The season of changing leaves in the forests and trees follows

QUANG TRI – The backwoods forest in the Rao Quan hydroelectric area, Huong Tan commune, Huong Hoa district, is in the season of changing leaves, creating impressive colors.

About 80 km from the center of Dong Ha city, Rao Quan hydroelectric lake area, Huong Tan commune, Huong Hoa district, these days attracts many photographers and tourists to come to see the forest after the leaf-changing season.

Seen from a distance, the trees growing on the hilltops and along the Rao Quan hydroelectric power station change their leaves, creating an impressive and colorful scene.

The latter is a large tree that loves light and regenerates strongly. This tree species also has many other names such as white worm, maple tree, white flower, white tree, brass tree… distributed widely in the northern provinces.

Many trees located next to the flooded Roa Quan hydroelectric lake still change their leaves normally, with red and yellow colors standing out among the green forest.

According to local people, from mid-December to the end of January is the time when trees change color and then fall.

The area around Rao Quan hydroelectric lake with cool air is where thousands of trees gather.

The following forest stands out among the Truong Son forest in the western part of Quang Tri.

According to oriental medicine books, parts of the following tree including fruit, leaves, roots, resin are also used as medicine, helping to treat toothache, rash, hives…

Viewed from above, the forest behind is easy to identify compared to other tree species.

To get to the following forest, visitors follow West Ho Chi Minh Road from Khe Sanh town to Huong Phung commune. In addition to the forest behind, visitors can visit Nam Mua Bugalow in Huong Phung commune, hunt clouds from the hills with wind power, and visit Ta Con airport.

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