The sea trip is only once every 10 years, and fishermen “save” 2.5 billion VND

After a 20-day fishing trip, a fishing boat in Quang Binh collected about 250 tons of scad. This successful trip brought the fishermen 2.5 billion dongs (100,000 $).

The ship just hit the aforementioned scad with the number QB-91999 TS, of fisherman Pham Tuyen (40 years old, residing in Bao Ninh commune, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh). The fishing boat of fisherman Tuyen, after 20 days of fishing at sea, docked at Nhat Le fishing port on the afternoon of August 6 with a full tank of scads.

Fisherman Pham Tuyen beside the fruit after a long sea trip (Photo: TA).

As soon as they docked, the crew members on the ship quickly transferred a large amount of scad in the compartment to the shore, besides, traders were also waiting to buy. According to fisherman Pham Tuyen, this is the most memorable trip in his career, because the number of fish caught is up to 250 tons.

Fishermen pull nets in the sea with a large amount of scad (Photo: PT).

“This time out to sea, we were extremely lucky, the rain was favorable, and we also hit a stream of scads. Everyone was excited, worked hard, forgot all their fatigue,” Mr. Tuyen said with a smile.

It is known that scads are currently purchased by traders at the price of 10,000 VND/kg. With 250 tons of fish, fisherman Tuyen and his boatmates earned about 2.5 billion VND. Excluding the cost of the trip to sea, the fishermen made a profit of nearly 1.8 billion dongs.

The number of scads was purchased by traders at the price of 10,000 VND/kg.

The “terrible” catch of 10 years has brought about 2.5 billion VND for fishermen (Clip: Fisherman provided).

“Over 10 years at sea, this is the first time I have caught such a large amount of fish. When I hit the scad channel and pulled up the net, everyone was happy, very happy, forgetting the hardships of the sea profession. The brothers also took the phone to record that memorable moment of pulling the net,” shared Mr. Nguyen Hao Quang, fisherman of the fishing boat QB-91999 TS.

The extremely successful trip is the motivation for the fishermen to continue reaching out to sea.

Bao Ninh is a coastal commune of Dong Hoi city with the strength of exploitation, offshore fishing, and seafood processing. Currently, Bao Ninh has the largest fishing fleet in Quang Binh with more than 400 units, of which about 200 vessels regularly practice finning and fishing for high productivity and income.

Photo: Internet