Pour all your attention into the tourist attractions in Lak district that are both beautiful and poetic


Stopping at tourist destinations in Lak district, visitors will experience the beauty of the Central Highlands with wild, poetic, and mysterious landscapes, and peaceful villages with unique customs and traditions. since forever.

     Lak district is located on the Truong Son range, southeast of Dak Lak province, 54km from the center of Buon Ma Thuot city, where many attractive landscapes gather. In addition to the coffee capital of Buon Ma Thuot, Lak district is a destination not to be missed if you want to enjoy the traditional Central Highlands with beautiful scenery and colorful indigenous culture. Tourist destinations in Lak district will take you to the wild beauty of nature, meet kind people and immerse yourself in the unique indigenous cultural beauty imbued with the spirit of the Central Highlands.

    Explore the dreamlike tourist attractions in Lak district 

    1. Lak Lake

    This is the most famous tourist destination in Lak district . The lake is located in Lien Son town, 60km from Buon Ma Thuot center along Highway 27. This is the second largest freshwater lake in Vietnam with an area of ​​up to 500 hectares located between the Chu Yang Sin range and the indigenous M’Nong villages.

    tourist destination in Lak districtLak Lake is a very famous destination in Lak district, enchanting many tourists. Photo: @hathuy212

    Lak Lake is famous for the poetic colors of the floating water waves where visitors can row canoes to admire the scenery on the lake, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, meet and take pictures with lovely elephants or enjoy delicious dishes. Eat super attractive specialties from the lake bed such as grilled fish, grilled fish, native dishes such as grilled chicken with bamboo tube rice, ban pig, wild bamboo shoots… Around Lak Lake, there are many attractive destinations, including the The village of the M’Nong people, Lak Tented Camp resort, and Buon Bip Waterfall are also interesting suggestions for tourists to stop and explore.

    Lak Lake is a tourist destination in Lak districtAround Lak Lake, there are many attractive stops. Photo: @_imrot_

    2. Yang Tao Elephant Rock

    Coming to Lak district, tourists definitely cannot miss the opportunity to check-in at Yang Tao Elephant Rock, a super HOT check-in spot that has caused a fever for a long time. Yang Tao Elephant Stone is located in Yang Tao commune, Lak district, 40km from Buon Ma Thuot center. This is a giant monolithic rock with a length of 200m, a circumference at the foot of the rock of 500m and a height of more than 30m, estimated to weigh tens of thousands of tons. According to ancient anecdotes, after many moves, the mother elephant stone moved closer to the foot of the mountain. Ancient couples often climbed up on the stone’s back to exchange prayers to pray for the stone god to bless their love.

    Yang Tao Elephant Rock tourist destination in Lak districtMother Elephant Rock with its beautiful scenery is a popular stop for tourists. Photo: @kemneko

    On the surface of the rock are curved lines that resemble the back of an elephant. From the ground, it will take about 15 minutes to reach the top of the rock. From here you can see the panoramic view of the Chu Yang Sin range, Yang Reh lake, and enjoy the cool breeze of the highlands. In addition to Yang-tao Mother Elephant Rock, visitors can go another 5km to reach Cha Elephant Rock located between fields and valleys with very beautiful natural scenery. Previously, Cha Elephant Rock was facing Lak Lake, but now There, people saw it lying in the middle of a rice field as if it was gradually moving closer to Mother Elephant Rock. 

    Yang Tao Elephant Rock tourist destination in Lak districtCha Elephant Rock is located in the middle of a field with a romantic scenery. Photo: @_monk_khin

    3. Yang Tao Ancient Pottery Village 

    Yang Tao ancient pottery village is located in Yang Tao commune, Lak district, at the foot of Chu Yang Sin mountain. This is where the M’Nong people have lived for a long time and is also the only place in the Central Highlands with pottery making. The special feature of ceramic products in Yang Tao is that they are all completely handmade with clay as the raw material. The beauty is not perfect but it possesses its own unique features that are difficult to mix anywhere else.

    Yang Tao pottery village is a tourist destination in Lak districtYang Tao village located at the foot of Chu Yang Sin mountain has traditional pottery making. Photo: FB Yang Tao Pottery Village

    Visiting this tourist destination in Lak district, you will enjoy the peaceful space of the village with a slow pace of life, discover the traditional art of handmade pottery and interesting indigenous cultural features.

