No less than the old town, Ha Dong converges a variety of quality dishes that are “affordable”

In Ha Dong, there are enough from wholesale markets to popular dining areas and luxurious cafes, comparable to Hanoi’s old quarter.

Since Hanoi’s first elevated railway was officially put into operation, Ha Dong has been mentioned more and more. However, most people still can’t imagine what this area has, but if they have lived here, the frequency of food devotees going to the old town will decrease over time.

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Ha Dong market is likened to the Dong Xuan market

The similarity between these two markets is that they both exist for a long time and are a gathering area for a series of wholesale stalls selling goods from clothes, fabrics, shoes, bags, and accessories to confectionery, mechanical goods… and seafood, birds, live – cooked…

Above all, in Ha Dong market is also known for its famous food stalls and decades old. Among them, Banh Gio and bun cha are the most appreciated by the people.

Around the market gate is a row of handwritten signs scribbled “hot spring rolls”. However, people often jostle each other in a trolley of a gray-haired old women with rumors that it has been sold since 1993, or is located at 76 Le Loi.

The cakes here are according to the standard of “hand-made” when the crust is flexible, the filling is seasoned to taste, but the weight is uneven. Those who are lucky enough to eat one full of people, on the other hand, are also “slightly sad” because theirs is also 13,000 – 20,000 VND, but a bit less.

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At the banh gio shop, they also sell duck eggs, tofu and sometimes even glutinous rice cakes (in some places it is called banh chung, banh bum).

A corner of the steps, the entrance to the big gate of Ha Dong market is a somewhat old mixed tea shop that, if you don’t look closely, many people will ignore it because they think it only sells iced tea. Here the owner serves the most basic types such as green bean tea, black beans, red beans, with toppings of black jelly, pearls and coconut fibers.

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In Dong Xuan, there are bamboo vermicelli, while in area B, Ha Dong market is also famous in the region. The price of a serving of bun cha has increased to 50,000 VND according to the market, but the quality and fast, welcoming service of the two owners have remained intact over time. If you like grilled pork with half meat and half fat and the taste is just right, you will be very happy when enjoying it here.

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In addition to the market “selling everything”, Ha Dong has a street full of food, to mention the following name.

Ao Sen food alley

Having been a “resident” of Ha Dong, it is no longer strange to the Lotus Pond area, which can meet almost all your dietary requirements for the day. In a small alley, each corner sells certain items. If Lane 3 is the gathering place of people eating noodles, Lane 36 is the destination of those who love fried beef bread.

Some addresses are praised by people:

– Lang Son Toast, Lane 1, Pond.

– Thai seafood vermicelli, No. 4B, Lane 3, Ao Sen.

– Noodle soup with fish Truong Sa, number 9, alley 3 of Sen pond.

– Giang Beo bean vermicelli, No. 18A, Lane 3, Pond.

– Bun Dau – Bun Cha, No. 20A, Lane 3, Ao Sen.

– Stir-fried beef bread, number 1, lane 36 Ao Sen.

– Stir-fried beef bread, No. 20 Ao Sen.

– Banh beo, No. 9, Lane 6, Ao Sen.

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Pho Hung Gu is famous throughout the region

If in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is famous for Pho Tu Lun, Pho Thin, and Hung Ben, in Ha Dong, the most famous dish is definitely pho with wine sauce according to the recipe of the late Pho artisan Hung Gu. Currently, the recipe to make that undefeated delicious bowl of pho is still being preserved and developed by her third-generation granddaughter at the address 195 Quang Trung.

However, according to the latest update from foodies, the daughter of artisan Hung Gu has also opened a noodle shop until late at night, right at the beginning of the small street between Quang Trung and Hoang Hoa Tham. .

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Countless cafes with beautiful views

Most cafes in the old town have to make full use of the space and area to serve customers. On the contrary, in Ha Dong, people seem to like to go to places that are fresh, quiet and have a beautiful view as possible. Therefore, the number of coffee shops following the green and spacious model is appearing more and more in this area.

Can name a few cafes with beautiful views that were discovered not long ago:

– Rosier Lacasta Ha Dong, LK159, Lacasta Urban Area, Van Phu.

– MONOCLE, 44TT11A, Van Quan Urban Area.

– CheKa cafe & Spa, Lot M04-L12 Duong Noi new urban area.

– Two Tree, 368b Quang Trung.

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And if you have the opportunity to go to Ha Dong, visit Van Phuc silk village, visit the scenery of a village right in the street and learn about the traditional silk weaving of the people here.

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