Tra Vinh specialties: countless delicious dishes to enjoy and buy as gifts

Speaking of Western cuisine, it is necessary to mention the famous Tra Vinh specialties such as Tra Cuon banh tet, wax coconut, vermicelli, … who enjoy a delicious compliment.

Delicious Tra Vinh dishes are hard to resist

Noodles with Tra Vinh soup

In the West of the river, you will not be strangers to the hot noodle dish, but in Tra Vinh this is a dish with its own unique flavor. In addition to the main ingredients such as vermicelli, roast meat, shrimp, pork blood, raw vegetables, banana flowers, … the broth is used to cook with shrimp and fish for a natural sweet taste. People also added a little beef sauce to add more flavor. When eaten, the flavors blend together, the crispy skin, the aroma of the scallion and rich flavor of the fish sauce is not too difficult to eat for you to enjoy.

– Some delicious restaurants: “Noodle Soup with Huong Tra” – No. 4 Nguyen Thai Hoc; “Sau Liem soup noodle soup” – Ward 6.double-tra-Vinh-seafood-climbingPhoto: @ jipta87

Porridge haunted

What is Tra Vinh’s specialty? Saying this is one of the porridge dishes that you must try once in your life is not wrong. This dish is meticulously prepared, selecting each fresh snakehead, a lot of meat to boil and remove the bones. After that, fry the onion and add the fish and fry it, add some spices. The broth is cooked with porridge, then crushed with fish eggs, in addition to dried shrimp, dried squid, … The fish porridge bowl scoop out the ecstatic, chewy aroma of seafood, fatty fish pieces served with herbs, The onion makes you just want to drink.dac-san-tra-honor-chao-amPhoto: @ trieuan93

Ben Co Soup Cake

Talking about famous specialties, this is also a rustic dish but everyone must love. The idyllic bakery shop is located near Ben Co, but over the past few decades, people have always come to enjoy the special delicious taste. The broth is also cooked from pork bones but prepared according to a special recipe, in addition, the soup cake must be ground from rice flour so that from the previous season it will be chewy and not hatched when soaked in water. Many people also love this address because the bowl is always full of meat, heart, liver, tongue, … spoiled with a little chili fish sauce.

– Address: Ben Co hamlet, Nguyet Hoa commune, Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh. the-of-honor-honor-the-ball-canh_1Photo: @nguyenvinhha_tg

Flower roll in Thuy

Not only the specialty of Tra Vinh, but this dish is also famous throughout the southwestern region. The dish is skillfully processed and extremely beautiful and eye-catching with the outside is a thin layer of fried chicken eggs, then rolls, mushrooms and finally salted egg yolk. Roll your hands together and cut it up like a flower with a pistil in the middle. The dish is not too sumptuous but extremely delicious of the land here will attract you at first sight.

– Address: 44 Pham Thai Buong and 108 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 3, City. Tra Vinhdac-san-tra-honor-father-flower-nam-thuyThe flower ball dish with many beautiful ingredients is also very delicious

Rice noodle soup

This dish is combined by special things, creating its own flavor that is difficult to mix. The reason for its name is that freshly ground shrimp cakes mixed with fish sauce, salt, and pepper, … and then molded into long strands and dropped into the pot of broth before eating. The broth to fill the vermicelli is mixed with tamarind and the future creates a beautiful brown color. Sticky sweet cotton, rich broth, add a little meat, vegetables make a perfect meal for you. 

– Address: Dien Bien Phu street, city. Tra Vinh. The price is 15,000 – 25,000 thousand VND / bowl.dac-san-tra-vinh-bun-suongPhoto: @spooningaust

Coconut wax

Tra Vinh specialty coconut wax is a delicious and rare fruit that everyone knows. Coconut is thick but not hard, thick, soft and fatty. Can be processed into desiccated coconut, confectionery, .. but the best choice is a smoothie with condensed milk, sugar and shaved ice. Take a sip and feel the freshness spread throughout the mouth, have been thirsty for sunny days in the West. dac-san-tra-honor-dua-sapPhoto: @lienmitt

Shit roasted me

The name sounds strange but very familiar to the people of Tra Vinh, the body is like a crab and is processed into many nutritious dishes. Typically: steamed, boiled, grilled with salt and lemon pepper, steamed with beer, … The most attractive dish is after rinsing the dish with garlic onions and sour tamarind juice. Although the body is small and ugly, but the meat is firm, the crust is as delicious as the other seafood. Dac-san-honor-chu-u-rang-meThe calcium-rich shrews roasted in tamarind sauce are even more appealing

Fish potato

Sweet potato fish in the Ba Dong sea is also listed as a specialty in Tra Vinh that you must definitely enjoy. The round, elongated, non-scaled fish like a potato, soft bones, and meat are rich in nutrients, so they are popular with many people. On the occasion of December to May of the lunar calendar, when the season comes here you will enjoy dishes made from fresh fish and potatoes such as soup or porridge. Sweet fish meat soaked with spices without elaborate processing is also hard to resist. dac-san-tra-honor-ca-potatoFamous fish and potatoes in Tra Vinh can be processed into many nutritious dishes

Tea Vinh flat nuggets

Khmer people in Tra Vinh have many delicious and unique dishes, including elaborate flat rice dish. Young sticky rice is harvested and brought back to grind by hand to peel off the skin, until it is flattened, it is only a thin and soft piece of rice. Can eat always but the best is mixed with shredded coconut, coconut water and a little sugar then let 2 hours to soak. Previously, it could only be seen on important Tet holidays, but nowadays you can always enjoy and buy as gifts. Encyclopedia-of-honor-com-depNuggets processed into sticky rice or familiar dishes of the Khmer people

