Top 5 delicious noodle shops in Ca Mau that are unbeatable, delicious, and memorable!

Noodle soup is a Western specialty that any tourist wants to enjoy once when they have the opportunity to visit. Let’s “pocket” the most famous delicious noodle shops in Ca Mau today to enjoy and feel!

Noodle soup – a delicious specialty of Ca Mau

Noodle soup is a delicious Western specialty made from rustic ingredients such as eggs, shrimp, meat and other ingredients. Delicious noodles are rolled into small pieces from dough. When enjoying, you will feel the crunchy and chewy taste that is indescribable.

Famous delicious noodle shop in Ca MauCa Mau noodle bowl with full of super delicious and attractive toppings. Photo: vietfuntravel

Perhaps the “soul” of Ca Mau noodle soup is the broth that determines the deliciousness of the noodle dish. The noodle soup broth is simmered from pork bones and filtered many times, the water is very clear and sweet. Served with a bowl of noodle soup, indispensable ingredients such as: Liver, heart, pork, meat, squid and shrimp are presented in the bowl.

When enjoying, put noodles and blanched bean sprouts in a bowl and add lettuce, chives, pork intestines, bones, squid, and shrimp on top. Pour in the broth and sprinkle some minced garlic fried with pork fat and pepper on top, add a little lemon and a few slices of chili to have a delicious bowl of noodles prepared in the West.

Delicious noodle shops in Ca Mau are popularEnjoy delicious and beautiful chewy noodles. Photo: grab

5 most famous delicious noodle shops in Ca Mau

Below is a review of delicious noodle shops in Ca Mau : Address, price, opening time, contact… that you can refer to to choose for yourself the best place to eat when coming to Dat Mui . 

1. Gia Truyen Noodle Shop 42 Can Tho

– Address: 146 Nguyen Trung Truc, City. Ca Mau, Ca Mau

Heirloom noodle shop 42 Can Tho is famous for its delicious and fatty broth. The plus point of the restaurant is that the noodles are chewy, delicious and not crumbly, and the price is affordable. Each bowl of noodle soup has 5-6 beef balls. 

The restaurant has spacious, clean space and quick service. Even though it’s crowded, you don’t have to wait long. The shop also serves a variety of drinks for customers to choose from. So if you travel to Ca Mau and want to enjoy delicious Western-style noodles, come to restaurant 42 to enjoy it.

Delicious noodle shop in Ca Mau with Gia Truyen noodles 42Gia Truyen Noodles Restaurant 42 Can Tho. Photo: toplistcantho

2. Dong Dong beef ball noodle soup

– Address: No. 5 Tran Van Thoi Street, City. Ca Mau, Ca Mau

When talking about delicious noodle shops in crowded Ca Mau, you cannot miss Dong Dong beef ball noodle shop on Tran Van Thoi street. The restaurant is located right in the center of Ca Mau and is easy to find. Although the space is a bit small, it is very crowded. The noodle bowl at the restaurant has a special appeal, the sweet broth is very characteristic. 

Impressive bowl of noodle soup with lots of meat, large delicious beef balls and richly marinated. Delicious chewy noodles and rich broth. The restaurant serves from morning until late so diners can comfortably enjoy at any time.

Delicious noodle shop in Ca Mau with Dong Dong beefDong Dong beef ball noodle soup. Photo: riviu

3. Noodle soup Nam Vang Nguyet Quan

– Address: 342 Phan Ngoc Hien Street, City. Ca Mau, Ca Mau

If you still don’t know where to eat delicious noodle soup in Ca Mau , Nguyet Quan on Phan Ngoc Hien street is an address that you should not miss. The restaurant is famous for its Nam Vang noodle soup with its characteristic fragrant broth and delicious chewy noodles. In particular, the sauce has a very moderate taste and is not boring at all. Serve with a bowl of noodles with herbs, fresh lemon and chili.

The restaurant has a small space but is always crowded and clean. The shop offers delivery service until late at night upon customer request. The price of each bowl of noodles ranges from 30,000 – 35,000 VND with lots of toppings.

Delicious noodle shop in Ca Mau Nam Vang Nguyet Quan noodle shopNoodle soup Nam Vang Nguyet Quan. Photo: thegioiamthuc

4. Noodle soup Nam Vang Lap Quan

– Address: 125C Nguyen Trai, City. Ca Mau, Ca Mau

Lap Quan on Nguyen Trai Street is a famous delicious noodle shop in Ca Mau chosen by many tourists and local people. The restaurant has a clean space and fast service. Although it has been around for a long time, the flavor of noodle soup at the restaurant always retains its unmistakable traditional taste.

The noodle bowl is beautifully decorated with fresh and naturally sweet venison. When enjoying, you will feel the rich and attractive taste. In particular, the noodle bowl has a lot of meat, beef intestines and beef balls. In addition to vegetables, the restaurant also serves delicious cheese yogurt.

delicious noodle shop in Ca Mau noodle soup Nam Vang Lap QuanNoodle soup Nam Vang Lap Quan. Photo: kenhhomestay

5. Nguyen Sanh squid noodle shop

– Address: 57 Nguyen Ngoc Sanh, City. Ca Mau, Ca Mau

The delicious noodle shop in Ca Mau at 57 Nguyen Sanh is a familiar address for many tourists when coming to Can Tho. Noodles are cooked with fresh squid and served with ice cream and sweet broth. Especially the dipping sauce is very fragrant and not too spicy, suitable for many people’s taste.

In addition to squid, shrimp is also loved by many diners. Super noodle bowl with lots of toppings, delicious broth and reasonable price are the plus points of the restaurant.

Delicious noodle shop in Ca Mau Nguyen Sanh noodle shopNguyen Sanh squid noodle shop. Photo: Cungdi

Above are the delicious noodle shops in Ca Mau that are crowded today . We hope to help you choose the best place to eat noodle soup when you have the opportunity to visit Tay Do.

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