List of Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialties that are delicious and make meaningful gifts

Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialties such as: banh tai long ep, coriander, spring rolls from Quang Yen,… have their own unique flavor and are extremely attractive. If you are a fan of culinary exploration, come to Yen Tu, remember to enjoy it and buy it as a gift for your family.

    Famous Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialties

    1. Yen Tu bamboo shoots

    This is one of the famous rustic dishes in Yen Tu. This type of bamboo shoot usually has a small, long and crispy stem, with a characteristic sweet taste. Bamboo shoots can be processed into many dishes such as boiled, stir-fried, stuffed with meat and although all dishes are delicious, many people think that boiled bamboo shoots dipped in sesame salt are the best.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - bamboo shootsPhoto: @thegioitiepthi

    If you have the opportunity to go to Yen Tu, on the way you will see many places selling this type of bamboo shoot. However, if you do not have experience, you can easily buy the wrong type of bitter bamboo shoots. Distinguish between bitter bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots by slicing the bamboo shoot in the middle of the core to test. If it’s not bitter, you should buy it.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - wild bamboo shootsPhoto: @baolaodong

    2. Lam tea cake

    A special gift, anyone who has enjoyed it will never forget the delicate blend of flavors of Che Lam. Specialties in Quang Ninh are famous for the delicious chewiness of sticky rice flour, the sweetness of honey in the mouth, mixed with the spicy flavor of ginger and the greasiness of peanuts. Bite into a piece of Che Lam, you will feel the chewy taste of sticky rice flour, the sweetness of honey mixed with a bit of spicy ginger. The broken peanuts bite into the flesh, adding more appeal. 

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - bamboo sweet soupPhoto: @bachhoaxanh

    The pieces of sweet soup are filled with human love, so you can chew it slowly so you can feel it all. Eating traditional sweet soup is to drink it with hot tea. Sit and sip in peace and forget all the troubles of life. Coming to the sacred Yen Tu region and tasting a piece of sweet soup is an experience that you will always remember.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - Lam sweet soupPhoto: @saostar

    3. Lettuce

    For highland people in the Yen Tu area, wild vegetables are a delicious dish that people often pick up after returning from the fields. Among them, coriander is the most familiar, a young green vegetable that flourishes especially when the weather is cool in spring. The famous Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty looks like a fern at first glance, but it is difficult for unfamiliar people to distinguish it.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - green vegetablesPhoto: @saigontimes

    When picking, only cut the curved young shoots, about one hand long. Vegetables have such an oily flavor, so before processing, they need to be blanched in boiling water. The vegetable can be processed into many delicious dishes such as: eaten raw, boiled or cooked in soup, salad with peanuts,… and its flavor can capture the hearts of picky diners. 

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - green vegetablesPhoto: @baoquangninh

    Not only that, cilantro picked in the mountains and forests of Yen Tu is also a herb that is very effective in treating a number of common diseases such as: treating colds and coughs, preventing constipation, treating sore throats, diuretics,… In many places Rhubarb is also used for postpartum women by decocting it and drinking it. Quang Ninh travel experience , remember to buy some for the whole family to try.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - green vegetablesPhoto: @giadinh

    4. Nem chua Quang Yen

    Quang Yen spring rolls in Quang Ninh are larger in size than Thanh Hoa spring rolls. The ingredients are also very popular and easy to find, including: pork rinds, peanuts made from beans or roasted rice, and crushed roasted peanuts. These ingredients are mixed well and when eaten with their own dipping sauce, they create an attractive and unique hometown gift.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - spring rollsPhoto: @halongtourism

    Nem chua and nem chao shops in Quang Yen town are the pride of Quang Ninh people. When visiting this place, remember to enjoy Quang Yen spring rolls to feel the unique rustic flavor of this land and buy some Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialties as gifts to give to relatives and friends. Surely everyone will fall in love with it from the first time they try it.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - spring rollsPhoto: @baoquangninh

