Fishermen won more than 4 tons of Yellow croaker

HA TINH – Mr. Duong Thanh and 11 people in Loc Ha district caught a catch of more than 4 tons of Yellow croaker after 10 hours at sea, selling for 25,000-30,000 VND (1$)per kg.

At 6 am on November 18, Mr. Thanh, 54 years old, residing in Nam Son village, Thinh Loc commune, Loc Ha district, drove a boat with a capacity of dozens of CVs carrying 11 workers to sea, fishing on the waters of the district. shore about a mile.

Mr. Thanh said that from the morning to 15:00 on the same day, the group dropped the net 3 times, but the catch was very low. 30 minutes later, the fishermen discovered a large stream of fish swimming a few meters away from the boat, at a depth of tens of meters, sparkling white.

More than 4 tons of Yellow croaker were caught by Mr. Duong Thanh’s boat. Photo: Duc Hung

“We moved the boat forward to block the passage, then joined forces to drop a large net 2 m high, 400 m long into the sea to surround the fish. 12 people divided into two groups, going backwards to drag the fish. nets to shore. The fish squirmed, causing white foam to clear the whole area,” said Mr. Thanh.

At more than 4 pm, Mr. Thanh’s group brought the fish to the shore of Thinh Loc commune. The fish caught was a croaker, with a total weight of more than 4 tons. When he heard that Mr. Thanh’s boat had won a large catch of croaker, traders and hundreds of people gathered at the beach to buy, watch and collect fish, and took pictures to post on social networks.

The crew members called, and mobilized more family members to bring out plastic bags, baskets and buckets to classify and sell fish to customers. They spread a large canvas, so that the fish that have washed the sand up for people to choose, from costs 25,000-30,000 VND per kg.

Many people came out to assist boat owners in sorting and consuming Yellow croaker. Photo: Duc Hung

According to crewman Pham Ngoc Tuan, croaker fish sells for 50,000 dongs (2$) per kilogram on weekdays, but today, because of the big hit, traders and people helped sort and sell, so the group decided to sell it at half the price. for gratitude.

“If all the above fish are sold, 12 workers will earn nearly 100 million dong,” Tuan said.

Mr. Nguyen Khac Phong, Chairman of Thinh Loc commune, said that sometimes fishermen in the area still catch Yellow croaker and other seafood with quantities ranging from a few quintals to more than 2 tons, but the catch is 4 tons. This of Mr. Thanh is very rare.

The Yellow croaker is cleaned of sand and placed on a large canvas for people to choose from. Photo: Duc Hung

“Thinh Loc has a long coastline, people mainly do fishing and seafood to improve the economy. The whole commune has 10 fishing teams according to the traditional method, called high steering, each team 10 12 people,” Phong said.

Crocodile fish live near the shore, oval body, big head, dorsal fin with hard spines, soft back. This species has few bones, sweet meat, rich in nutrients, and is favored by the market. Traders often sell to restaurants and hotels to process dishes such as salad, sweet and sour rim, grilled, braised with turmeric, fried with garlic and chili…

People collect and classify more than 4 tons of Yellow croaker at the coast of Thinh Loc commune. Video: Duc Hung