The experience of traveling to Ben Tre for the first time is super detailed

Memorizing the first super detailed Ben Tre travel experiences below will help you have a trip to discover many experiences and interests in coconut land. So where should Ben Tre tourism go, what to play and what delicious specialties?

The best time to visit Ben Tre

What beautiful season is Ben Tre tourism ? Ben Tre has a temperate climate, warm sunshine all year round, so you can travel to Ben Tre at any time of the year. In which, the period from May to July is considered the best to discover the land of coconut. At this time, the fruit garden season is luxuriant with all kinds of guava, jackfruit, breast milk, rambutan, durian … To have a convenient trip and avoid sudden rains affecting the trip, you should see the weather forecast before going.
Ben Tre tourism experience - what season is beautifulBen Tre tourism is beautiful every season

Instructions on how to move to Ben Tre

Ben Tre tourism experience, depending on the departure location, you will have different travel ways. As follows:

– Departing from Saigon: For you departing from Saigon, if you want to go to Ben Tre, the most convenient way is to go by bus, self-drive car or by motorbike. Take the bus Phuong Trang, Minh Tam, Thanh Buoi … from the western bus station with 2 hours to travel to Ben Tre.

– Private vehicle: If you drive by self-drive from Saigon, go to the direction of National Highway 1A in the West direction -> to Trung Luong intersection in Tien Giang province -> continue to cross Rach Mieu Bridge -> go straight about 5-7km to the territory of Ben Tre city.

– For those in Hanoi who want to travel to Ben Tre, you can go by plane or take a train to Saigon. Then, follow the instructions above to get to Ben Tre.

– Transportation in Ben Tre you can go by motorbike taxi, taxi or rent a motorbike to actively travel. If you go with a large group of people, you should rent a car with prices ranging from VND 800,000 to VND 1,500,000 or rent a motorbike from VND 120,000 to VND 200,00 / day.
Ben Tre travel experience - how to movePassenger car moves to Ben Tre

Ben Tre tourism experience: Choice of accommodation

What hotel should Ben Tre tourism stay in ? Depending on the purpose of your trip as well as your cost, choose the most suitable hotels for your Ben Tre trip. Here are the beautiful hotels, good prices in Ben Tre you can refer to:

– For luxury, there is Forever Green Resort located in Khuong Phu hamlet, Phu Tuc, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre. Room rates range from 2 million / night. This resort meets 5-star standard, modern furniture and close to nature view room.

– If you go with a large group of people you can rent a homestay Jardin du Mekong Homestay located in Song Doc, Hoa Nghia, Cho Lach, Ben Tre. This homestay consists of 3 spacious, close to nature and very airy rooms. Room rates range from 1.3 million / night. Homestay is an interesting experience that many tourists love when traveling to Ben Tre, visitors will experience cooking, staying in a hut, fishing, bathing … More affordable than you can stay at a homestay. Homestay, Cocohut Homestay … with ticket prices ranging from 500,000 – 600,000 VND / night.

– Travel experience with cheap Ben Tre , if you want to save costs you can refer to hotels such as Ham Luong Hotel, Mango Home Riverside Hotel, Hoai Phu Hotel, Southeast Asia Hotel 2 Hung Vuong Ben Tre Hotel, … has a price ranging from 300,000 VND – 400,000 VND / night.
Travel experience Ben Tre - homestay should stayHomestay in Ben Tre

Where to go, what to play when traveling to Ben Tre?

Tourism Ben Tre should go ? The characteristics of Ben Tre tourism are garden ecotourism, ecotourism area, craft village, historic sites and many interesting games.

Explore the fruit gardens

It can be said that Ben Tre’s specialties are fruit gardens with all kinds of fruit: rambutan, mangosteen, custard-apple, breast milk, leisurely, plum, jackfruit, … with ticket prices from only 40,000 VND you will enjoy the full range of berries made from coconut. You can walk around an eye-catching garden with all kinds of Western fruits, you will be treated to specialties such as pancakes, garden chicken porridge, rice snails … You can contact the garden owner to buy delicious and cheap fruit as a gift for your trip.

