The playbook of a girl addicted to Da Lat

Nguyen Mai, 25 years old, has been to Da Lat 5 times, the most recent being half a month and understands this place “like the palm of my hand”.

The young girl from Hanoi loves Da Lat , so she visits almost every year. This year, she arranged to work to stay with you for half a month. Female tourists mainly go to places with natural beauty, not artificial “virtual living” spots. Therefore, although the trip is long, the destinations are not many because they want to go out, relax and work remotely.

Da Lat under Mai's lens is as beautiful as a postcard.
Da Lat under Mai’s lens is as beautiful as a postcard.

Here is Mai’s share about Da Lat:


Dalat has two seasons, rainy and dry. The rainy season starts from the end of April to the beginning of November. This season can be sunny in the morning, if it rains in the afternoon, it can last until evening. “But there are still very nice days for people to go out, so rest assured,” Mai said. Mai recommends visiting in the dry season , avoiding the rain and having more time to wander and visit everywhere.


If you want to stay in luxury, you can book resorts and hotels like Hotel Colline, Ana Mandara Villas, Dalat Palace… for about 2-4 million VND a night. Besides, homestay is also a favorite choice of many people such as Vuon Tung, Porch House with May… for 400,000-700,000 VND per night. The last time, Mai stayed for many days but still wanted to enjoy the luxury feeling. Therefore, she stayed at a luxury hotel for two nights, then stayed at a homestay for the rest of the days.

“In my opinion, everyone should stay at a hotel. If it’s a homestay, it should be in well-invested places, especially the toilets must have hot and cold water,” Mai shared. The reason is that the night of Da Lat is very cold and often tourists go out all day, take a bath at night. Many homestays do not invest in water heaters, so bathing without hot water will cause many inconveniences.


Mai identifies herself as “banh beo”, wherever she goes, “skirts are spread and flowing”. Therefore, even though she stayed for half a month, she did not rent a motorbike, but traveled with her friends mainly by taxi. If the points around the center, she booked a taxi, further points such as Da Phu hill, lonely pine tree… rent a private car. Motorbike rental here is 100,000 VND a day, all homestays provide this service.

Sight seeing

Da Phu Hill, Chika farm, watching the sunset in Xom Leo, a lonely pine tree (the ferry money to get there is 40,000 VND), Da Lat square … are the destinations Mai suggested.


Mai mainly visits the familiar shops, has eaten many times, the food is delicious and affordable. Tao Ngo Street 3rd April, the price of about 200,000 VND for a pot of two people; Ong Minh heifer, priced at 150,000-200,000 VND per person; grilled chicken with orange sauce, grilled food, tower of ribs… at Under Tan Thong restaurant, priced at about 500,000 VND for two people; wet cake with chicken hearts on Tang Bat Ho street, two people nearly 100,000 VND; Hoi Me restaurant costs about 200,000 VND for two people; Three-car beef hot pot on Hoang Dieu street, priced at 250,000 VND for two people.

Coffee shops : Mo To bag, In the forest, Waiting for one person… the price of a drink starts from 50,000 VND.

Mai finds peace in Da Lat.
Mai finds peace in Da Lat.

Buy gift

If going at the end of the year, November and December, Mai suggests buying persimmons hanging from the wind , the price is about 400,000 VND per kg. In addition, people can buy dried fruits, syrups, jams…

Prepare before you go

People who have freelance jobs, are on leave or working remotely like Mai, can go anytime they want.

Mai’s longest trip in Da Lat is about 20 million VND.

Da Lat has four seasons, so Mai brings summer, autumn and even a coat. “Dalat is developing, so other items such as medicine, food and utensils are all available. If you don’t want to go out, you can order food through apps or call the shop to bring it to your place.” Mai said.

“This is my fifth time going to Da Lat. But I never feel bored, even when I return, I will be missed. Once when I went back to Hanoi, I wanted to… get married, because that time I went alone on the right day. In the rainy season, looking at everything here is romantic but I’m lonely, so I want a couple,” she said.

Mai just went out and worked remotely.
Mai just went out and worked remotely.

Mai shared previously, her trips to Dalat usually only lasted 4-7 days. This place left her with good impressions such as no “hacking”, delicious food, cool climate, friendly people…

“You can buy a cup of sugarcane juice for 5,000 VND, coconut is 15,000 VND, even though you are in the tourist city center. The price is affordable, but the service is convenient. You can catch Grab, order food. through the app, home delivery… Da Lat is really a place for you to heal,” Mai said. She also celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Da Lat. “The experience of welcoming the New Year in a faraway place is memorable and should be tried.”

Besides Da Lat, Sapa is Mai’s favorite place in Vietnam. In addition, she also has a passion for Mai Chau , Phu Quoc , Hue, Hoi An, Da Nang , Quy Nhon

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