Seafaring experience 100$ for the whole family

THANH HOA – Thuy Muoi chose Bai Dong as a destination due to time and budget constraints, but still experienced enough swimming, eating seafood, and visiting fishing villages.

Vu Thuy Muoi, born in 1993, and now living in Hanoi, decided to take her whole family to the Central Coast for the weekend to relax. Due to the work schedule, the couple could only go on Saturday and Sunday.

Referring to a lot of information about tourism in the North, she decided to choose Bai Dong, Thanh Hoa due to her assessment that this place has many wild features and the process of moving is close, not too crowded like Do Son, Hai Phong, and Sam Son . Thanh Hoa. Places also close to Hanoi such as Cat Ba , Hai Phong and Co To, and Quan Lan in Quang Ninh have to travel hard. The family has a baby, so they don’t want to move much.

Muoi's family took a commemorative photo in the East Beach.
Muoi’s family took a commemorative photo in the East Beach.


The family consists of 2 adults and one child departing from 10:30 pm on Saturday, taking a sleeper bus around 3 pm to arrive. Ten notes, if you don’t have a busy schedule, you can take the bus from 6-7 am to reduce fatigue and play more. The sleeper bus departs from Giap Bat wharf, takes it straight to the foot of the island slope, then asks the owner of the guesthouse to call a motorbike taxi to pick it up for 30,000 VND one way, about 500 meters to the property.

Arriving, the family checked in and ate seafood noodles, then went to the beach together. The waves are quite high and strong, so families need to be careful if there are children. “The minus point is that walking to the sea has to go through a residential road with a cemetery on the mountain. The day I arrived, the motel ran out of motorbikes, so it was quite tiring to walk. Tourists coming here should rent a motorbike to go to the sea.” Ten said.

Beach area in Bai Dong.
Beach area in Bai Dong.

After bathing, the family returned to have a seafood dinner. The next morning, the whole family went to the rooftop of the motel to take pictures of the net bed overlooking the sea, then went to have breakfast. Because of swimming the previous afternoon, the family decided to go around to take pictures of the alleys facing the sea, then catch the car at 11:20 am to return to Hanoi, rest to be ready for Monday back to work.

The one-day one-night schedule is suitable for busy families, but if you have time, you should go for about 3 days and 2 nights, take a tour to Bung island and fish at night.


The total cost for the whole family is about 2 million VND. The price of a bus one-way is 150,000 VND per person, the motel is 300,000 VND per night, the seafood set costs 350,000 VND, and the motorbike taxi fee for each turn to the hotel is 30,000 VND. The rest is money for miscellaneous expenses such as breakfast, snacks and seafood to take home. You can visit more Eco Nghi Son eco-zone with the entrance fee of 15,000 VND one time.

Regarding food, Muoi suggests visitors spend time going to the market next to the fishing village to have breakfast. Sticky rice cakes, spring rolls or black bean tea cost about 10,000 – 12,000 VND. If you rent a motorbike, you can go see the lighthouse and the church. Many photography dress rental services cost about 50,000 VND a day.


“Compared to many seas in the North, Bai Dong is much cleaner, perhaps because few people know about it, so it’s wild and clean,” Muoi said. Visitors should prepare full hats and hats, should book a car, motel in advance, and consult tour groups to have a well-rounded vacation.

The next morning at Bai Dong was quite sad, it was almost impossible to go for a walk in the sea like other areas because the motels and hotels were a distance from the beach. You should choose to have dinner in the fishing village, there are many restaurants overlooking the pier.

Photo angle overlooking the sea from Quynh Nga guesthouse.
Photo angle overlooking the sea from Quynh Nga guesthouse.

Ten highly appreciates this trip for giving the family an idyllic experience, feeling like a son away from home visiting his hometown at the sea. “Everything is genuine and peaceful, the service is not rushed and slashed,” she commented.

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