Sunflower fields attract visitors at the beginning of the year

NGHE AN – The sunflower field of 50 hectares in the Nghia Dan district is in full bloom, attracting thousands of people to check in for free every day.

A field of 50 hectares of sunflowers planted for the first time in Nghia Lam commune, Nghia Dan district is blooming. This location is about 3 km from Ho Chi Minh Road, about 80 km from Vinh City, convenient for travel, and accessible by all means of transport.

The flower field was planted more than 2 months ago. The flower beds are planted in a straight line with a length of nearly 2 km, attracting the eye.

The manager of a dairy company in the area said that they grow flowers for the purpose of crop rotation to improve the soil after corn or grass crops. This is also the type of stem and flower used as food for dairy cows.

A bud is about to bloom in the morning light. On average, each hectare can sow over 45,000 trees.

The three-day weekend coincides with the Lunar New Year, the weather in Nghe An is about 18 degrees Celsius, dry. It is estimated that thousands of people come here every day to admire the scenery and check-in.

Many visitors come to visit, but the flower garden management unit is open for free. Near the entrance gate, food service, calligraphy, printing also sprang up.

Parking lot for motorbikes and cars is a hectare wide, every day is full.

This is an opportunity for many people to take pictures. “This is the second time going to the field, but this time the flowers bloom very evenly, the beautiful weather makes us very excited,” said Thu Thuy, resident of Cua Lo town (Nghe An).

The baby first checked in with his mother and relatives in the flower field.

“If the weather is favorable, the most beautiful flower time lasts about 3 weeks. It is expected that on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the flowers will be cut as food for cows,” the management unit said.

 ( According to vnexpress )