The famous fruit gardens in Ben Tre you can refer to as:

– Cai Mon Fruit Garden is located in Vinh Thanh Commune, Cho Lach District, Ben Tre Province

– Hung Fruit Garden is located in Tan Quy hamlet, Chau Thanh commune, Ben Tre

– Que T Fruit Garden at 126C Tan Quy Hamlet, Tan Phu Commune, Ben Tre Province

– Hue Fruit Garden in Tan Quy Hamlet, Tan Phu, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre

– Bao Thach Rambutan Garden address: Tan Bac Hamlet, Tan Phu Commune, Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province

– Ba Ngoi Fruit Garden is located in Phu Hiep hamlet, Vinh Binh commune, Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province
Ben Tre travel experience - explore fruit gardensExplore the fruit gardens

Visit famous historical sites

The historical sites in Ben Tre are also an attractive destination for tourists when coming to the land of coconut, including: Dong Khoi relic, Tuyen Linh pagoda, Nguyen Dinh Chieu’s tomb, Bridgehead relic receiving dance North-South gas, Giong Trom relic, Mo Cay Bac district relic, … 
Travel experience in Ben Tre - Mo Cay relicDong Khoi relic area

Experience ecotourism resorts

What should Ben Tre tourism experience play ? Coconut land is also famous for eco-tourism areas close to nature and fresh air for tourists to relax and play. Among them, the most famous are Con Phung and Con Quy ecotourism areas.

– Zone Con Phung ecotourism : Also known as Tan Binh alcohol become a favorite of many domestic and foreign tourists. Coming to Con Phung, you will be able to admire the peaceful western river view, enjoy the fruits and specialties here such as classic cotton hot pot, noodle soup, braised fish … In addition, come to Con Phung tourist resort, you can also participate in many attractive games such as: slapping fishing ditch, fishing crocodile, underwater motorbike, bottle-feeding, recreational fishing, playing water polo, lying in the hammock watching the scenery , rent a bicycle for a walk …
Ben Tre tourism experience - slap the ditch to catch fishExperience slapping fish ditches

– Con Quy eco-tourism area: This Ben Tre tourist destination is about 24km from the city center and the smallest islet in the land of coconut. Coming to Con Quy, you will feel a more wild atmosphere with many attractive games such as: Going to the bridge of the monkey, slapping fish ditches, catching crabs and snails …
Ben Tre travel experience - monkey bridgeMonkey Bridge with many interesting experiences

– Learn about the crafting village of producing coconut candy: One of the interesting experiences that you should not miss when traveling to Ben Tre is to visit the craft village of making coconut candy manually. You will see with your own eyes the whole process of making coconut candy, from coconut peeling, coconut grating and packaging. You will try your craft in making coconut candy and enjoy hot candies and buy this specialty as a gift.
Experience in traveling to Ben Tre - a traditional coconut candy production facilityVisit the craft village of traditional coconut candy production

Enjoy the Ben Tre specialties

What should Ben Tre tourism eat ? Many specialties of coconut land attract tourists, the most famous of which are dishes made from coconut and river fish. Specifically to include:

Braised goby fish: Referring to the specialties of Ben Tre, it is impossible to ignore the Braised Goby Fish, a familiar fish in the canals with fatty and fragrant meat. The most delicious is the braised goby fish served with water lily, industrious, and dragon beans.
Experience in traveling to Ben Tre - specialty goby braisedSpecialty goby braised fish

– The dishes from coconut: Snail steamed with coconut water, coconut porridge, stir-fried beef with mustard leaves, coconut rice, coconut pot salad, steamed banana, snakehead fish sauce with coconut, banana …

– Coconut weevil dish: It can be said that this is a typical dish of Ben Tre that not all visitors have the courage to enjoy. These are coconut weevils that live in the trunk of the coconut tree, so they are very fat. The delicious dishes from coconut weevils can be fried, fried or eaten raw with fish sauce.
Experience in traveling to Ben Tre - specialty coconut palm weevilSticking coconut in fish sauce is an attractive dish in Ben Tre

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About the restaurant in Ben Tre , you can also eat at the tourist areas while visiting, but the price is often expensive. Experience is that you should eat at a homestay when choosing a homestay that is both delicious and cheap.

Some famous and reasonably priced eateries and restaurants in Ben Tre you can refer to:

Pate noodle soup – Address: No. 226 / 1A, 30/4 street, Ward 4, Ben Tre city.

– Bun rieu Tu Dien – Address: 10F Nguyen Hue, Phu Khuong Ward, Ben Tre (near Tu Dien intersection)

– 6 Phung restaurant – Address: No. 29 Dong Khoi Avenue, Ward 4, Ben Tre

Truc Giang Ben Tre fish sauce hotpot – Address: 293D Nguyen Thi Dinh, Phu Chien Hamlet, Phu Hung Commune, Ben Tre

– Aunt Hai Thoi noodle shop – Address: 59 Le Loi, Ward 1, Ben Tre

– Phu Da rice snail pancake shop – Address: Phu Da islet, Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province

– Ben Tre Floating Restaurant – Address: Hung Vuong, Ward 5, City. Ben Tre, Ben Tre

With the travel experiences of Ben Tre: When to go when beautiful, the way to travel, the above hotels, places to visit, play and eat promises to bring memorable moments for the upcoming coconut discovery there you go.

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