‘Miniature Central Highlands’ by Xuan Huong Lake


LAM DONG – A space in the Central Highlands with long houses, communal houses, gongs, tombs, products… is recreated by Xuan Huong Lake, Da Lat City.

On November 11, a model of the Central Highlands Space was built by Xuan Huong Lake. In addition to traditional house models of indigenous peoples, the Central Highlands Space also displays many collections of Nguyen Minh Tam (Da Lat City).

“Heaven in the Central Highlands” has about 5,000 artifacts collected from the Central Highlands, divided into many different groups such as musical instruments, tools for production and life, hunting tools, and traditional brocade costumes. , along with items about culture, beliefs, rituals and festivals of indigenous peoples in the Central Highlands.

The statues of the tomb depict the life, activities and culture of the people of the Central Highlands.

Buffalo skin drums are displayed in the space of Heaven in the Central Highlands. This is a drum for the people of the Central Highlands to use in traditional festivals, ceremonies, etc.

The model of the long house of the Ede ethnic group was restored. This is an indigenous ethnic group distributed mainly in the provinces of Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Gia Lai.

In addition to the Long House of the Ede people, there are four other houses in the Central Highlands Paradise space: the Cil daily living house, the Rongao communal house of the Xe Dang ethnic group, the communal house of the Ba Na ethnic group and the communal house of the Ba Na ethnic group. weaving of the Ba Na people.

Ba Na ethnic artisans weave mats from forest leaves, a traditional craft that has existed for a long time and is still preserved to this day.

Some typical products of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands are also displayed for visitors to visit such as coffee, sweet potatoes, avocados…

Fishing tools in rivers and streams of the Central Highlands.

Many daily life items that have been searched and kept by collector Nguyen Minh Tam for decades are on display for visitors to enjoy.

Central Highlands gongs, a famous musical instrument of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. Gongs are used in traditional festivals and ceremonies such as buffalo stabbing festival, new rice celebration, funeral…

Instruments such as gongs, trumpets, Chapi or tools for living, production and hunting are displayed at the space of Paradise Central Highlands.

In particular, for the first time, the unique chair of the “elephant king” was displayed and introduced to the public.

The space will operate from now until the end of Da Lat Festival 2022.

 (According to vnexpress )