    5. Tai cage cake

    This cake with a strange name is a typical dish of the San Diu people in Quang Ninh. Previously, banh tai long ep was a gift to invite guests and often only appeared on offering trays during important holidays. Now it has become a delicious specialty of Quang Ninh cuisine that attracts tourists. The large cakes have a characteristic dark brown color. Anyone who buys them can cut them wherever they want. Just smelling the cake is fragrant.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - tai cage cakePhoto: @dacsanhalong

    To make this delicious dish, you must go through many elaborate processing steps. Knead the dough thoroughly with ginger sugar or molasses until the dough is thick and no longer sticky to the touch. Spread a layer of banana leaves on the steamer, add flour, sprinkle sesame and peanuts on top, cover with another layer of banana leaves and steam for about 6-8 hours to complete. The cake is cooked hot, the brown color of cockroach wings looks extremely beautiful.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - tai cage cakePhoto: @dacsanhalong

    Everyone loves Yen Tu specialties bought as gifts

    1. Yen Tu betel nut massage oil

    The mountainous areas in Yen Tu have many rare species of medicinal plants and leaves. This Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty bought as a gift  is made from many types of herbs such as wind ginger, diaphora and the extremely famous 1-leaf betel. The oil is extracted from 100% herbs so it is guaranteed to be safe and is very effective for massage and treating pain and fatigue. 

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - betel nut massage oilPhoto: @ngaymoionline

    On the way back from the pilgrimage to Yen Tu, remember to stop by to buy Yen Tu first betel massage oil  to use for your family and as gifts. It will help your feet feel more comfortable after a long day of climbing the sacred mountain to return to this Buddha land. 

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - betel nut massage oilPhoto:

    2. Yen Tu apricot wine

    The famous “fairy wine” associated with the dream of King Tran Nhan Tong,  Yen Tu travel experience , this is a famous OCOP certified product that you should buy as a gift. Apricot wine is made from fresh apricots after being incubated in large ceramic jars and allowed to ferment before being distilled, all made using meticulous manual methods. 

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - apricot winePhoto: @ruoumoyentu

    Apricot wine has a sweet, gentle taste and is good for digestion and improves health. People often harvest plum fruits here in March and April. The water source for making wine is pure water flowing down from an altitude of more than 1,000m. They blend together to create a beautiful, sparkling wine that anyone who drinks once will remember forever. When coming to Uong Bi, remember to choose the Quang Vinh apricot wine brand that has more than 40 years of quality to buy. 

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - apricot winePhoto: @doisun

    3. Yen Tu forest flower honey

    For many people, wild honey is a healthy product that is trusted for daily use. Yen Tu is blessed by nature with a majestic mountain and forest ecosystem and a unique flavor of wild flower honey that cannot be found anywhere else. This Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty has a dark golden color, a thick consistency and a gentle, sweet taste that is not too harsh. 

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - wild honeyPhoto:

    Honey has many effects such as: treating coughs, regulating blood sugar, increasing energy, mixed with Panax notoginseng powder or turmeric powder, it is very good for the stomach, sedative,… Nature’s quintessential gift. given, people here have to work very hard to get it back. You buy it to try it out to feel its benefits clearly.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - wild honeyPhoto: @dienmayxanh

    4. Squid patties

    Quang Ninh squid patties are so famous that no one knows about them. Standard squid patties are made from fresh squid and must be pounded by hand to a certain smoothness. The squid patties are crispy and sweet, absorbing the flavor of pepper and fish sauce, and have an eye-catching golden color when fried. Squid patties dipped in chili sauce, eaten with rice or drinks, are irresistibly delicious. When I come back from Yen Tu Buddha’s ceremony and don’t know what gift to buy for my family, I immediately choose this quality squid cake.

    Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialty - squid rollsPhoto: @OCOP Quang Ninh

    There are countless Yen Tu Quang Ninh specialties that are worth enjoying. Each dish has its own unique flavor, is delicious, nutritious, and good for your health, so it’s worth trying or buying as a gift when you come here to travel. 

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