple thatched roof bearing Southern culture at Din Ky tourist areaSimple thatched roofs imbued with Southern cultureMassive bonsai system at Din Ky tourist areaMassive bonsai systemGrass hill in Din Ky tourist areaA very chill corner at Din Ky

Coming to Din Ky, you will be immersed in the wonderful natural space, leaving a busy and bustling Saigon to find a peaceful place. Enjoy relaxing moments fishing, playing chess, drinking tea or walking around with friends and family.The rockeries at Din Ky tourist areaVery unique “super giant” rock formationscheck - in Din Ky tourist areaAnd it is indispensable for super beautiful check-in corners

In addition, at Din Ky, there are many interesting entertainment services such as a system of 30 karaoke rooms, a swimming pool with an area of ​​​​1000m2 and 500m2 for visitors who want to enjoy modern amenities. If you are wondering where to let your children play, the children’s play area here has many interesting and new games for them to explore.Fishing area at Din Ky tourist areaFishing area at the green resort

Super delicious European – Asian hotel and restaurant system

It is a big omission if you don’t mention the hotel restaurant system in the Din Ky tourist area . Here, the resort provides excellent service with a 2-star hotel. The rooms of Din Ky are also equipped with modern televisions and air-conditioners to serve visitors from afar.High-class 2-star hotel system in Din Ky tourist areaHigh-class 2-star hotel system

In addition, the resort also has 3 restaurants with a rich menu of more than 400 delicious dishes. Serving all dishes from Asia to Europe and pure Vietnamese dishes. In which the “bestsellers” that you must try are: Chinese roasted suckling pig, Hong Kong steamed grouper, grilled crab meat, baby lobster with black pepper sauce, … All are prepared and decorated in a unique way. Meticulously meticulous way, helping the dish to be both beautiful and delicious.


The banquet hall area can accommodate up to 700 guests with a modern stage system with sound and light, very suitable for organizing birthday parties, parties, weddings… Visit now and enjoy Enjoy the unique cuisine of Binh Duong !


Ticket price for Din Ky tourist area in Binh Duong

Din Ky tourist area is free to enter. However, some activities inside have a separate fee. Interesting services you can refer to are:

  • Buffet price: 215,000 – 300,000 VND/person
  • Room price: 400,000 – 640,000 VND/room
  • Ticket price for shrimp and fish fishing by hour:
  • Time for the 1st sentence: 100,000 VND/hour
  • Time for the second sentence: 90,000 VND/hour
  • Time for the 3rd sentence onwards: 80,000 VND/hour

Come to Din Ky tourist area and let's chill!Stop by Din Ky and let’s chill!

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With a unique green design with bold Southern characteristics, the Din Ky tourist area will definitely be the perfect tourist destination for you and your family during the weekend. Let’s leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily life, leave behind the city’s smoke and dust, and stop by Din Ky to immerse in the fresh and fresh atmosphere here.

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