Inside the only “heritage hotel” that owns the largest Hang Trong painting: Reconstructing the unique beauty of ancient Thang Long

Located in Hanoi city, Smarana Hanoi Heritage is the first and only hotel in Hanoi that recreates a bold space of ancient Thang Long with unique Hang Trong paintings.

Hang Trong folk paintings used to flourish in ancient Thang Long, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is the quintessential line of paintings showing the outstanding aesthetic taste and painting level of the artist. ancient land artists. Today, there are many Hang Trong paintings painted from the last century on display and auction in Europe.

Experiencing many ups and downs of history and changes in cultural flows, the aura of Hang Trong paintings gradually fades over time, seemingly sinking into the past. It was not until the last few years that the art-loving public of the country had greater access to this line of paintings thanks to the restoration and preservation efforts of dedicated people.

Built on the theme of Hang Trong folk paintings, Smarana Hanoi Heritage is the first and only hotel in Hanoi that conveys the brilliant and delicate beauty of this line of paintings to the art-loving public through the form of a “heritage hotel”.

Featuring a restaurant, bar and views of the city, Smarana Hanoi Heritage is located in Hanoi, 2 km from the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

After nearly 3 years of incubating the idea and building, the hotel was designed in a boutique style and decorated like a large-scale painting exhibition, under the direct supervision of the last artist of this painting line – Mr. Le Dinh Nghien; The author of Vietnamese painting from Hang Trong paintings – designer Trinh Thu Trang and the “witch” who created outstanding hotel projects in Vietnam – architect Dao Thi Thanh Huong. 

The hotel’s 4 room categories are designed with the inspiration of Tu Binh paintings: Tung, Cuc, Truc, Mai of Hang Trong folk paintings. 

The center of the campus is a collection of more than 50 paintings hand-painted by artist Le Dinh Nghien himself. The highlight of this artistic journey is the word “Phuc” integrated with the Twenty-four filial piety with a height of up to 2m placed at the main door of the hotel. This can be considered as the largest Hang Trong painting in existence up to this point, created by artisan Le Dinh Nghien.

The imprints of the once-famous line of paintings not only stop at decorative paintings, but also have lines, textures, colors, and characteristics that also show creativity and sophistication in the whole architectural space. architecture as well as culinary and health care experiences at Smarana Hanoi Heritage. 

A good example is the dress of the reception team – an exclusive design from Ỷ Van Hien. The ingenious design evokes the charm of the ancient Thang Long female talents in the “To woman” series of paintings through the modern image of the five-body Ao Dai with a broken neck. More unique is the coffee collection “Ngu Tigers”, with pure Vietnamese ingredients inspired by the philosophy of the Five Elements according to the colors of the Five Tigers Hang Trong painting.

Here, visitors are not only immersed in the art of Hang Trong paintings, but also enjoy the high-class and sophisticated service quality, in accordance with the international boutique hotel model, putting customer satisfaction as primary care. 

A vacation in the bustling capital will settle down as an art exhibition, helping people discover the heritage of the thousand-year-old capital of which Hang Trong paintings are the center.

The hotel’s functional spaces including La Carpe restaurant, Lunaire outdoor bar, VIP lounge also offer diverse enjoyment experiences, creating a journey of rest, cultural discovery, unique cuisine and entirety.

Image source: Smarana by Quang Tran / smaranahanoiheritage