Dung Quat Bay – ‘the sleeping princess’ of Quang Ngai

Do not because Ly Son is so beautiful, but forget about the other sights of Quang Ngai, because there are countless picturesque beaches that make visitors confused, typical as Dung Quat Bay.

Introduction to Dung Quat Bay

Dung Quat bay or Quyt basin is located in Binh Thanh and Binh Thuan communes of Binh Son district, northern Quang Ngai province, and bordered by Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, and about 18km from the coast. 

It is known that Dung Quat is divided into 2 small bays: 1 bay with an area of ​​132 km2 extending from Thanh Long mountain to Co Co cape, 20 meters deep and 1 bay connecting from Son Tra estuary to Co Co cape, with an area of ​​about 7 km2, 6 to 20m deep. 

In particular, the cove, which is windtight because it is surrounded by the towering Nam Tram mountain range, is more romantic, so it is chosen as the place to build the port cluster for oil and gas, container, trade, service … and industrial parks. oil and gas, food, steel rolling … That is why, this place is always crowded and bustling with the flow of visitors.Dung Quat Bay - where there are many mobile boatsThe port is home to a lot of ships and boats (Photo @arcthien_tropicalhome)

How to move to Dung Quat bay

From the center of Quang Ngai city, visitors going north to National Highway 1A, to Dien May XANH Supermarket, turn right onto Doc Soi – Dung Quat street, turn left at the intersection with Thanh Nien street, after Go through the roundabout about 1.6km, then turn right to reach Dung Quat beach.

From the coast you rent a canoe for 200,000 VND / person / one way or a boat for 150,000 VND / person / person is to reach Dung Quat Bay .

The poetic beauty of Dung Quat bay

The first impression when coming to Quang Ngai Vung Quyt bay is the immense green color of trees, mountains, sea and sky, and the sparkling white of sandy beaches and drifting clouds, making visitors can’t take my eyes offFresh beauty - the highlight of Dung Quat Bay Fresh, wild scenery on the bay (Photo @ tien.tinker)

In addition, the bay also impresses with rock dunes of many different shapes rising out of the sea surface, looking like a flock of dolphins emerging to sunbathe, combined with eye-catching blue basket boats of fishermen. is “sprawling” relaxing on the sand, forming a simple water-color painting that is so poetic.rocks and boats - interesting beauty of Dung Quat Bay As beautiful as an ink painting (Photo: Fb Doan Vuong Quoc)

In the distance is the Dung Quat breakwater stretching for more than 1.6km – the longest dyke in Southeast Asia with giant stone revetments with 3 heads like petals stacked and stretching out in the middle of the sea, like an arm. giant in the afternoon sun, if you stand here and make some virtual live pictures, you will be sure to load it off the table.breakwater - a beautiful virtual living spot in Dung Quat BayThe breakwater is noisy (Photo @iam_nhu_y)

Besides, the green pine hill straightly lying on the mountain range in the middle of the bay with small and steep trails will give you a feeling of being lost in Da Lat amidst immense waves.Pine hill - a beautiful virtual living spot in Dung Quat BayLike a Dalat at sea (Photo @ 1711anhthu)

However, Dung Quat Bay is the most beautiful, perhaps when the sunrise is dyed pink in the whole space with a misty pristine mist like a fairy tale on the sea surface and when the sunset is golden, it makes the sea water seem gilded. sparkling, seeing that scene, making sure that the soul will feel very peaceful and relaxed.dawn - impressive moment on Dung Quat Bay Dreamy dawn (Photo @boongdau)sunset - beautiful moment on Dung Quat Bay Charming sunset (Photo @_quanbanana)

Great experiences at Dung Quat Bay

With the advantage of the clear blue sea and the relatively shallow shore, Dung Quat Binh Son Bay is a great place for you to immerse yourself in the cool water and cool off in summer. Or simply sitting on rocks and playing with water is not bad.water play - exciting activities on Dung Quat BayJust playing in the water is also very interesting (Photo @ _myli014_)

Besides, visitors can also go up the mountain to visit the old lighthouse, when the lights are lit, the lights will be extremely sparkling and attractive.lighthouse - attractive destination in Dung Quat Bay The lighthouse stands out in the mountains (Photo @ cao.nguyen96)

While walking along the rocky beach, visitors can not only breathe fresh and fresh air in the bay but also find snails and oysters under thin rocks. Even more interesting is taking the snails as bait to fish for hunting or loaf in the rock cavity. After having harvested quite a lot of results, they are brought to grill, boiled right on the sand in the rich flavor of the romantic Dung Quat beach , happiness is probably just that.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t catch, because the people on the bay often provide delicious dishes such as king crab, grilled sea salamander, grilled rice paper dipped in vegetables or fresh steamed squid with sweet dipping meat. spicy green salt aromatic … make sure it is “delicious armpit pain” too.seafood - delicious food in Dung Quat Bay The food here is delicious off the table (Photo @vitorhiphop)

Another interesting activity that anyone arriving at Dung Quat Bay cannot ignore is sitting on a small canoe floating on the shore, then to Ba Islet, Ong Ison is as far away as the giant is guarding the sea, to hear the songs of many seabirds resounding in the rock cavity.

In addition, visitors can also go a little west to the romantic Khe Hai beach to make some genuine check-in photos, or go to Bai Lay, Little Beach, Bai Lon and Bai Bong to see the unspoiled nature. Beast, all only me and the vast sky, how wonderful it is.Sea of ​​Slot Two - destination near Dung Quat Bay An impressive corner of Khe Hai Beach (Photo by Fb Nguyen Thu Phuong)

Revealing, every year on January 4, people often organize boat racing festivals on the bay. Accordingly, the boats finely decorated with mascots: long (dragon), ly (unicorn), quy (turtle), phoenix (phoenix), and many brilliant patterns, will be young men. With muscular hands moving forward together, hundreds of thousands of people clapped their hands and cheered, drumsticks echoed throughout the bay. Therefore, if you are a lover of excitement, you must definitely not miss this occasion.

Summer is here, let’s take some “vitamin sea” for a more fresh summer day with a trip to Quang Ngai Dung Quat Bay !

Photo: Internet