Peaceful Hoi An near Tet

Hoi An ancient town is decorated with flowers, and lanterns, tourists wander the streets, wearing Ao Dai to take pictures, on the morning of the 29th and 30th of Tet.

Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam) completed the last stages before the new year. The highlight of this year’s Hoi An New Year is the series of events “Lunar New Year Festival of the Year of the Rabbit 2023”. These activities are expected to attract a large number of international tourists and serve the spiritual life of local people.

Hoi An statue garden, where the Spring Dance on the 30th night of Tet takes place, is decorated with flowers and brilliant lanterns to attract check-in guests.

The activities to prepare for Tet of Hoi An people are also busy. Small traders’ vehicles transport ornamental plants to serve the needs of people to play Tet.

Decorate and hang lanterns on the streets along the river.

The central streets are less touristy than usual. From January 18 to January 23 (January 27 to 2 of the Lunar New Year), pedestrian street activities will stop to create conditions for families to remodel their homes and worship in private space. Hoi An Ancient Town will not have a low-range fireworks show like last year’s New Year’s Eve.

In these days, the streets of Hoi An are resplendent with colorful ao dai. Luu Vy (30 years old, Quang Nam) celebrates her birthday right on the occasion of Tet. Therefore, she does not miss this special occasion to save the New Year’s transition moments. Vy chose Hoi An ancient town as the destination to spend these special moments with relatives and friends.

In the days before Tet, Hoi An weather is quite warm, the sun is not too harsh. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa (28 years old) said that she has visited Hoi An many times, but always finds this land full of charm because of its ancient and poetic beauty. “As a tourist, I hope Hoi An will attract more tourists but still retain the traditional beauty,” said Ms. Hoa.

Boating activities on Hoai River, enjoying the real peaceful atmosphere of the old town, are popular with tourists, especially international visitors.

Ms. Tia, a Canadian tourist, said that at the suggestion of a friend, she went to Da Nang – Hoi An for her vacation. I like the ancient and peaceful space of Hoi An. In particular, coincidentally the trip took place on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, she had the opportunity to understand more about Vietnamese culture.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Khoa, a 14-year calligrapher in Hoi An, said that in the days leading up to Tet, visitors to Hoi An are less frequent than usual.

Calling and calligraphy activities are quite popular in the old town, especially during Tet. The most popular content is related to spring, festivals, villages or visitors’ wishes for luck and peace. Like every year, this year Khoa will work throughout Tet to serve people and visitors.

As part of the series of events to welcome Tet, Hoi An city also organizes a “Start-up and Creativity” Fair focusing on handicraft products, OCOP, and creative Spring decoration items of Hoi people. An.

During the traditional New Year days and after, Hoi An organizes festival activities, cultural and artistic performances, and exhibitions to attract tourists and serve the cultural and spiritual life of the people.

Photo: Internet