Picnic places in Binh Duong are ideal for a day trip


The days are sunny and windy, but do you know where to go with your family or friends to play in Binh Duong  ? Let’s refer to the picnic places in Binh Duong with beautiful and fresh scenery below to relax after a tiring working week.

Picnic places in Binh Duong 

Here is a list of famous picnic places in Binh Duong that are loved by many families and young people at the weekend: 

1. Dau Tieng Lake Cluster   

– Address: Dinh An area, Dau Tieng district, Binh Duong province

Picnic in Binh Duong, you cannot ignore a very famous place that is loved by many young people, which is Dau Tieng Lake. This is one of the largest artificial lakes in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. It owns a poetic natural setting, with fresh air and a quiet lake. Dau Tieng Lake has long become a famous picnic and entertainment place in Binh Duong. From the center of Saigon to this picnic area is only about 2 hours, ideal for families or groups of friends to camp and admire the beautiful romantic sunrise.
 Picnic places in Binh Duong - Dau TiengDau Tieng Lake has a fresh natural setting ideal for picnics. Photo: toptayninh

So what does Dau Tieng lake have? First of all, you will be camping on the grass overnight and enjoy relaxing moments in the noisy and bustling city. Watch the calm water, wake up early in the morning to admire the romantic sunrise or sunset on the horizon. In the evening at Dau Tieng Lake , you can organize a barbecue, campfire and sing all night and all morning.

When you come to this ideal picnic spot in Binh Duong , you can also go fishing or catch carp which is very interesting. Besides, you can also rent a boat to float on the water to enjoy the scenery and participate in many adventure games. Boat rental price is about 300,000 VND – 500,000 VND/day.
 Picnic places in Binh Duong - picnic at Dau Tieng lakeOrganizing fun activities, camping and grilling food at Dau Tieng lake. Photo: disantrangan 

2. Thuy Chau tourist area   

– Address: 55 DT743A, Binh An, Di An, Binh Duong

– Adult ticket price: 80,000 VND/person; Children from 1.2m to 1.4m tall: 40,000 VND/person

If you still do not know Binh Duong has a beautiful and quiet picnic spot , then the Thuy Chau tourist area is a suggestion that you should not ignore. Thuy Chau eco-zone including waterfalls, forests and rivers promises to be an ideal destination to immerse yourself in the fresh natural scenery. Coming to Thuy Chau tourist area, you will have a relaxing bath in a cool stream. The water at this eco-zone is filtered, circulated and disinfected daily, so it is very safe.
 Picnic places in Binh Duong - Thuy ChauThuy Chau tourist area is a destination that attracts tourists on weekends in Binh Duong. Photo: motogo

In the resort’s premises, there is also a 1200m2 park swimming pool for visitors to enjoy bathing and playing in the water. For families or large groups of friends, when coming to Thuy Chau ecological area, you can bring food and drink to organize an outdoor picnic party on the large lawn. The resort has a rental service for tents, tarpaulins, grills and equipment for visitors to organize camping. In addition, the resort also has a restaurant to serve the dining needs of visitors with affordable prices.
 Picnic places in Binh Duong - Thuy ChauRelax and cool off at the swimming pool in the Thuy Chau tourist area

3. Phuong Nam tourist area    

– Address: December 15, Trung Quarter, Vinh Phu Ward, TX. Thuan An, Binh Duong

Phuong Nam tourist area is one of the famous picnic spots in Binh Duong that you should not miss. Phuong Nam Resort Binh Duong is designed according to the traditional model of the southern countryside. What impresses visitors when coming to this resort is the beautiful natural scenery, with tall, shady old trees, mossy tombstones and ancient houses. Choosing Phuong Nam tourist area for a weekend picnic, you will enjoy the fresh air and enjoy a lot of special dishes.
 Picnic places in Binh Duong - Phuong Nam tourist areaFresh natural scenery at Phuong Nam tourist area. Photo: emyeudulich

Coming to the Phuong Nam Binh Duong tourist area, you will be able to cool off at the swimming pool, relax fishing, play tennis, table tennis, billiards or sing karaoke… To stay overnight here you can choose from many classes. Luxury rooms in the tourist area. The restaurant system in the Phuong Nam tourist area serves three-regional cuisine and special international dishes. Surely this will be the ideal stopover for you and your family to enjoy a picnic on that weekend.
 Picnic places in Binh Duong - Phuong Nam Binh Duong tourist areaOrganize many interesting fun activities in Phuong Nam tourist area. Photo: digiticket 

4. Ho Binh An  

– Address: Binh An Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong

Binh An Lake is a great weekend resort chosen by many families in Binh Duong. Coming to this picnic place in Binh Duong , you will feel the fresh air with a lot of trees and the lake surface as blue as jade. Along the road running around Binh An Lake, there are green trees that give shade and the sound of birds chirping brings a refreshing feeling to visitors. Moving deep inside the tourist area is a restaurant with a lot of attractive dishes. Binh An Lake tourist area is also a place where many couples choose to celebrate birthdays, parties, weddings…
 Picnic places in Binh Duong - Binh An lakeBeautiful scenery of charming water in Binh An lake, Binh Duong

To explore the beautiful scenery of Binh An lake, you can follow the small road to see the houses with typical designs of the Central Highlands people. You can book a room with full amenities for an overnight stay. Around the lake area, there are many large and beautiful lawns ideal for organizing picnic activities and teambuilding. Coming to Binh An Lake, you cannot miss an extremely interesting fishing experience.
 Picnic places in Binh Duong - Binh An lakeBinh An Lake is an ideal picnic spot for families in Binh Duong. Photo: chupanhvn

5. Din Ky tourist area

– Address: 2/94 VND. Binh Nham 02, Binh Nham, Thuan An, Binh Duong

Din Ky tourist area is a beautiful and cheap picnic place in Binh Duong that is loved by many people today. From the center of Saigon, you can travel by self-driving car for about 1 hour to reach this famous tourist area. Din Ky has a large area of ​​more than 3 hectares, designed to recreate the countryside scene with green gardens and lakes close to nature.
 Picnic places in Binh Duong - Din KyThe famous Din Ky tourist area in Binh Duong

Din Ky tourist area includes swimming pool, riverside restaurant, children’s play area, hotel, karaoke… Coming to Din Ky tourist area, you can also experience the coconut bridge, the scenic dinghy on the beach. Lake. Or live virtual with very familiar images of Southern villages such as houses with thatched roofs, water jars, wells, or extrusion…
 Picnic places in Binh Duong - Din KyThe swimming pool at Din Ky tourist area is an ideal place for visitors to cool off and relax

The attractive picnic places in Binh Duong above promise to help you have a fun weekend with many interesting experiences with family and friends. Don’t forget to save your Binh Duong travel experience .

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