The beautiful temples in Tra Vinh are bold with Khmer architecture, as splendid as a palace in everyday life

Visiting the beautiful temples in Tra Vinh with Khmer architectural style, you can both admire the impressive works and have many unique check-in photos. 

Visiting beautiful temples in Tra Vinh with Khmer architecture 

1. Hang Pagoda 

Did you know that Tra Vinh is one of the cradles of Southern Khmer culture? Khmer imprints are not only reflected in culture and activities but also clearly in spiritual architectural works. Having the opportunity to explore the beautiful temples in Tra Vinh such as Hang Pagoda, you will admire this unique architecture firsthand. 
 Hang Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhHang Pagoda has located only 5 km from the center of Tra Vinh city. Photo: @wildhorse_saigon

Hang Pagoda is also known as Kompong Chray. This is a Theravada Buddhist temple, located in Hamlet 3, Chau Thanh town. From the center of Tra Vinh city to here is only 5 km, go in the direction of National Highway 54 to arrive. 
 Hang Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhArchitectural works imbued with Khmer culture. Photo: @ntanhdieu

Tra Vinh Hang Pagoda was established in 1637, has experienced 22 abbot generations. This work has been restored many times to become a spiritual destination with spacious and superficial beauty. Today, Hang Pagoda is one of the famous tourist attractions of Tra Vinh province, impressing with its splendid and decorated Khmer architecture.
 Hang Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhThe entrance to the temple is like a very special cave system. Photo: @thinetragn

The name Hang Pagoda comes from the system of 3 gates to the temple built as a round cave with a unique arched door, different from many temples in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the overall temple inside is designed with Khmer architecture, shown through the overlapping roofs and layers of the Main Hall.
 Hang Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhPeaceful and pure space in Hang Pagoda. Photo: @me.wei.96

Like many other beautiful Khmer temples , the soaring spire is a special mark of Hang Pagoda. Meanwhile, the system of flagpoles, the foot of the tower in front of the pagoda with reliefs of 7 heads of Naga snakes are also factors that create Khmer beauty for this temple. Visiting Hang Pagoda, visitors can both enjoy the beautiful architecture and take many impressive photos.

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2. Stork Pagoda

One of the beautiful temples in Tra Vinh is Co Pagoda, also known as Nodol Pagoda, located in Cay Da hamlet, Dai An commune, Ta Cu district. From the center of Tra Vinh city, visitors move about 40 km to the south to come to this beautiful and splendid temple.
 Co Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhComing to Tra Vinh, you cannot ignore the beautiful Co pagoda. Photo: @nghoanhao

Stork Pagoda was built in 1677, existed and developed for over 300 years and underwent many times of restoration and repairs. The temple bears bold Southern Khmer architecture, planned into main items including the temple gate, the main hall, the monk’s house, the synagogue, the mortuary tower, the monk’s house, etc.
 Co Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhThe temple has an elaborate beauty, sophisticated in every detail. Photo: @kyuubei.nguyen

Having the opportunity to travel to Tra Vinh and visit Co Pagoda, you will immediately be impressed with the outstanding and unique decoration of the temple. The main hall is designed with a curved roof in the shape of a dragon’s tail. The top of the house is pointed and high with the image of the four-faced god Mohabrom, the god bird Kýno, etc., typical of Khmer culture, creating a special impression for the overall temple. 
 Co Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhVisiting the temple, you will have many beautiful check-in photos to bring back. Photo: @_hdienas_

Not only having beautiful and unique architecture, but Co Pagoda is also loved by its green tree-lined campus, which is always peaceful and fresh. Coming here, visitors can immerse themselves in the quiet atmosphere, listen to the sound of the wind blowing birds, drop their souls into the scenery of a peaceful place of practice and meditation. 

3. Ang Temple

One of the famous temples in Tra Vinh that many tourists often visit is Ang Pagoda. This is a temple belonging to Ao Ba Om scenic spots and Khmer ethnic culture museum, located at cluster 4, ward 8, Tra Vinh city. The temple is located on a 4-hectare wide campus, possessing a beautiful space and impressive architecture. 
 Ang pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhTraveling to Tra Vinh, you cannot ignore the beautiful Ang pagoda. Photo: @dieptheduyy

Like many other Khmer temples, Ang Pagoda was built into a large-scale architectural complex. The pagoda includes the main hall, monks, lecture halls, … and many other important items. With its position facing the East, Ang Pagoda represents the Buddha’s thought from the West towards the universal salvation of sentient beings.
 Ang pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhThe splendid beauty is like a palace in Ang pagoda. Photo: @andylam_kd

Visiting Ang Pagoda, visitors can admire a religious architecture elaborately decorated with images of bird gods, fairies, owls, etc., belonging to the Khmer traditional motif. With the main yellow color, combined with outstanding highlights, this temple has a majestic and magnificent beauty. 
 Ang pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhThe space around the temple is spacious and spacious. Photo: @hoaifng_

From the outside looking in, you will see that the roof of the main hall has a very majestic 3-level structure. Meanwhile, the roof mounds have a Naga snake god with a curved crest, symbolizing the connection between earthly and nirvana. Meanwhile, the inner campus is vividly displayed frescoes about the spiritual path of Buddha Shakyamuni. 
 Ang pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhAng Pagoda is a beautiful destination not to be missed when traveling to Tra Vinh. Photo: @____zangkorean____

Visiting Tra Vinh Ang Pagoda, visitors can admire a work with the pinnacle beauty of architecture, art, sculpture, painting imbued with Khmer identity and interference with Indian and Thai cultures, … creating a special mark for the spiritual culture of Tra Vinh. 

4. Vam Ray Temple

One of the beautiful temples in Tra Vinh, with bold Khmer architecture, is Vam Ray pagoda located in Vam Ray hamlet, Ham Tan commune, Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province. This temple is likened to a splendid palace with outstanding yellow color, with the system of domes, columns, walls to statues and reliefs in the temple.
 Vam Ray Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhVam Ray Pagoda with a monumental Buddha statue. Photo: @dupeo.review_

If you want to find a beautiful destination in Tra Vinh to both enjoy the beauty of Khmer architecture and have an impressive set of commemorative photos, Vam Ray Pagoda is the address not to be missed. This work faces the East, representing the spirit of Buddha’s universal salvation from the West. 
 Vam Ray Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhThe temple with bold Khmer architectural imprint, splendid as a palace. Photo: @hanh_moe

Visiting Vam Ray Pagoda, visitors can enjoy a temple with the Angkorian style of Cambodia, combined with unique Khmer architecture. Right from the entrance, visitors have passed through a monumental yellow gate, at the top of the gate are Spiers piled up into many unique floors. 
 Vam Ray Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhThere is also a beautiful lotus pond in the temple. Photo: @thucaoss

Then when entering the main hall, the beauty of the temple is even more magnificent with colorful walls. The main hall of the Vam Ray pagoda is decorated according to a theme throughout the Buddhist philosophy and the life of the Buddha. With a cool and spacious space, the main hall brings a real sense of peace and tranquility to visitors. 
 Vam Ray Pagoda is one of the beautiful temples in Tra VinhWith this superficial beauty, Vam Ray Pagoda deserves to be one of the most beautiful temples in Tra Vinh. Photo: @dupeo.review_

Vam Ray Pagoda along with many other beautiful temples in Tra Vinh have created different highlights in Khmer architectural culture. Visiting these beautiful spiritual works, visitors both have the opportunity to learn about new beauty and take many beautiful and impressive check-in photos.  

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