Phuong Mai wind power field is as beautiful as a movie, a virtual living festival that cannot be missed

Containing a seductive beauty thanks to the combination of the beauty of wind power plants and lush green nature with three mountainsides and a clear blue sea, the Phuong Mai wind power field makes people feel like they are lost in an ancient world. beautiful peaceful area.

    Traveling to Quy Nhon, in addition to familiar destinations such as Ky Co – Eo Gio and Nhon Hai, do not forget to look at Phuong Mai wind power field, a beautiful virtual living place that makes traveling enthusiasts fascinated and find Come live a virtual fire. Not only does it possess dreamlike beauty,Phuong Mai wind power fieldis also located near many attractive tourist attractions, so this place is one of the hot hit stops that attract travel enthusiasts. If you want to enjoy beautiful scenery like the European sky right in the coastal land of Quy Nhon, this wind power field will definitely be the ideal stop for you.

    Phuong Mai wind power fieldPhuong Mai wind power field is an attractive virtual check-in point in Quy Nhon. Photo: @_lthlnh_

    Introducing Phuong Mai wind power farm? Moving instructions 

    Phuong Mai wind power field is located in Nhon Hoi economic zone of Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district, Quy Nhon city. This field spreads over an area of ​​122 hectares with 6 wind turbine pillars of 114m each, 132m wide rotor diameter, the largest in Vietnam, with a capacity of up to 21MW and is one of the places with a high capacity wind power plant. the country’s largest today. The wind power plant in Phuong Mai has a very large scale of operation with a total investment capital of up to 40 million USD and has officially been put into operation since 2020.

    Address of Phuong Mai Wind Power FieldThe wind power field is located in the Nhon Hoi economic zone, about 20km from Quy Nhon. Photo:@imrot_

    The wind power field is located very close to Quy Nhon city, so it is very easy for tourists who want to visit and explore. From the city center, you move across Thi Nai bridge, then turn left along Highway 19B, Nhon Ly – Cat Tien route, then continue straight for about 10km and you will see a wind power field with distant blades on the side. left of the road.

    How to get to Phuong Mai wind power farmVisitors can follow the direction of Thi Nai bridge, National Highway 19B to reach the wind power field. Photo: @thaohiente

    Check-in to Phuong Mai wind power farm to immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery 

    Phuong Mai wind power field possesses enchanting beauty as it is located in the middle of a beautiful space with a romantic blue sea on one side and majestic mountains on the other. Visitors can admire the scenery of Phuong Mai wind power field from many different places, right from the National Highway 19B area, they can see the wind power field from afar with wonderful long sandy beaches. From Cat Tien beach, you can also see white turbines against the sky looming in the distance. The giant wind turbines seem dry, but when placed in the middle of the beautiful space of green mountains and blue water of Quy Nhon with each row firmly under the sunlight, creating a truly attractive scene that makes any fan of virtual life. Neither can be ignored.

    Scenery of Phuong Mai wind power fieldThe view of the wind farm is beautiful with white turbines against the sky. Photo: @_imrot_

    Scenery of Phuong Mai wind power fieldFrom Ky Co, you can also see wind turbines. Photo: @_salanh

    The attraction from giant “windmills”, one after another, creates super quality backgrounds for photos. Although Phuong Mai wind power farm is not exploited for tourism and visitors cannot go deep inside to visit for safety reasons, there are countless locations for visitors to check-in and admire the beauty of the wind farm. The beauty of this beautiful wind power field is highlighted by the super poetic road section 639. When reaching the end of the road, visitors will admire a beautiful space of green lawns, rice fields combined with Wind turbines against a deep blue sky.

    Check-in corner of Phuong Mai wind power fieldThere are many beautiful check-in corners with views of the wind power fields. Photo: @quynhnhi1010

    The most ideal time for you to admire the scenery and record beautiful frames when coming to Phuong Mai wind power farm is dawn, when the rays of the morning sun are still shining and the sunlight is gentle, not harsh or hot or windy. At sunset, when the sun has just gone out, the sunset scene with wind turbines high in the sky creates a very beautiful and romantic scene.

