Long Son Vung Tau Island – ‘blue pearl’ in the heart of a beautiful coastal city

Long Son Island is known as the “oyster island” possessing the beauty of thousands of people in the heart of the coastal city of Vung Tau. Discovering Long Son Vung Tau island, you will be able to visit many famous landmarks and experience interesting oyster harvesting, climbing, and fishing.

Where is the address of Long Son island in Vung Tau?

Long Son Island is located in the suburban area of ​​Vung Tau city, with a total area of ​​92km2. This beautiful island has been exploited since the reign of King Minh Mang and has become a famous tourist attraction in Vung Tau. People living on Long Son island make a living by aquaculture, salt making, and fishing. In particular, Long Son Vung Tau Island owns a large output of oysters in our country and is also known as “Oyster Island”.
 Long Son island Vung Tau - addressLong Son Island is a tourist attraction in Vung Tau

How to get to Long Son Island?

Long Son Island is about 100km from the center of Saigon, about 40km from Vung Tau city to the west. To move to Long Son island, you can choose the following means of transport:


From Saigon to Vung Tau, it is most convenient to take a bus from the Eastern bus station. The bus operates from 4am – 19h30 daily, the ticket price ranges from 65,000 – 200,000 VND/way. The bus companies you can refer to such as Hoang Mai, Hoa Mai, Hien Hanh, Toan Thang… From the Vung Tau bus station, you can take a motorbike taxi or taxi to Long Son Island. 

Private vehicles

Experience going to Long Son Vung Tau island , you can also travel by personal means such as self-driving cars or motorbikes to take the initiative in travel time. There are 3 routes you can refer to below:

Route 1: Saigon -> National Highway 1A -> Dong Nai Bridge, turn left at the intersection to Vung Tau -> continue to follow Highway 51 through Long Son toll station for about 100km, you will see a signpost to turn right to Long Son. 

Route 2: Saigon -> direction of Long Thanh Expressway -> Highway 51 through Long Son toll station about 100m, you will see the signpost to Long Son on the right. Note that this road is a highway, so it is only suitable for those who travel by car.

Route 3: Saigon, go along the ferry route Cat Lai -> Nhon Trach (Dong Nai) -> turn QL51 -> go to Long Son toll station about 100m turn right onto the road to Long Son according to the signs. This is the closest route to Long Son Island. 


You can also take the hydrofoil from Saigon to Vung Tau with the Greenlines-DP high-speed train line. The ticket price for children is 100,000 VND and for adults are 200,000 VND. Traveling by speedboat, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river along the way. From the pier, you can also take a taxi to reach Long Son Island.
 Long Son island Vung Tau - how to get thereHow to get to Long Son Island?

What does Long Son Vung Tau Island have to play?

Discovering Long Son Vung Tau Island, you will be able to visit many famous places and interesting experiences such as:

Famous places in Long Son Island 

Ong Tran Temple

The first step that you should not miss when discovering the beautiful scenery of Long Son Island is Ong Tran Temple, also known as Long Son Great House. The temple is divided into three areas: the tomb area, the temple area and the living complex. The temple was built from precious wood and is a place to store many precious antiques across the country. If you go to Ong Tran temple on February 20 or September 9 of the lunar calendar, you will be able to participate in a big festival held with many unique cultural activities. Long Son Island Vung Tau - Ong Tran TempleOng Tran Temple seen from above

Long Son salt field

On the way to the area inside Long Son Island, you will pass pure white salt fields that stand out against the blue sky. Visiting Long Son salt field, visitors will learn about the salt-making profession of the people here and immerse themselves in the peaceful rhythm of life on the island. Long Son island Vung Tau - salt fieldLong Son salt field attracts tourists to learn and visit

Long Son raft village

Traveling to Long Son Vung Tau island, you cannot ignore the rafting village, this is the place to raise shrimp, fish and oysters of fishermen on the island. The large raft houses are designed next to each other to become the highlight of the island to attract tourists to visit. You will be able to take a boat trip on the water to explore the beautiful scenery of the fishing village. Besides, when visiting the raft village, visitors can also enjoy a lot of typical fresh seafood dishes here.Long Son island Vung Tau - Long Son rafting villagePeaceful Long Son raft village

Interesting experiences on Long Son island

Besides the famous places above, when visiting Long Son Vung Tau island, you can also participate in many interesting experiences such as oyster harvesting, fishing and trekking. 

Harvest oysters on the island

It is a big mistake to visit Long Son Island and miss the experience of harvesting oysters with the fishermen here. First of all, it is necessary to determine the time to harvest oysters, which is when the tide recedes to the lowest. The fresh oysters after being harvested will be processed into many delicious and attractive dishes. 
 Long Son island Vung Tau - harvest oystersSee the oyster harvest on Long Son Island

Relaxing fishing

On Long Son Island, there is Mang Ca Lake, an ideal place for relaxing fishing. You can rent a boat from fishermen on the island to move to the lake and learn how to fish many types of fish such as: pineapple fish, brown fish, dwarf fish… After finishing the fishing session, you will enjoy its results.
 Long Son island Vung Tau - fishingMang Ca fishing lake on Long Son island


One of the experiences that attract tourists when coming to Long Son island is climbing the mountain. On the island, there are three mountains: Ho Rong Peak, Ba Trao Peak and Square Hole Peak. You can trek to explore these mountains and admire the beautiful scenery of the sea and islands from above.
 Long Son island Vung Tau - mountain climbingTrekking to explore the beautiful scenery on Long Son island. Photo: fita

Enjoy specialties at Long Son Island Vung Tau

What should you eat when traveling to Long Son Vung Tau island? You will enjoy many delicious specialties on Long Son island such as: 

Delicious oyster dishes: Long Son Island is famous for its delicious and fatty oyster specialties. Therefore, when visiting the island, you will enjoy delicious dishes from oysters such as grilled oysters with cheese, grilled oysters with onion fat, raw oysters served with mustard or oyster porridge. 

Grilled crab: Crab on Long Son island is very delicious, sweet and firm, and the price is very reasonable. Therefore, you can enjoy delicious dishes from crabs such as steamed, grilled.

Fried crab with tamarind: Big crab, firm and delicious meat is served with tamarind sauce, so it has a very attractive sweet and sour taste. Fried crab with tamarind is also a very famous dish in Long Son island that is loved by many tourists. 

Grilled chicken: Besides seafood, you also cannot ignore the specialty of grilled chicken with sweet, chewy meat marinated in rich spices. Grilled chicken with dipping sauce is super delicious, eat once and remember forever. 
 Long Son island Vung Tau - specialtyEnjoy delicious grilled chicken specialties

Notes when going to Long Son Island in Vung Tau

Traveling to Long Son Vung Tau island , you can also “note” the following notes:

– You should check the weather forecast before you go, to avoid the stormy season that will affect your trip. 

– If you want to stay overnight on the island, you can refer to some famous motels and hotels such as: Mermaid Seaside Hotel, Huong Sen 2 Hotel, Song Lam Gold Resort, Co May Homestay, Sunday Villa Homestay… from 200,000 VND/night. 

– To buy seafood gifts on the island, you can ask the seller to pack Styrofoam boxes to keep fresh. 

– In addition, you can combine visiting other famous islands in Vung Tau such as Hon Ba, Bay Canh , Cau, Tai…

Hopefully, the detailed experiences of going to Long Son Vung Tau island above will help you have a trip to discover many interesting experiences. In addition, you can refer to more useful Vung Tau tourism information .

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