Lung O waterfall wonder

Hot weather, primeval forest, silver waterfall flowing on big rocks, and hums at Lung O waterfall (Ba Thanh commune, Ba To District, Quang Ngai) like inviting people to come and have fun. 

Introduction to Lung O Waterfall

Lung O Waterfall is a poetic landscape located in Ba Thanh commune, Ba To district, Quang Ngai province, about 45km from the center of Quang Ngai city and 15km from National Highway 1A.

According to the Hre ethnic group, this waterfall originates from Tai Meo mountain and then flows through Mang Ke stream and objects from a 10m high cliff down the valley create a loud resounding cry all year round, so people just set up. give him an interesting name ” Lung Oh “.White water stream - the interesting point of Lung O waterfallThe waterfall is completely white (Photo @ hohohoho423)

The romantic lyrical scene of Lung O waterfall

Right from the edge of the forest, far away, we can hear the sound of Lung O waterfall as an earnest call, urging visitors to hurry up and admire its wonderful beauty. .

And then the first thing that greets you is a small rocky path that’s barely enough for one person, sometimes covered with moss that is quite slippery, but it will take you from emotion to surprise, with the stream. Clearly on the side of the road, we can clearly see the swarming of red snapper, colorful water lizards chasing each other on the rocks and birds singing on the branches above their heads, making everyone drunk. enchantment.stone road - the road leading to Lung O waterfallThe trail leading to the falls (Photo @meri_yoga_)

After going through a bumpy road, the obstacle that opens before your eyes is a waterfall about 15m high pouring straight from the high rock down to the white foam like a soft silk ribbon that some fairy let Forget under the human world.

Right at the foot of Lung O waterfall is a lake about 200 square meters wide, turquoise green, surrounded by giant rocks with many different shapes, making you feel like you are lost in a “Great Love Coc “poetic in the story of swordplay by Kim Dung.Blue water - the attraction of Lung O waterfall nameThe white waterfall in a blue lake creates an indescribably beautiful scenery (Photo @ 21.12.lcn)

The special thing is that, no matter how fiercely and vigorously there is a “roar” above the waterfall, when down to the lake surface, it becomes softer and quieter, forming a giant mirror surface reflecting the thousands. object. When the sun shines on it sparkles and reflects seven rainbow colors, so beautiful that no words can be described.

Around Lung O Ba Dong waterfall , it is embraced by green trees and soft winding vines, every autumn leaves turn yellow, charming orange highlighting a whole corner. The forest, sometimes the breeze blew, making the leaves fly like a colored rain, like a fairy tale.Autumn - beautiful scenery at Lung O waterfallValley waterfall is as beautiful as a fairy tale season of changing leaves (Photo @ tatra.i)

It can be said that, although not as strong as the falls in the Great Highlands , the combination of young water, clear nature and echoing birds and birds also creates a unique attraction that makes visitors irresistible. again.

Great experience at Lung O waterfall

Certain activities not to be missed when traveling to Lung O waterfall in summer is immersed in the clean, clear and cool water of the lake at the foot of the waterfall. While being gently massaged in the body by each wave, enjoying the melodious music of the mountains and cool breeze, there is nothing to regret.

Those who love more stimulating games, being able to find a tall, sturdy rock and drop yourself from here to splash water will also be very interesting. Rest assured that the lake is neither too deep nor too shallow, so nothing dangerous will happen.relaxing - exciting activities at Lung O waterfallSitting by the stream and watching the scenery is also very good (Photo: Fb Nguyen Thang)

After having fun with the young water, you can call the local owner to sell goods on the rocky road leading to Lung O stream to make local specialties such as grilled greasy fish or grilled buffalo meat. fragrant guise. The sweet and fatty taste of fish, meat, dipped in spicy chili salt and a sip of Can wine of the Hre people can only be said to “forget about sugar”.

If you do not get used to these dishes, it is okay, because you can bring pre-cooked food and drinks, then set a fire on a cool, spacious rock and enjoy, will also that’s great. Revealing, spring water in summer is so cool that it can cool your drinks without ice.dining - fascinating experience at Lung O waterfallCool drinks in water (Photo Fb of the Leprosy)

How to move to Lung O waterfall

Starting from the center of Quang Ngai city, you go along Highway 1A towards Ho Chi Minh City, to Thach Tru junction, turn right on Highway 24, or follow provincial highway 622 through Nghia Hanh district to reach Ba To gateway. It is known that if you follow the 1st route, it will be longer, but you will only have to pass 1 pass, Da Chat pass, and the short road 2 will have to go through 2 more passes, Eo Gio Pass and Bo Giap Pass around. winding.

After “hitting the lane” of Ba To district, you will go another 5km, through the green acacia forests that are whispering in the wind to reach the center of Ba Dong commune. Then turn right along a small concrete road about 3km back to the North over the bridge over Lieng River, then turn to the Northeast again to reach Lung O Waterfall area .motorbike - means to go to Lung O waterfallWant to go to the waterfall must pass the pass (Photo @_to_anh_nguyet_)

Some notes when conquering Lung O waterfall

– The concrete trail entering the waterfall is quite narrow, so ride a motorbike instead of a car, and at the same time have to pass the pass so a car will be the most preferred choice to ensure safety.

– Remember to check the vehicle carefully before starting, especially the engine and brake.

– Bring a thin shirt to both protect against the sun and prevent the temperature on the waterfall can drop suddenly, along with insect repellent and wound dressing kit in case there are scratches.

– Must climb over rocks and go forest roads so please dress comfortably and wear sports shoes, preferably climbing shoes to have high adhesion, avoid slippery taste due to moss.

– If you intend to have a picnic at Lung O Ba To waterfall , bring drinking water, clean prepared food and kitchen, firewood …

– When cooking, choose a well-ventilated place and watch the fire regularly to avoid a strong fire that can cause wildfires. When finished eating, clean up all the garbage and take it back, do not pollute the waterfall environment.

– If you are the first to experience without knowing the way, ask the indigenous H’rê ethnic people to guide you, they are even kind enough to take your pawn for you.Clean water - the highlight of Lung O waterfallThe waterfall is very clean so it should not be polluted (Photo @ tg.sunflower)

In the summer, everyone will immediately think of turning to “hot discharge”, making every beach appear “suffocating”, so if you want to find a peaceful place with only me and heaven, go to the waterfall. Lung O in Quang Ngai .

Photo: Internet