    Phuong Mai wind power field sunsetBeautiful sunset at the wind power field Photo: @_tthutrang.

    Please remember when checking-in to Phuong Mai wind power farm 

    Although it has not yet been completely built and is not exploited for tourism, Phuong Mai wind power field is still a very attractive stop in the eyes of travel enthusiasts. However, when checking in here, visitors should also take a few notes to have a complete trip. 

    First, follow the wind power plant’s regulations and do not arbitrarily go inside or near construction areas to avoid danger or unwanted incidents. Just checking in from certain locations around the wind power fields is more than enough to be able to admire the beautiful scenery and bring back truly chill photos.

    Pay attention when coming to Phuong Mai wind power farmDo not go deep into the wind power field according to the factory’s regulations. Photo:@bangkhanhhoang

    If you go at noon, be sure to prepare enough sunscreen as well as protective items such as jackets, hats, and hats because the noon sun in the central region of Quy Nhon is quite harsh, it’s best to check -print early morning or late afternoon to avoid the sun. 

    When traveling to a wind power farm or any other location, please pay attention to hygiene and do not litter to protect the beautiful landscape for those who come later to admire.

    Pay attention when coming to Phuong Mai wind power farmPlease preserve the landscape to protect the beautiful landscape of the wind power field. Photo: @hainhi05

    Check-in points near Phuong Mai wind power farm 

    Besides the picturesque scenery, one of the reasons why Phuong Mai wind power field has become a HOT check-in point is because it is located on the way to many beautiful tourist destinations of Quy Nhon, visitors can connect Check-in at a series of attractive tourist attractions, below are some suggestions. 

    Trung Luong picnic area 

    Phuong Mai wind power farm is located right on the route to the Trung Luong picnic area, so visitors will definitely find it difficult to miss this location. The picnic area is located in Trung Luong commune, Tuy Phuoc district and is famous for its beautiful, poetic scenery like Jeju of Korea. Here visitors can admire the scenery, check-in, camp and participate in many activities such as bathing in streams, visiting pine forests, climbing mountains, picnicking, swimming…

    Trung Luong Enterprise Area near Phuong Mai wind power fieldBeautiful scenery of Trung Luong picnic area. Photo:@td24223

    Ky Co – Eo Gio 

    Ky Co – Eo Gio is one of the tourism symbols of Quy Nhon, considered the “Vietnamese version” of the Maldives with its wild, lyrical look and located near a wind power field, so visitors will definitely not be able to miss it. via. Ky Co – Eo Gio is located right at the foot of Phuong Mai mountain in Nhon Ly island commune, where there are beaches as sloping as saddles, surrounded by majestic mountains facing the sea. The combination of nature, heaven and earth creates a rare and beautiful paradise landscape for visitors to check-in, sightsee, swim or enjoy fresh seafood dishes.

      Ky Co - Eo Gio beach near Phuong Mai wind power fieldThe scenery of Ky Co – Eo Gio beach is picturesque. Photo:@honggngoc28

    Ong Nui Pagoda 

    Coming to Phuong Mai wind power farm, you will not be able to miss Ong Nui Pagoda, which has the tallest Buddha statue in Southeast Asia. The pagoda is located in Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district with beautiful scenery. From the foot of Ba mountain, visitors will go up hundreds of stone steps to reach the largest sitting Buddha statue in Southeast Asia today with the highest height. 108m diameter 52m. In addition to worshiping at the pagoda, visitors can admire the picturesque scenery from Ong Nui Pagoda, with views of majestic Ba Mountain, peaceful countryside, and in the distance is Phuong Mai peninsula, Thi Nai lagoon…

    Ong Nui Pagoda near Phuong Mai wind power fieldOng Nui Pagoda is famous for its 84m high Buddha statue. Photo:@myvan__vo

    Visiting Phuong Mai wind power farm and checking in with the giant wind turbines, admiring the beautiful natural scenery with the sea, mountains and vast golden sand beaches will be a wonderful experience in the journey to conquer. Nau land. Come to the wind power farm once to feel the beautiful, fairy-tale natural picture of this wonderful region of white sand, golden sunshine, and blue sea. 

    Photo: Internet