Lion dancers compete in Ngo Mon

THUA THIEN – HUE 17 groups of lions in many provinces and cities gathered on Ngo Mon square to compete in a plum blossom valley at the Hue Lion Festival.

On the evening of September 3, thousands of people flocked to Ngo Mon Square to watch 17 unicorn teams compete. The event is part of the series of activities of the Autumn Festival with the theme “Seductive Autumn” within the framework of Hue Festival 2022.

Taking place in two days of September 3-4, unicorn teams will compete in two events: apricot flower and terrain under the control of the national referee team. This cultural and sports activity contributes to the maintenance, preservation and development of Vietnamese street folk dance art.

The lion team of Bay Ba Temple from An Giang completed 12 difficult moves on a plum blossom valley.

Dancing on a plum blossom band is a very difficult technique, requiring years of practice to perfect the basic skills.

The Tu Cau lion troupe in Da Nang performed the song “Tiger goes up the mountain to kill the snake and brings medicinal leaves to save the homeowner”.

Due to the small stands, the number of tickets issued was small, many people had to stand outside the fence to watch the lion troupes perform.

According to the common concept of Eastern people, the lion symbolizes prosperity, prosperity and happiness. Lan is considered the second most sacred object in the quartet of Linh dragon, unicorn, turtle, and phoenix.

The unicorn team Vu Mien from Da Nang city performed the song “The unicorn crossed Truong Son to get the lantern for the boy”.

The Tu Cau unicorn team in Da Nang won the first prize in the apricot blossom competition.