Revealing the experience of pedaling Duck Ho Xuan Huong for those who experience it for the first time 

Duck riding on Ho Xuan Huong is an interesting experience for those who love to explore, and experience and want to see the beauty of the most beautiful lake in Da Lat from many different angles. 

Referring to Da Lat city, Ho Xuan Huong is one of the iconic images and check-in here will be an experience few people miss duck riding is an attractive activity here, loved by many people. prefer. The experience of riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong is a useful guide that visitors should know, so that they can easily conquer this experience and enjoy the moments floating on the water, enjoying the wonderful poetic scenery of the lake. The most beautiful artificial water in the land of fog. 

Experience riding duck Ho Xuan Huong

The duck boats in Xuan Huong Lake are very typical images. Photo: TIENDALAT

Experience riding Ho Xuan Huong Duck – an activity not to be missed in Da Lat 

In order for your first experience to be complete, then surely the experience of riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong will be the information that should be updated. Xuan Huong Lake is located right in the central area of ​​the city, so to come here you can travel by taxi, motorbike taxi or you can choose hotels and homestays right near the lake and walk out to walk, explore as well as explore. Duck riding experience. 

Experience riding duck Ho Xuan Huong

Xuan Huong Lake is located right in the center, so it is very convenient for visitors to move. Photo: @hainhu1508

According to the experience of pedaling Duck Ho Xuan Huong shared by many visitors, the price for this activity is also quite diverse and depends on the time and type of duck pedal boat you choose. Accordingly, small boats cost about 60,000 VND per hour and large boats cost 120,000 VND per hour. You do not need to book tickets in advance, but when you arrive at Xuan Huong Lake, you can take the initiative to go to the marina area located at the section of Dinh Tien Hoang and Tran Quoc Toan streets. After buying a ticket, you will be guided by the marina staff to wear a life jacket, safety rules as well as instructions on how to pedal to move to the lake and admire the scenery by yourself. 

Experience riding duck Ho Xuan Huong

You can go straight to the marina to buy tickets without a reservation. Photo: @petropna

If the scenery of Xuan Huong Lake seen from the shore is enough to captivate visitors, the experience of sightseeing in the middle of the lake will give you a completely different feeling. The lake’s surface is as calm as a large mirror reflecting the silhouettes of pine trees, from the middle of the lake you can see the wonderful scenery of all four sides with green lawns, shimmering flower gardens, busy roads from all over the world. the streets of the city poured in. 

Experience riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong

Enjoying the beauty of Da Lat from the middle of Xuan Huong Lake is a wonderful experience. Photo: @teapau

Notes to know when riding ducks at Xuan Huong Lake 

The useful experience of riding the Ho Xuan Huong Duck that you need to note is that you should choose the time to experience it in the morning, or in the afternoon instead of midday, because at this time the sun is hot, you will feel more tired. In the morning or afternoon, the weather is cool, the scenery is also more beautiful. 

Experience riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong

Should pay attention to safety when experiencing duck pedaling. Photo:

When riding a duck, you should pay attention to wearing a life jacket and remember the safety rules that have been instructed, to ensure a complete experience, to avoid unfortunate incidents. Check-in from the middle of the lake will have a very nice view, but you should not lean over the water to take pictures or play too much, leading to unfortunate incidents. 

In addition, Xuan Huong Lake is a beautiful landscape in the heart of Da Lat, the pride of the people of the city as well as tourists near and far, so if you have an experience of riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong , please note that you should not bring anything. Food or garbage thrown into the lake bed, when experiencing to preserve the beauty and beauty of the lake. 

Experience riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong

Do not throw garbage into the lake bed to preserve the landscape. Photo: @aki.hostel

Other interesting experiences at Xuan Huong Lake 

In addition to experiencing duck riding at Xuan Huong Lake , when you check in this place, you can also combine visiting and check-in in to many other attractive places nearby. 

Experience riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong

Virtual living in Xuan Huong Lake is a fascinating experience. Photo: @traannga

Experience riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong

The setting is great for picnics. Photo: @hymitu

The first is definitely the check-in experience at Lam Vien Square, an extremely HOT place located right on the banks of the poetic Xuan Huong Lake, at this square you can enjoy walking, sightseeing as well as a check-in with you. artichoke bud, the famous symbol of Dalat. 

Experience riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong

Lam Vien Square is located right next to Xuan Huong Lake. Photo:@zobe_1999

Besides Xuan Huong Lake, there are many attractive restaurants and eateries, so you can also combine visits and experiences. Some outstanding suggestions such as Thuy Ta restaurant, Thanh Thuy restaurant, Bich Cau restaurant, these are all shops with beautiful lake views, delicious coffee. 

Experience riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong

Thuy Ta restaurant with a view overlooking Xuan Huong lake.Photo:@qingyuan_new

A popular activity when visiting Xuan Huong Lake is riding a horse-drawn carriage around the lake. Scenery is also very wonderful experience. 

Near Xuan Huong Lake, there is also a city flower garden, a flower paradise for those who love to take virtual photos. Dalat flower garden has a very large area designed into many different areas, so after riding the Ho Xuan Huong duck, you can combine check-in and enjoy taking photos, watching all the flowers bloom. 

Experience riding Duck Ho Xuan Huong

The city flower garden is also located near Xuan Huong Lake. Photo:@_miiann

Updating useful Ho Xuan Huong Duck riding experiences will help you have a more enjoyable experience in the city of thousands of flowers, Da Lat still has a lot of interesting things waiting for you, so pack your bags and check- just hand print. 

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