The Northwest rattan hunting camping spots are as beautiful as the fairy scene that fascinates all visitors 

Having the opportunity to experience all the camping sites to hunt clouds in the Northwest, you will find that Vietnam is really as beautiful and majestic as any other country in the world. 

The amazingly beautiful Northwest cloud hunting camping spots that you should not miss 

1. Ta Xua 

One of the camping sites in the Northwest is the Ta Xua mountain range, located in the two provinces of Son La and Yen Bai. The adventure, the charming natural scenery is what makes the Ta Xua range attractive. This place is known as “cloud paradise”, just with one hand, you can touch the beautiful sea of ​​white clouds.

Beautiful cloud paradise in Ta Xua. Photo: @ngoc_huyen_3105

Ta Xua is a mountain range consisting of many high and low mountains, large and small. Which, the highest peak is up to 2850 meters, lying in the middle of the Northwest sky. With this great height, Ta Xua is bestowed by mother nature with a beautiful porous white “ocean of clouds”. Therefore, if you want to find a place where you can both camp in the mountains and hunt for clouds, Ta Xua is the first choice. 

Thick white clouds like soap bubbles in Ta Xua. Photo: @minhthu.0902

Coming to Ta Xua is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself, overcome the ancient forests covered with moss, conquer the craggy cliffs, capture the full view of the beautiful scenery of waterfalls, rocky slopes, and forest trees, … and then receive the reward is a layer of dense, white clouds appearing on the top of Ta Xua. 

This coordinate is chosen by many tourists to camp. Photo: @tran__thanh__binh

In particular, on the journey to conquer Ta Xua, visitors can also check in the back of the dinosaur between the clouds and sky, set foot on the top of the Wind, the virtual living cliff, the lonely apple tree, or enjoy the moment of being lost in the kingdom. Mysterious green moss on the climbing path. Then you will end up camping in the mountains to catch the beautiful sunrise the next morning.  

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2. Bach Moc Luong Tu

One of the most famous Northwest rattan camping spots is Bach Moc Luong Tu peak, located in the two provinces of Lai Chau and Lao Cai. With a height of 3046 meters, this mountain is ranked 4th in the top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam. That’s why the beautiful scenery and sea of ​​clouds on the top of the mountain are always “gifts” that children who love to explore are eager to receive. 

Bach Moc Luong Tu is also a cloud hunting paradise. Photo: @maize_midu

Bach Moc Luong Tu is beautiful all year round, but winter is the time when people invite each other to climb the mountain the most. Do you know why? Because this is the time when the white clouds on the top of the mountain are the most, thick as soap bubbles, white and beautiful, no words can describe. Those who want to camp overnight and hunt for the best clouds try to climb the mountain in winter. 

Everywhere there are layers of white clouds. Photo: @hungmatics

The most beautiful place to see the sea of ​​clouds of Bach Moc Luong Tu is Mui mountain. This is the location where you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of dense white clouds, embracing the mountains in the distance, drawing a very romantic blur scene. At dawn, the golden rays of sunlight penetrate the white clouds to create a surprisingly beautiful picture. 

Winter is a great time for camping and cloud hunting in Bach Moc Luong Tu. Photo: @calvinthaipham

Mui Mountain is actually only located at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level, but it has a wide view, beautiful scenery and a suitable space for visitors to set up a tent to camp overnight. Both the moment of sunset or dawn are like a fairyland when you stop on Muoi mountain. This is your chance to take a lot of virtual photos of yourself. 

3. Laziness

Lao Than is one of the destinations in the Northwest with ecstatic beauty that makes many travelers fall in love. Lao Than cloud paradise is located in Y Ty commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. Once you come here to climb mountains, camp and hunt clouds, you will never forget the beauty of this place. 

Sea of ​​clouds on the “roof of Y Ty”. Photo: @le_thuy_133

Lao Than peak is 2862 meters high, also one of the highest peaks in our country. This mountain not only has layers of beautiful white clouds on the top, but also has beautiful forests with diverse vegetation. The climbing journey in turn takes you through the roads of bare dry trees, forests full of flowers before being “bath in the clouds”. 

