The rain team catches fish when the dam overflows

HA TINH – People in Thuan Thien commune, Can Loc district use rackets and nets to gather at the mouth of Cu Lay dam to catch fish when the water rises over the overflow.

Cu Lay Irrigation Dam is located at the foot of Hong Linh Mountain, in Thuan Thien Commune, Can Loc District. The embankment dam 1978, about 200 hectares wide, contains 13 million m3 of water, providing irrigation water for agricultural production in Thuan Thien and Tung Loc communes.

The spillway gate is 50 m long, and the water level from the bottom of the sluice is about 12 m deep. The middle of the lake is more than 20 m deep.

Two days today, due to the influence of the circulation of Typhoon Noru, Ha Tinh heavy rain, some places flooded locally, separating hundreds of households. At Cu Lay Irrigation Dam, at 4 a.m. on September 29, the water level in the lake rose beyond the overflow.

Many people in the area, when they heard the news, brought racquets and nets, drove motorbikes to gather at the spillway, then waded down to catch fish. On the shore, many people stood watching, cheering and cheering.

At 15:00, it was raining heavily, but there were still dozens of people, mostly middle-aged men and young people, holding bamboo rackets with a 2-meter-long net, waiting in a horizontal line near the overflow gate, where the water was flowing. down to catch fish.

Some other people stood behind watching, in case the fish got behind.

Seeing a few fish following the water from the lake about to overflow, a person shouted. The group then chased after racquets, swinging continuously under the water.

About 3-5 minutes new fish appear. Many people observe well, sometimes seeing the fish just come out of the lake, ready to drift down, they immediately ran back to pick up the fish at the overflow gate.

Many times, they missed the fish, 2-3 people ran after about 5m to catch, holding the racquet firmly on the concrete floor. “Under the overflow is quite slippery, the water flows fast. So when waiting for the fish to appear and when chasing them, you must be careful, otherwise, it is easy to fall or be swept away by the water,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Tu, 35 years old, living in Thuan commune. Thien, said.

After 20 minutes of waiting under the overflow, the man smiled when he caught two big fish. Cu Lay Dam is mainly natural such as nape, sesame, carp…

“From morning to mid-afternoon, I caught 20 kg. If anyone has better health, experience and racket, they can get 40-50 kg,” the man said.

In addition to using racquets, some people also use large nets to stand on the spillway to observe. If a stream of fish appeared, they immediately set up a net. On average, each time the net is released, it can catch 3-5 large fish.

Many young people who went fishing alone brought net bags and sacks hanging on the side of the spillway, where many iron rods protruded to store “booty”.

From overflowing to the shore about 3m, in order to go up to store the fish, many “hunters” have to rely on the support of their relatives to join hands to hold the handle of the scissors.

People use nylon rope to sling the fish to bring it home. Others put them in nets and sacks.

The caught fish weighs 0.5-1 kg, some are more than 3 kg.

At the end of the afternoon, people gathered their fishing gear and drove each other home by motorbike. People who picked up less than 3 kg, more 40-50 kg.

In addition to improving meals for the family, many people sell fish for 60,000-70,000 VND/kg.

“If you’re lucky, today you have a family with an income of millions,” said Phan Van Long, 32 years old, residing in Thuan Thien commune.

A group of young people showing off their “trophy” is tens of kilograms of carp, carp, carp…

Mr. Le Sy Son, Deputy Party Secretary of Thuan Thien commune, said that local authorities have advised people not to take too much risk to catch fish at the spillway of Cu Lay dam.

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