Take three small children to Mau Son to watch the ice


LANG SON – When she heard the news of frost appearing on Mau Son peak, Ms. Lan Huong and her husband immediately set out with their three children aged 6 and 4 years old.

“We didn’t have any plans in advance. Hearing that there were tapes and the children being out of school, the whole family decided to go right away,” said Ms. Dao Lan Huong, 33 years old, in Hanoi. She believes that the more her children can go and experience, the more they will be able to nurture their souls and dreams when they step out of their parents’ comfort zone.

Lan Huong's family on Mau Son peak on January 24.  Photo: NVCC
Lan Huong’s family on Mau Son peak on January 24. Photo: NVCC

She and her husband and their two twin children, 6 years old and 4 years old, departed from Hanoi on the afternoon of January 23 by private car and spent the night in Lang Son city. Initially, Ms. Huong planned to let the children sleep on Mau Son peak -3 degrees, but found that the facilities were not guaranteed, so she chose to go to the top on the morning of January 24.

The road from Hanoi to Lang Son city is 180 km long, with many highways, so the whole family moves quickly, about 3 and a half hours. Then they moved 15 km to the foot of the pass leading to Mau Son, continuing to cross the pass another 15 km to reach the top. “This road is under construction but it’s very easy to go, just follow Google Maps and you’ll get there,” Ms. Huong said.

For the first time, she and her children witnessed such a magnificent scene. Everything around was covered with ice. The tops of pine trees are covered with icy white and have many interesting shapes.

“The children like it very much, it’s like Elsa’s ice palace,” Ms. Huong said. She dressed her children warmly so they could freely explore new things and climb the highest and coldest huts. She was told by local people that Mau Son has ice every year, but it has been a long time since the ice was “as abundant and thick” as this time.

Ms. Huong assessed this as a “valuable and wonderful” experience for the whole family. She believes that sometimes you should let your children “step out of their comfort zone” to see colorful life and practice physical fitness. She also said that this is a first test for her family’s plan to go abroad to experience snow in the future.

Ms. Huong’s family on Mau Son peak. Photo: NVCC

Huong’s three children on Mau Son peak. Photo: NVCC

Ms. Huong and her two older children on Mau Son peak. Photo: NVCC

Ice and snow scene on Mau Son peak. Photo: NVCC

To prepare for the trips, Ms. Huong said her children regularly jog 5-7 km and swim regularly.

When hunting for ice and snow on Mau Son peak, in her opinion, you should stay in Lang Son city for convenient accommodation conditions. There is a motel at the top of the mountain, but it is quite shabby, there is not much food service, and there is no heating or air conditioning. You should leave early in the morning to arrive at 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. it will not be crowded. The time to go down should be around 10-11am because at that time there will be police dividing traffic lanes. Families with children should not have breakfast under the mountain because going on mountain passes, temperature differences and altitude can easily cause vomiting.

Mau Son peak sometimes drops to -3 degrees so you need to keep warm. Children need warm shoes, 2-3 pairs of socks, 2-3 warm pants (thermal pants, thick fleece pants). Jackets should be worn in order: thermal jacket (wool, fleece, warm vest) inside, super light down jacket, super thick down jacket outside, wool hat that covers the ears, mask, Warm gloves and thermal patch on the back. Adults should also be equipped like children. Note that the road is slippery, you must wear shoes with anti-slip soles.

“I often freeze my feet, so I put thermal pads on the soles of my feet,” Ms. Huong added.

It is expected that this frost will last for 5 days and the day Huong’s family arrives will be the most beautiful. From today, the ice gradually melts as the temperature increases.

 ( According to vnexpress )