The beautiful wild sunflower viewing spots in Dak Lak make the virtual life community crazy

In the wild sunflower season, not only Da Lat or Ba Vi are excited because of the brilliant flower colors, but the wild sunflower viewing spots in Dak Lak also quickly take over, making fans restless.

    Traveling to Dak Lak in the last days of the year, you will always feel excited by the yellow color of the wild sunflowers. Throughout this vast land, yellow covers everywhere, from small trails to distant hills, making heaven and earth even more poetic. Visiting the wildflower viewing spots in Dak Lak, you will be immersed in the wild and brilliant colors of flowers, watch the flowers swaying in the golden morning sunlight and inhale the gentle, enchanting fragrance. The wild sunflower season has sprung up all over the Central Highlands in general and Dak Lak in particular. Hurry up and come to the land of thousands to immerse yourself in the brilliant colors of flowers.

    Wildflower viewing spot in Dak LakDak Lak is welcoming winter with the blooming season of wild sunflowers. Photo: FB/ Review Buon Ma Thuot

    Suggestions for super beautiful wild sunflower viewing spots in Dak Lak

    1. World Cafe Museum campus 

    Usually the beautiful spots to view wildflowers in Dak Lak are far from the city center, but at the Coffee World museum campus there is also a bright yellow sky with shimmering wildflower colors.

    Traveling to the World Coffee Museum this season, in addition to listening to interesting stories about coffee and admiring the impressive display space, visitors will also be able to admire wild sunflowers blooming in the open ground within the museum grounds. . There are not many wild sunflowers here, but they bloom very brightly and are very impressive. In particular, there is also a super beautiful field of reed grass so that after viewing wild sunflowers, visitors can combine check-in and record beautiful moments.

    Wildflower viewing spot in Dak Lak museumThe World Coffee Museum is a beautiful place to view wild sunflowers in Buon Ma Thuot. Photo: World Coffee Museum

    Wildflower viewing spot in Dak Lak museumBlooming flowers combined with reed grass fields bring a sparkling space in early winter. Photo: World Coffee Museum

    2. Bypass 72 Eahleo

    For those who love virtual living, the Eahleo bypass located opposite KM72 market is a familiar spot to view wild sunflowers in Dak Lak . Here there is a small dirt road filled with bright yellow wild sunflowers and flowers growing on both sides of the road, creating an impressive picture that makes anyone bewildered when stopping.

    Although the road is not too long, wild sunflowers grow thickly and bloom beautifully on both sides of the road. This is also an ideal stop for you to live virtually and capture beautiful moments with wild sunflowers. This road is not too popular with tourists, so if you don’t know the way, you can go to the KM72 market area and ask the people.

    Wildflower viewing spot in Dak Lak Bypass 72 EahleoBypass 72 Eahleo is a beautiful virtual living place during wild sunflower season in Dak Lak. Photo: FB/ Dak Lak

    Wildflower viewing spot in Dak Lak Bypass 72 EahleoThe small road is filled with wild sunflowers that fascinate tourists. Photo: Hien Hoang Le Tran

    3. Chau Son pine hill 

    Not only is it an attractive tourist paradise for tourists, Chau Son pine hill is also an attractive spot to view wild sunflowers in Dak Lak every blooming season. Wild sunflowers in Chau Son pine hill grow in large yards among all kinds of weeds. The flowers are not large but show off their bright yellow color, making the whole sky glow. Coming here, you will admire the bright yellow flower carpet amidst the poetic scenery on the pine hill and then be stunned and unable to leave. Combining checking in to Chau Son pine hill and watching wild sunflowers will be an attractive experience you should not miss when traveling to Dak Lak in November.

    Wildflower viewing spot in Dak Lak Chau Son pine hillWild anemones in Chau Son pine hills grow in very large clumps. Photo: TranTuan

    4. Eakao Lake Village 1 

    With this wildflower viewing spot in Dak Lak, you can combine check-in at Eakao Lake, a beautiful landscape with poetic natural scenery. Wild sunflowers here bloom a lot, but the area is not large. However, during the blooming season, the scene is also extremely romantic for you to admire and take virtual photos. Please note that this place is relatively difficult to find, so when you come to Eakao Lake 1 village, you should ask the people for directions instead of looking for it yourself as you will easily get lost.

    Wildflower viewing spot in Dak Lak, village 1, Eakao lakeBrightly blooming flowers make the scenery in Eakao more poetic. Photo: FB/ Dak Lak

    In addition to the above suggestions, there are still many other beautiful places to see wildflowers in Dak Lak  . Although not as famous as Da Lat or Gia Lai, there are flowers almost anywhere on this plateau. wild sunflower. Tourists may suddenly encounter small roads full of wild sunflowers during their journeys either on hillsides, fields or throughout the valleys… Wildflowers calmly stretch themselves with intense vitality, embellishing the natural picture of the land of sun and wind, making it more brilliant and attractive. If you are already infatuated with the yellow color of wild sunflowers, this November, don’t miss your appointment with Dak Lak. 

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