Train cafe becomes a new check-in point in Da Lat

LAM DONG – A new red train appeared at Cau Dat tea hill, in the distance is a mountainous scene, surrounded by blooming flowers.

The area of ​​Cau Dat tea hill, Xuan Truong commune, Da Lat city has recently had a red train lying in the middle, above it is a beautiful blooming yellow flower carpet. Many tourists on the way to the tea hill have taken advantage of visiting and checking-in here.

The train is the decoration of a cafe, and the tracks and carriages are not working. Inside each carriage is a place to enjoy coffee. Many visitors check-in here thinks of the red Swiss train or the ancient station of Da Lat.

The train stands out against the green nature of Cau Dat tea hill.  Photo: Trinh Nguyen
The train stands out against the green nature of Cau Dat tea hill. Photo: Trinh Nguyen

The couple Hoi Nguyen and Han, from Ho Chi Minh City, had an anniversary trip to Da Lat at the end of May. Nguyen shared that they were impressed with the city’s atmosphere and romantic scenery, so they stayed here for three days. In it, they had a day to take pictures at Cau Dat tea hill, where a train was being checked-in by many people.

“I find this design style in harmony with nature, and as beautiful as in Europe. Not officially completed, but the space and service are quite good and attract people,” he said. The couple shared their satisfaction with their romantic memories in the foggy city.

Coming here on a cloudy day, Nguyen and Han had a set of romantic memories.  Photo: Vien Dieu Phat
Coming here on a cloudy day, Nguyen and Han had a set of romantic memories. Photo: Vien Dieu Phat

Vien Dieu Phat, 32 years old, a photographer in Ho Chi Minh City, said he made a set of photos here at the end of May. He knew about the train at the tea hill because many people took pictures and posted them on associations. tour group. The place is not finished, but he is impressed with the scenery. The train is made of real cars, so there is no fake feeling, especially in the middle of the hill, so the far side is the green color of the trees, wind power poles, so it is full of art. “When guests take pictures of the couple here, it will be very dreamy, like a romantic movie. Later, the flower hill covered up will be beautiful,” Phat said.

Photographer Nguyen Trinh, in Da Lat city, shared that he was impressed by the attractive color scheme of the train, when the bright red color crossed the green of the tea hill, above the clear blue sky. The scene also reminded him of trains in Europe. Currently, the destination is not too crowded with tourists, so it is convenient to take photos. Going inside the train car can also take pictures overlooking the wind power field.

The authors also shared that whether coming here on a sunny day, clear sky, or a foggy, cloudy day, they all have beautiful photos. Depending on the purpose of tourists, like taking romantic and classic photos, you can come here early in the morning, wearing dark clothes. Guests who love youthful photos should come in the morning when the sun is high, wearing bright colors such as white, yellow…

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