The areca garden is picturesque, earning thousands of dollars from the old farmer in the West

In six gardens, Mr. Tan planted 1,200 areca roots in straight vertical rows. Every morning, the clusters of areca flowers bloom, giving off a fragrant aroma. Every 10 days, the old farmer harvests once and sells for a lot of money.

Six years ago, when he noticed that the price of dragon fruit tended to decrease, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tan (60 years old, living in My Tinh An commune, Cho Gao, Tien Giang) made a bold decision, to destroy 6 orchards growing dragon fruit. long, switch to growing areca.

“Growing dragon fruit is labor intensive and labor intensive, hiring labor is increasingly difficult, but the price keeps getting lower and lower, so it’s not effective. In 2016, I decided to switch and go to the Ba Diem area (Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City) to buy the cow’s areca seed back. plant.

Picturesque areca garden, billions of profits from the old farmer in the West

The land was already planted in beds, he kept growing the area. At that time, each kg was only 15,000 dong, less than a million dong seed was enough to cover the garden. It doesn’t cost much to work out, just buying and collecting seeds,” said Mr. Tan.

The garden surrounds the house, quite square. Mr. Tan planted areca trees in straight vertical rows, row densities 4m apart, and trees 1.5m apart. Each floor is planted with 2 rows of areca, 2 rows separated by a ditch.

The areca garden is planted by the old farmer in a straight line (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

Mr. Tan said that the planting area does not take care of, basically just clearing the grass in the garden. Cau is also not affected by pests and diseases. Mr. Tan only buys organic fertilizer to fertilize the areca a few times a year. In his garden, he grows legumes to increase the nitrogen content of the soil.

The 4-year-old areca tree begins to bear fruit and continuously goes to the chamber, not to give seasonal fruit. Up to now, Mr. Tan’s areca garden of 1,200 trees has been bearing fruit for 2 years, and the output is getting higher and higher.

Visiting the garden is not only a job but also a hobby of the old farmer (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

Most of Mr. Tan’s areca berries are bought by traders for export, a small part is used to make betel nut offerings, ceremony betel nut, and betel nut eating in the country. Mr. Tan said, how many areca leaves, traders buy all, even traders pre-order, win goods.

“On average, each tree a year gives about 50kg of fruit, the price ranges from 23 thousand VND (1$) to 45 thousand VND (2$) per kg depending on the time of year. The profit per tree is very large. This year I think there will be a profit of about one billion. copper” added Mr. Tan.

Mr. Tan is reviewing the quality of areca chambers preparing for harvest (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

To prove that the calculated profit has a basis, Mr. Tan shared that a trader has offered to rent the garden for 600 million VND per year for self-care and self-exploitation. However, Mr. Tan said, one is afraid of people overexploiting, damaging trees, and damaging gardens; Second, if he didn’t take care of the garden, he didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t stand it, so he refused.

“I just keep the garden to take care of myself, pick myself, enjoy as much as I can, in the morning smell the fragrant areca flowers and be happy all day” – Mr. Tan smiled dryly.

He picks areca every 10 days, classifies young fruits and sells them to export traders, and beautiful old ones sell them for ceremony and supply to the domestic market.

The quality areca chambers will be kept for incubation (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

In addition to selling areca leaves, Mr. Tan also nursed and sold areca seeds. This year Mr. Tan plans to nurse 30,000 seedlings, of which 20,000 have been booked by customers. With the selling price from 20 thousand VND to 25 thousand VND per young areca tree, the money from selling the seeds alone has helped Mr. Tan earn over 600 million VND.

Every morning, clusters of areca flowers bloom, making the whole garden fragrant (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

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