The ancient tower on the border of Nghe An


NGHE AN – Tower is located in the border district of Ky Son, about 350-400 years old, and about 30m high with sophisticated architecture.

Yen Hoa Tower, also known as Xang To, is located in Yen Hoa village, My Ly commune (Ky Son) on the bend of the Nam Non river, just a few kilometers from the Vietnam – Laos border.

The tower is located next to a residential area, about 100 meters from the riverbank, surrounded by trees and flowers. According to the oral tradition of many generations of villagers, the tower existed hundreds of years ago, there are many ancient bronze statues arranged around, on the top there is a relic. But through the events of time, the tower was left bare.

About 40 years ago, due to rumors in the tower that there were treasures, the bad guys broke through many holes in the body of the search tower. They took away many bronze Buddha statues, several tens of centimeters high, located in the body of the tower.

A few years later, a number of bronze Buddha statues of several tens of centimeters or more were suddenly discovered lying next to the tower, suspecting bad guys to return. Some rumors say that “everyone who stole precious things here has bad luck”. Currently, the government is preserving some bronze statues.

In addition to precious objects, the structure and architecture of the tower is also very unique. The whole building is built of bricks.

Around there are reliefs of Buddha images, lotus flowers, chrysanthemums, elephants, horses…

The overall height of the building is about 30 m. The base of the tower is square, side 4.5 m, no door; The body becomes smaller towards the apex. An official of Nghe An Department of Culture and Sports said that the tower is 350-400 years old, and the construction workers are very skilled.

The building has deteriorated for many years, especially the base of the tower has broken many bricks, threatening to collapse if not repaired. The locality also put up a warning sign for visitors not to go near the foot of the construction.

Ky Son district government said that it is completing the provincial relic worker dossier. From there, there will be a private plan, becoming a point in the district’s tour.

On the occasion of Tet holiday, indigenous people often pass through this area to smell smoke. On weekends, there are often guests from far away to enjoy the scenery and save memories.

From the center of Muong Xen town, Ky Son district, you can go by road about 60 km by car to Yen Hoa village. For those who want to experience and feel strong, they can take a boat trip up the Nam Non River for about 4 hours.

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