Ha Giang buckwheat triangle – flower color causes ‘nostalgia’


Buckwheat flower season is usually in October and November every year. It is grown in many districts of Dong Van Stone Plateau and Suoi Thau steppe, Xin Man district, Ha Giang province.

In the season, the pink color of buckwheat flowers stretches into fields, precariously on cat ears stones, behind ancient villages in Ha Giang. The tiny flowers make the mountain scenery both majestic and poetic.

The color of buckwheat flowers at first bloom is mainly white, pale pink. Then, when the temperature is lower and the air is cold, the flowers will have the main color of purple and dark pink.

Buckwheat flowers are most beautiful when the petals turn purple-pink. Flowers bloom in clusters, petals clustered into cones.

Lo Lo ethnic girls dress up in brocade dresses in the middle of the forest of flowers, creating a typical image of Ha Giang land, leaving a unique impression for tourists coming here.

Visitors to Ha Giang can rent ethnic costumes to take pictures with buckwheat flowers, bearing the imprint of the mountainous region. However, the weather when buckwheat flowers bloom in Ha Giang is quite cold, so visitors need to prepare thermal clothes or warm enough clothes inside.

In the past, buckwheat flowers were mainly grown for seeds and used as a reserve food to prevent hunger for people in the pre-seed season. This is also an oriental medicine, buckwheat is acrid, slightly acrid, average, has low beneficial effect, perforation, clears heat and detoxifies.

Thanks to the development of tourism, this beautiful flower is more known to tourists. Today, to serve the needs of tourists, Ha Giang people grow flowers in a growing season that lasts from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter. Therefore, visitors can see flowers at more times, not only during festivals.

Visiting the buckwheat flower season, visitors can also see images of Mong ethnic children, barefoot, holding a child with an innocent face playing in the flower field. The crisp, mischievous laughter of children in the middle of the vast buckwheat flower field seems strange but very familiar, making visitors feel like returning to their childhood many years ago.

Visitors who want to admire the beauty of buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang can come here from October to December. At this time, the locality also organizes a buckwheat flower festival with many special activities and religious activities. honor the cultural and tourism values ​​of Ha Giang province.

Specifically, in addition to admiring the flower fields, tourists also experience the Kayak race, the standing board Sup; motor racing, adventure motor racing. Within the framework of the festival, there are also unique tourism experiences such as: linen weaving festival in Lung Tam and Can Ty communes; visit Lung Khuy cave, community tourism village in Nam Dam village; Ethnic cultural festival in Quan Ba ​​district…

The buckwheat flower festival is so far not only a tourism symbol, but also a major source of income for people in the border land of Ha Giang, contributing to the province’s socio-economic development.

Photo: Ha Giang Department of Culture , Sports and Tourism