Laughing “belly” with the latest series of images of the infinity sea of ​​Thai Binh

Wading across the thigh, cars, motorbikes jostling each other, the beach as crowded as “Quan Nguyen” is the status quo updated by the association of travel lovers on the third day of the National Day holiday 2022.

The infinity sea flooded thighs on September 3, making thousands of tourists regret and disappointed – Photo: HOANG NHI

Contrary to the pictures of heaven and earth as one, the infinity sea (Thai Thuy, Thai Binh) on September 3 brings tourists an unforgettable experience when traveling far away without getting it back. what.

After the “genuine” reviews about the infinity sea in the past time, this beach has become a popular destination for tourists during the holiday season 2-9. Thousands of people flock to this beach with the desire to have sparkling “virtual life” photos like on social networks.

Wading mud for more than 1km, wading in the water up to the thigh, bringing a chair to check-in and then carrying it back because the sea level is too high, making many tourists feel disappointed.

Moving from Thai Binh city from 2:30 a.m. to check-in with the infinity sea, Hoang Nhi shared: “Although I’m in Thai Binh, I was very excited when I went to the infinity beach for the first time, but it was too early. had to wait a long time for dawn.

When we first arrived, the water level was still low. But the more morning, the higher the water. Around 4 a.m. the water was up to the knee.

I haven’t been able to hunt the dawn as expected today, but I will definitely come back to hunt for the beautiful scenery.”

Laughing "belly" with the latest series of images of the infinity sea of ​​Thai Binh - Photo 2.

The infinity sea on a sunny day, one of the first pictures to inspire visitors to the infinity sea – Photo: DOAN NGOC ANH

After seeing the latest reviews about the arduous journey of hunting dawn on the infinity sea, the online community witty compared the “infinity sea” to “the infinity… polar sea”.

According to the experience of local people, in order to hunt for a beautiful sunrise on the infinity sea, visitors need to follow detailed forecasts and watch the day when the water is low and the sea is calm.

From September 2 to September 6 are high tide days, so visitors to this beach will not be able to admire the infinity sea view.

According to the tidal schedule, which is expected to be at the earliest from September 7 to September 13 or from September 22 to September 26, when the sea level is low, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the moment when heaven and earth become one at the beach. this sea.

Laughing "belly" with the latest series of images of the infinity sea of ​​Thai Binh - Photo 3.

Cars and motorbikes of tourists lined up to visit the infinity sea of ​​Thai Binh during the holiday – Photo: Diem Dien Community

Laughing "belly" with the latest series of images of the infinity sea of ​​Thai Binh - Photo 4.

The holidays are also the time when the water in the infinity sea rises, making it difficult for tourists to move and take photos – Photo: Diem Dien Community