Hot spot in Mang Den revealed – tourists checking in enthusiastically

De Vivre Mang Den is located in the “heart” of Mang Den town, an ideal resort destination that you must visit when you set foot in this lyrical, poetic highland region.

 If you want to once experience both relaxing and exploring, immersing yourself in nature, then definitely don’t forget to note De Vivre Mang Den for your travel itinerary.

Hot spot in Mang Den revealed - tourists checking in excitedly - Photo 1.
De Vivre Mang Den is an ideal resort for guests who love to experience relaxation in nature.

De Vivre is located in the heart of the Mang Den plateau, built interwoven with the natural landscape of pine forests, majestic mountains and lakes, giving visitors a relaxing experience in harmony with peaceful nature. If you are looking for a place to experience harmony with nature, a stop away from the noisy, bustling atmosphere, but with convenient transportation and close to the city, this is the ideal place for you. mountain town travel itinerary.

Hot spot in Mang Den revealed - tourists checking in excitedly - Photo 2.
European-style “lemongrass” coffee shop, a place where you must definitely check in for “virtual living”

With a scale of up to 4,000 m2 , De Vivre Mang Den is a homestay and coffee complex with a unique Glampstay tent area in this famous eco-tourism town. This place stands out with super spacious Bungalows, a resort space close to nature, but extremely comfortable and a high-class service system including a European-style cafe area with an ancient space. Classic and sophisticated like a miniature movie studio for “virtual living” believers, you will definitely get lost in this villa!

Hot spot in Mang Den revealed - tourists checking in excitedly - Photo 3.
Luxurious and smooth shooting angle for dreamy girls and stylish ladies to check in

Like the delicate symphony of the great world, De Vivre Mang Den will always know how to pamper guests in its own unique way, bringing a rich and unique resort experience with a series of special amenities: Enjoy A new feeling of relaxation with a 180-degree view of the pine forest embracing De Vivre homestay, sipping a cup of coffee and immersing yourself in melodious music with De Vivre Café or sitting together under the starry sky for BBQ parties together. Family and Friends. The space here is also decorated according to seasons/festivals. The upcoming Christmas promises to be the most beautifully and meticulously decorated place in Mang Den to welcome visitors to check-in.

Hot spot in Mang Den revealed - tourists checking in excitedly - Photo 4.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention famous scenic spots such as the statue of Our Lady of Mang Den, Kon Bring cultural village, Dak Ke lake, Pa Sy waterfall, Khanh Lam pagoda… and delicious restaurants are all very close to De Vivre, extremely convenient location for visitors’ schedules when coming to experience this place.

There’s nothing more wonderful than waking up in a wild, pure place like a fairy tale! Let the cold, fresh air of the highlands fill your chest. De Vivre is designed to be nestled under the pine forest and to be independent to give you a vacation experience as close to nature as possible, and stay away from frontages where you can hear the noise of vehicles passing by. That’s the sound of pine trees and birds singing. That’s why this place has become a “healing” place and a destination for yoga followers. Let the sound notes that only belong to the great thousand Mang Den fill your mind. De Vivre Mang Den is like that!

Hot spot in Mang Den revealed - tourists checking in excitedly - Photo 5.

It can be said that, if the highlight of Kon Tum is Mang Den, then the ideal stop at Mang Den is De Vivre Mang Den. Because, De Vivre Mang Den has many colors, not only is it a unique and new experience, but it also gives you a wonderful vacation, this place will become a happy and priceless memory for you. friends and loved ones.

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