    Yang Tao pottery village is a tourist destination in Lak districtCeramic products are handmade with unique beauty. Photo: FB/ Yang Tao Pottery Village

    4. Jun village, M’lieng village 

    These are villages of the M’Nong people located along Lak Lake, about 5km from the district center. M’Lieng ancient village in Dak Lieng commune is nestled on the edge of Lak Lake with poetic and peaceful scenery. There are traditional long houses of the M’Nong people, the people here still maintain their customs. ancient practices such as New Year worship rituals, wedding rituals, and gong culture. In particular, the village still preserves a set of gongs that are hundreds of years old.

    Buon Jun tourist destination in Lak districtBuon M’Lieng is hundreds of years old and is located on Lak Lake. Photo: @myha_ng

    Buon Jun is located in Lien Son town, also leaning on the green Lak lake with the pristine, gentle beauty of a Central Highlands village. Visiting Jun village, visitors will see unique traditional stilt houses under the shade of ancient trees, mountains, vast lakes, explore brocade weaving, and enjoy jars of wine full of yeast. drunk.

    Buon Jun tourist destination in Lak districtThe M’Nong village still retains its traditional culture. Photo: Man Hwing Bun

    5. Chu Yang Sin National Park

    For travelers who love to explore, Chu Yang Sin National Park is a tourist destination in Lak district not to be missed. Chu Yang Sin National Park is located on the border area of ​​Lak district and Krong Bong district, 60k from Buon Ma Thuot center. This is a mountain range with many peaks, the highest peak is 2,442 m2 with an area of ​​about 58,947 km2, unique terrain with a diverse ecosystem with 876 species of plants, 203 species of birds; 46 species of mammals, including many endemic species, are listed in the Red Book. Chu Yang Sin National Park attracts tourists who love adventurous exploration, enjoying fresh nature and trekking to explore.

    Chu Yang Sin tourist destination in Lak districtChu Yang Sin National Park is a favorite destination for exploration enthusiasts. Photo: @quangdang1909

    6. Eo Rbin Lake

    Eo Rbin Lake is an attractive tourist destination in Lak district but not known to many people. The lake is inside. Nam Kar Nature Reserve, located about 10 kilometers from the center of Ea R’bin commune. The lake contains a very poetic and charming beauty like a painting. Visitors stopping here will enjoy the cool atmosphere of the tropical forest, listen to the chirping of forest birds, walk on the lake to see patches of water lilies and lotus flowers or stop to explore small islands on the lake. .

    Lake Eo Rbin tourist destination in Lak districtThe romantic Eo Rbin Lake is not known to many tourists. Photo: Dak Lak Newspaper

    7. King Bao Dai’s palace 

    This is one of the tourist destinations in Lak district with important historical value because of its majestic natural scenery and luxurious architecture. The palace is located on a high hill with a view overlooking the romantic Lak Lake. Don’t say goodbye to the temple, you can admire the beautiful natural scenery around the lake and breathe the airy air. The special visit ticket is 10,000 VND/person, you can explore the entire space with the restaurant, where King Bao Dai once lived and unique accommodations.

    King Bao Dai's palace is a tourist destination in Lak districtKing Bao Dai’s mansion located near Lak Lake is a destination of historical value. Photo: @cachepreels

    8. Bim Bep Waterfall

    Bim Bip Waterfall is located in Nam Pa village, Yang Tao commune, Lak district, this is one of the beautiful natural landscapes for tourists to enjoy the typical wild beauty of the Central Highlands mountains and forests. The waterfall is created from the flow of a stream weaving through the vast forest of Chu Yang Sin after converging to form a beautiful waterfall with 3 main levels. The flow of the waterfall also forms large and small green lakes. Visiting Bim Bip waterfall, visitors will enjoy the cool and spacious nature, soak in the cool water, and enjoy local specialties.

    Bim Bep Waterfall is a tourist destination in Lak districtBim Bip Waterfall, located wild in the middle of mountains and forests, is also an attractive destination in Lak district. Photo:@trdnthuc_

    Lak district with its wild, natural beauty of the mountains and unique cultural features will be a great place to stop for those who love the simple beauty of the Central Highlands . Attractive Lak district such as Jun village, Lak lake, Chu Yang Sin… will definitely have countless interesting things waiting for you to explore.

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