Thousands of people watching hot air balloons in Hoi An

QUANG NAM – The hot air balloon program took place on the evening of March 25, attracting a large number of people and tourists, making the streets of Hoi An congested.

The hot air balloon festival takes place at Song Hoai Square, organized by the People’s Committee of Hoi An from March 25 to March 26. This is a program in the series of events in the National Tourism Year 2022 “Quang Nam – Green Tourism Destination”. In which, the 25th takes place in three time frames from 6-9am; 16h-17h and 19-20h; March 26 from 6-9 am.

The technician used a high-powered fan to inflate the balloon.

This is the first time Hoi An has organized a hot air balloon festival, so many people and tourists are looking forward to the experience. On Song Hoai square, An Hoi statue garden and riverside route were full of admirers.

Load hot air inside to let the balloon rise. In this demonstration there are 17 balls, of which 12 are small, 3 are large and 2 are inflatable.

Experience flying a hot air balloon completely for free. The venue is small, so the highest-flying balloon is about 7 m and then it is held by a rope. Therefore, visitors also cannot enjoy the panoramic view of the heritage city.

Many people rent boats on Hoai River to watch hot air balloons in the open space.

To contribute to the excitement of the program, the organizers performed shaking a basket of bottles on Hoai River.

On the busy road, pedestrians visit the old town and under the Hoai River, boats carrying tourists crowded in and out. “It’s the first time since the outbreak that Hoi An has been so crowded. The streets are congested and the parking lot for motorbikes is full,” said Ms. Truong Thi Ba, owner of a water shop on Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street.

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