Many tourists choose to camp on top of Lao Than. Photo: @_____n.thung_____

Like many other high peaks in the North of our country, climbing Lao Than is never easy. The steep passes, bumpy roads or harsh nature will sometimes make you falter. But do not be discouraged when the moment the dawn lifts the clouds on the top of the mountain to appear is the most worthy reward for visitors. 

There’s nothing better than drinking tea while watching the clouds. Photo: @iamthu____

About Lao Than mountain climbing, cloud hunting and camping, visitors also have the opportunity to live virtual with the turtle’s head cliff, also known as the fishing cliff. The top of the turtle’s head is lying in the middle of the sky, in front of the eyes are white clouds, the majestic Northwest mountains. How liberating when you are sitting here, feeling small in front of the vast nature. 

4. Nhiu Co San

Perhaps the most expensive experience when traveling to the Northwest is the opportunity to conquer the high mountains, camp in the mountains and hunt clouds in the sunny mornings. If you have the opportunity to go to Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, try your best to conquer Nhiu Co San peak – the top 10 highest mountains in our country.  

Nhiu Co San is also a beautiful cloud paradise in the Northwest. Photo: @_hatdauxanhh_

The name Nhiu Co San has a symbolic meaning for the beauty like a buffalo horn of these 5 mountains. Under the misty mist of Lao Cai heaven and earth, the top of the mountain appears with a strong, majestic but also mysterious beauty. Therefore, this is the beautiful Northwest rattan camping spot that visitors cannot ignore.


Dawn dawned on Nhiu Co San peak. Photo: @sieu

According to the climbing experience of many tourists, the Nhiu Co San trekking route is not too dangerous, but it takes a long time for visitors. However, nature will “treat” visitors with the diverse beauty of the dense primeval forest, the forest of brilliant azaleas, and the craggy waterfalls between heaven and earth.

Such a beautiful scene, it would be too expensive to check in. Photo: @mo.dilac

This spring, you definitely have to climb Nhiu Co San not only because of the beautiful sea of ​​white clouds like a fairy scene, but also because of the overnight camping experience on the top of the mountain. In the cold of the northern mountains and forests, you will enjoy the feeling of being embraced by heaven and earth, watching the stars at night before falling into a deep sleep.

5. Ta Chi Nhu

Another beautiful camping spot for hunting clouds in the Northwest is Ta Chi Nhu peak located in Tram Tau district, known as the “roof of Yen Bai”. With an altitude of 2979 meters, Ta Chi Nhu peak is a favorite destination for many backpackers and trekkers. In addition to the ecstatic white cloud paradise, this mountain top also has an extremely diverse ecosystem. 

Beautiful scenery on the top of Ta Chi Nhu Yen Bai. Photo: @tuanmonn

As a mountain peak nearly 3000 meters high, visitors are forced to camp overnight on the mountain. Yes, inconvenient, yes, it’s cold. But you will feel more authentically the beauty of the mountains and forests, will hear the “breath” of the night of Yen Bai forest, gather around the pink fire and wait for the morning to see the white clouds and sunrise.  

The beautiful season of chi pau flowers on the top of Ta Chi Nhu. Photo: @chuyennguoiluhanh_

Having the opportunity to climb Ta Chi Nhu Yen Bai in October – November every year, you will admire the purple flower season of the hills and the roads to the mountain. The dreamy purple flowers stretch everywhere, painting a sweet poetic picture that dispels all the fatigue of visitors. 

Relax and watch the clouds on the top of Ta Chi Nhu Yen Bai. Photo: @bachttx

And like many other high mountains in the North, on the top of Ta Chi Nhu is a layer of white clouds appearing seductively. Standing on the top of the mountain and admiring the beautiful scenery of white clouds here, you will surely be overwhelmed by the magic of nature. No matter how many photos or videos you take, it’s not enough to keep the beauty of Ta Chi Nhu white clouds. 

This spring, you definitely have to experience climbing and hunting clouds once. Photo: @dinhminh15

All the Northwest rattan camping sites introduced in this article are beautiful cloud paradises that bring countless valuable experiences to visitors. Surely the climbing journey will be arduous and difficult, but believe that right on the top of the mountain, you will get lost in the world of fairyland with a beautiful picture like a fairyland. 

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