Fresh Garden – a destination in Da Lat that should not be missed in the summer

LAM DONG – About 3 km from the center of Da Lat, Fresh Garden welcomes visitors with numerous check-in points and interesting coffee-making spaces.

Many tourists who have been to Da Lat commented that this country has never disappointed them because every season is beautiful. In particular, summer is the time to impress them because of the golden sunshine, cool wind, and sudden drizzle creating a dreamy and romantic scene.

The weather in the summer seems to contribute to the beauty of the city of thousands of pine trees. Therefore, coming to Da Lat this summer, you should not miss the Fresh Garden tourist area located in Van Thanh flower village – one of the favorite places of many tourists. This place is located about 3 km from the center of Da Lat city, scored with a lot of flowers and miniatures for visitors to enjoy taking photos and check-in.

Here are the experiences you should not miss when coming to Fresh Garden.

Take pictures in the field of purple flowers

This summer 2022 Fresh Garden resort is covered with purple, so regardless of the frame, visitors can easily get beautiful photos in the vast purple flower field. Flowers here bloom brightly and densely, dreamy purple color, giving visitors countless beautiful photos.

Fresh Garden this summer 2022 is covered with purple color
Fresh Garden summer 2022 is covered with purple color, giving visitors impressive photos. Photo: Fresh Garden

Check-in at the tropical tunnel

The tropical tunnel is designed in a novel architectural style, with over 50 tropical plants to give visitors a feeling of relaxation and closeness to nature.

“This tunnel also has messages about protecting the environment and nature, which is what Fresh Garden wants to convey to visitors when visiting Da Lat this summer. Besides, the window frames with many symbols The five-element statue will add more fun to visitors”, a representative of Fresh Garden Resort shared.

Over 50 types of tropical plants give visitors a relaxing feeling at the tropical tunnel.  Photo: Fresh Garden
Over 50 types of tropical plants give visitors a relaxing feeling in the tropical tunnel. Photo: Fresh Garden

Exploring the tunnel of time

The time tunnel scores points with a space with a bit of old and modern features, making visitors feel lost in the “time machine” with large and small clocks decorating the tunnel.

The giant clock windows with views of the primeval forest and lake show a meaningful message about time, creating an impression on visitors when they first come here.

The unique architecture of the Time Tunnel at Fresh Garden
Large and small clocks decorate the tunnel of time, a unique feature at Fresh Garden. Photo: Fresh Garden

Enjoy a variety of drinks at Fresh Coffee

The cafe is located on a hill with a view of the primeval forest, an impressive highlight between the mountains and the land of thousands of flowers. At Fresh Coffee, visitors will be immersed in a gentle, peaceful space with check-in points with impressive views. Admire the poetic scenery and enjoy diverse and delicious drinks to help visitors forget their worries and inspire new life.

Unique architecture of Fresh Coffee with primeval forest view
Fresh Coffee scored with the primeval forest view. Photo: Fresh Garden

According to the representative of Fresh Garden, in addition to the above experiences, Fresh Garden also has other must-see check-in points such as a lake with a forest view, sky gate, suspension bridge, Angel ice cave, 12 zodiac tunnel, waterfall lanterns…

With charming natural scenery and unique works, Fresh Garden’s representative hopes that this will be a destination for tourists to see many new things when visiting and relaxing in Da Lat this summer of 2022.

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