Guava fruit

In addition to waxed coconut or other fruit recipes, Tra Vinh’s specialty fruit is also famous for many generations of this land. A special feature is that people will wait for it to fall, then bring it back for a few days until the shell softens. Take the intestine to mix with the beaten sugar and add a little crushed ice. The ideal beverage for you, although new to drink may not be used to the taste but will want to drink after that. double-tra-honored-boys-quachGuava fruit looks ugly, but it is processed into a cool beverage

Duyen Hai Seafood

If you want to go to the beach ready to enjoy fresh and cheap seafood, do not forget to come to Duyen Hai district of Tra Vinh. It is famous for its large-scale aquaculture areas. Markets such as Long Huu sell all kinds of shrimp, fish, crabs, crabs, snails, … you can buy or process by enjoying on the spot. Watching the cool sea breeze while sipping delicious food that is hard to resist. dac-san-tra-honor-two-sanDuyen Hai seafood is famous in Tra Vinh with its freshness and cheap price

Tra Vinh specialties bought as gifts

Tra Cuon Banh Tet

About Tra Cuon, do not forget to buy this delicious specialty to enjoy and buy as gifts. The banh tet here are wrapped with sodem banana leaves or scallops, and the rice is carefully selected so that after being transported to steam, it retains its characteristic flexibility. Besides, the filling is as diverse as beans, meat, bananas combined with typical salted egg yolks. The new hot cake brings out fragrant aroma, rich in spices, has a beautiful green color, a bite is deliciously spread in the mouth to chew without wanting to stop.

– Buying address: on Pham Ngu Lao Street, Ward 1, City. Tra Vinh.the-honor-the-cake-of-the-past-seasonPhoto: @anvatocsen

Dried shrimp Vinh Kim

The meticulously dried silver shrimp dish is also a specialty of Tra Vinh, which many people love to buy as a gift when they come here. In order to get the finished product with a pink color, when eating it sweet, you must go through many careful steps. It takes a lot of time to choose shrimp, boil it properly and then bring it to the sun. The price of this type is expensive, but when you eat it you will feel the toughness and deliciousness different from other types of shrimp. 

– Buying address: Ap Cha Va, Vinh Kim Commune, Cau Ngang District, Tra Vinh.dac-san-tra-Vinh-tom-warehouse-Vinh-kimThe dried crayfish dish has a pink color and an attractive sweetness

Tea Vi rice paper

In the West, rice paper is indispensable in everything to buy. In Tra Vinh, this is considered the most famous craft village, creating delicious cakes in accordance with standards. Every home-maker has its own secret from how to mix rice, grind the flour, and how to pour the cake to have a certain toughness, not fray. The cakes poured by hand by hand method, brought back to make spring rolls or rolls are very delicious but also guaranteed, to be long.

– Buying address: Nguyet Hoa commune, Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh.double-tra-honor-bang-page-tra-viFamous Tra Vi rice paper is handcrafted according to a traditional recipe that is tough but not friable

Fish sauce

Fish sauce, also known as fish sauce, is a delicious Tra Vinh specialty famous for ancient times or used to advance the king. The processed, then soaked with salt and water in large wooden barrels in a certain proportion should ensure the quality. After about 3 months it can be used, but according to the people making fish sauce, the longer it is delicious. Each drop of quality fish sauce has a characteristic golden and sweet color. Used to dot with dishes or processing are very delicious. 

– Address to buy: Cluster 3, Duyen Hai town, Tra Vinh.Dac-san-tra-Vinh-mam-ruoiRemember to buy fish sauce to bring delicious fish sauce to the king as a gift for family and relatives

Beef Hoc Fish Sauce

The main ingredient that makes the pot delicious is also a dish that you can buy to enjoy. The passionate and familiar taste of the Khmer people in Tra Vinh is a specialty you cannot miss. You can mix fish sauce used for vermicelli dishes or add lemon, sugar, garlic, chili to dipping with boiled meat, raw vegetables or spring rolls. Or eat raw cucumber, tomato forest to feel the rich taste of rice.Dac-san-tra-Vinh-mam-bo-hocTra Vinh’s famous beef sauce is used to cook vermicelli or to dot with very delicious vegetables

Dumplings Da Loc

Traveling to the West, you can see many places to make ú, but in Da Loc it is famous for a long-standing craft village. Wrapped with dong or banana leaves to create aroma when boiled with a variety of filling. In addition to the sticky rice, there are meat, dried shrimp, green beans, salted eggs, … Eye-catching colors, when taking a bite from the shell to the fat filler in the mouth. It is a special gift for the family when going away, that everyone loves.

– Buying address: Huong Phu hamlet, Da Loc commune, Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh province.Dac-san-tra-Vinh-ball-uPhoto: @ chang_chang1503Dac-san-tra-Vinh-ball-u-thitPhoto: @nhathuhuong

Pickled radish Bat Sa

The local pickled radish is also known as Xa Pau, a famous dish rich in nutrients and indispensable in every daily meal. This dish is very healthy and can be preserved for a long time, so you can buy it for use or as a gift. Can be left to eat with banh tet, ú or flower porridge. Or mix with lemon, chili, sugar to make salad to suit each person’s taste. 

– Buying address: Tra Khop Hamlet, Hoa An Commune, Cau Ke District, Tra Vinh Provincedouble-tra-honor-cue-muoi-chit-saPickled radish rich in nutrients typical of Tra Vinh is also a specialty bought as a delicious gift

The products that are bestowed by nature or delicious dishes through carefully processed hands have gradually become the specialties that are difficult to mix with this land. If you ever come here, do not forget to enjoy all and choose for yourself attractive gifts to buy as gifts!